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I once played a game with Chinatsu-chan.

By winning the game, I was able to kiss her.

If I win the next final exam, I wonder if I might be allowed to ask for more than that.

“Damn it …”


Concentrate, Masataka Sano!

It was the day of the final exam.

I was staring at the questions and trying to pull the answers out of my memory.

I remember doing this problem … If I think about it calmly, it shouldn’t be an unsolvable problem.


It should be, but I couldn’t come up with an answer at all.

I really knew that I was not concentrating enough.

I also understood the cause of it.

–The reason for this was that I was there when Chinatsu-chan was being abused by Osako.

Matsuyuki didn’t say anything after that, but if Chinatsu-chan found out about this… Just thinking about it made me afraid of how she would react.

After I asked Chinatsu-chan what happened, I started to approach her.

But if it was because I had witnessed the scene, her impression of me would change.

I thought he listened to me out of kindness, but in reality, he was just watching the shuraba in silence.

He didn’t help, but approached me when I was crying and hurt.

What a shameless guy …….

If she thinks that way,….

I might be disillusioned with Chinatsu-chan.

I couldn’t get that thought out of my head for long.

If what I feared became a reality… I couldn’t concentrate on the test.


The time for the test was over.

I wanted to tell them to wait, but it was too late.

The test papers were collected.

“What’s wrong, Masa Was it that bad”

My regret was felt by the girl sitting next to me.

It seemed I was showing my face to the extent that she was worried about me.

“No, no…..

it’s nothing”

“Didn’t you fill in all the answer boxes”

“Don’t lump me in with you.

I just didn’t get a chance to review it.”

“What It’s easy enough to fill in all the answers”

I noticed that the girl next to me was giving off a grim vibe.

This was all Matsuyuki’s fault.


While I was worrying about it, tests came at me one after another.

I continued to take them with an unsettled mind.

In the meantime, the three days of the final exam were over.

“How was your test, Masa-kun”

“Well, I guess it was so-so.


I had just finished exams and was leaving school with Chinatsu-chan, but my mind still hadn’t cleared up.

To be honest, I doubt I would be able to look at Chinatsu-chan’s face properly right now.

Because if she finds out I was watching that shuraba, …… she may never smile at me again.

I might not be able to kiss her, make her lunch, hug her, date her,…… or even be alone with her like this.

That scared me tremendously ….

Chinatsu-chan had become my lover, and because I was happy now, I strongly desire not to lose that.

“Masa-kun Are you perhaps tired”

“Huh No.

…… haha.

Maybe I put too much energy into my studies when I thought I couldn’t lose to Chinatsu-chan.”

“Do you want to take a break”


I’m going to rest early today.”

I guess it was still on my face.

I wanted to enjoy an after-school date with Chinatsu-chan after the test was over for the first time in a while, but I’ll go home early today and go to bed.

And settle my feelings quickly.

“……, over here.”


Chinatsu-chan pulled me by the hand.

We deviated from our usual route home and took a path with a different view.

We arrived at a lush green sports park.

There was a running course, and even in this hot weather, there were a few people running here and there.

“There are benches over here.

Let’s take a rest there.”

Chinatsu-chan seemed to know this park well and led me without hesitation to a bench in the shade of a tree.

“It’s cooler in the shade, isn’t it”

“Right I thought we could relax here.”

The trees were thick enough to protect us from the sun.

The gentle breeze felt just right.

Nature healed me.

Just sitting on the bench alongside Chinatsu-chan made me happy.

Even though my feelings were clouded, that didn’t change.

“What is troubling you, Masa-kun”

Her tone was soft, but I was taken aback when she guessed what was bothering me.

Even though my worries shouldn’t have been seen through, the timing was so precise that I couldn’t hold back my turmoil.

“I-I’m not worried about anything.

In fact, I’m too happy to be alone with Chinatsu-chan.”

“I see.”

She didn’t ask any questions.

I let out a small breath of relief.

“It’s just the two of us ……, huh”

Chinatsu-chan’s hand stretched out.

Her hand gently grabbed my shoulder.

I couldn’t resist and my body fell over.

Then I felt a soft touch on the side of my head.


I looked up and saw Chinatsu-chan’s face.

And her chest from this lower angle was so empowering.


“Masa-kun may have a lot on his mind, but you should take a good rest once in a while.

If you tell me that you want to take a break,… I can spoil you, too.”

Chinatsu-chan’s lap pillow…! I was enjoying the ultimate luxury!

She stroked my hair.

Her hands were always gentle.

“I won’t force you to tell me what’s bothering you.

But if you feel the need to talk about it, you can always tell me.

I am always on your side.

I want to support you.”


I can’t win.

I’m not talking about a match.

I knew instinctively that I couldn’t beat her.

I was not prepared enough to come clean about my secret right now.

But just at this moment, I was so happy that I didn’t have any worries.

I rubbed my cheek against her thigh to cuddle.

“Ah …… hey ……nnn~!”

I pretend that I didn’t hear her seductive voice.

That wasn’t on purpose, yeah.


“W-What is it”

“I want to go to the pool with you, Chinatsu-chan.”

The hand that was caressing her head stopped for a moment.


Right, let’s go to the pool.”

Chinatsu chuckled pleasantly.

She gently patted my head again.

“I also bought a new swimsuit.


“Eh, really What kind”

“Th-that… um…”

I looked at her mumbling, and I thought of a bikini, or rather, hoped for it.

“Yay I’m looking forward to going to the pool with Chinatsu-chan.”

“…I’m looking forward to it, too.”

There was no summer heat here, and the time was peaceful.

The passage of time made my anxiety fade away little by little.


(T/N: Author Posted 3 extra chapters, I’ll post them soon enough.

Thanks for the reading.)


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