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After our amusement park date was over, I walked Chinatsu-chan home.

Then I kissed her goodbye.

“I put my tongue in.


I couldn’t stand it anymore, because just touching each other’s lips was somehow not enough.

I found myself twirling our tongues.

“But Chinatsu-chan responded….”

What surprised me was that Chinatsu-chan accepted my actions.

It was an unknown sensation.

Kissing felt so good.


The feeling was still there.

I think I will have a good dream today.

I turned on my heel and headed for home.

“Just apologize!!!!”

The loud voice echoed well in the quiet residential area.

It was a voice with an unusual feeling.

My feet stopped as I turned toward my house.

It sounded as if something terrible was happening ….

This stirred up such uneasiness in me.

I looked in the direction of Chinatsu-chan’s house.

I thought I could hear her talking from that direction.

I turned a corner and looked in the direction of her house and saw two people in front of the house.

-One was Chinatsu-chan.

The other one was …… hard to discern who it was because of the sunset,

What were they talking about I slowly approached them, trying to conceal my presence.

As I got closer, the face of the person talking with Chinatsu-chan became clearer.

That … is Osako, isn’t it

“So, hurry up and apologize! If only you apologize, everything will be fine!!”


The moment I confirmed that it was Osako, he pounced on Chinatsu-chan.

Kicking the ground, I closed the distance at once.

While interrupting between them, I grabbed Osako’s arm from reaching her.

“You, what are you doing”

Although it was me, I was a little surprised to hear how deep my voice was.

But that didn’t matter.

What was this guy trying to do to Chinatsu-chan If that Osako’s hand had touched her, ……, I was boiling with rage.

“I told you, Osako ….

that if you ever laid a hand on anyone I cared about– I would crush you.”

I glared at Osako.

He glared back at me with bloodshot eyes.

He was not as frightened as he had been in the past.

It was different from the arrogance he had been displaying recently.

All I could say for sure was that Osako was not in a normal state of mind right now.

“What the h**l, get out of my way! Let go of me!”

Osako was out of control.

I was so afraid of him that I twisted him backward and pinned him down.

“Let… go of me, ….!”

He still resisted.

As I increased the force, he finally quieted down.

“Chinatsu-chan, are you hurt”

“U-un … I-I’m fine.


I looked at her and she didn’t seem to be injured.

Still, her voice was trembling, as if she was in shock.

While I was relieved that she wasn’t hurt, I was seething with anger that he had frightened her.

How did they get into this situation in the first place Osako was obviously acting differently than usual, and I couldn’t imagine what was going on.

“If possible, may I ask you to explain what happened”

I softened my tone and asked Chinatsu-chan.

I couldn’t let go of his hand because there was a chance he might get out of control again.

If possible, I wanted to hug her and calm her down.

“Eh, um Kentaro spoke to me in front of my house-”

Still probably in shock, Chinatsu-chan told me what had happened with Osako earlier.

My impression after hearing the story was, seriously, what happened to Osako.

“It was Chinatsu’s fault! That’s why she has to take responsibility!”

…… I guess when someone loses control of themselves, they start to calm down.

Chinatsu-chan was being attacked, and I rushed because of my anger.

However, as I listened to Osako’s incomprehensible arguments, my angry head began to cool down.

After all this, the reason for it was still unclear.

From my point of view, all I could think was that Osako had suddenly gone crazy.

“What do you mean, Chinatsu-chan’s responsibility”

“T-that’s ….”

Osako clammed up.

I was relieved to see that he had lost his momentum here.

I could imagine what Osako was saying about Chinatsu’s responsibility.

Not long ago, Osako was being bullied.

The bullying was done at the direction of Chinatsu-chan.

I didn’t know why he would come to such a conclusion based on the bully’s words, since I couldn’t read his thoughts, but anyway, Osako must think that Chinatsu-chan was the root of all evil.

He believed that I didn’t know about this story.

I had asked Chinatsu-chan about the bullying and, more importantly, I had seen Osako abuse Chinatsu-chan about it.

She tried to open her mouth, as if she was going to explain instead.

I stopped her with my eyes.

This would be meaningless if I didn’t let Osako say it.

“… I was being bullied.”

After a while of silence, Osako opened his mouth.

“I was bullied,… and it was really hard,….

And that was on Chinatsu’s order! So, that’s why Chinatsu is obligated to take responsibility for me!”

Come on, when did we start talking about “orders” ……

Chinatsu-chan’s face fell .

She was probably sad that he didn’t believe her at this point in time.

“Osako, that’s not true.

Chinatsu-chan had nothing to do with your bullying.”

“Where’s the proof of that!”

I thought he was getting there, but then I got annoyed at his attempts to go on a rampage again.

“I have proof.”

So I decided to shut him up quickly.


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