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My height didn’t increase rapidly until after the middle of my middle school years.

Until then, I was treated like a little guy.

So what’s the point, there were people who made fun of me for just that.

“It pisses me off.


I was downright pissed off at them, too.

It was only my height.

However, having nothing to be proud of, I was annoyed when people laughed at one of my many shortcomings.

“It isn’t my fault that there are things I can’t do.”

Cursing was a daily occurrence.

I was not confident in my studies or athletics.

Even my appearance was plain, gloomy, and short.

And my personality was just as good as my looks.

While I resented being made fun of, I didn’t make any effort to prevent people from saying such things.

I even thought that they were the ones who needed to change and that I was not wrong.

“I don’t understand……”

One day in class, Chinatsu-chan couldn’t answer when the teacher asked her a question.

I was so stupid at the time that I had no idea how to solve that problem.

I think that not many of my classmates could figure it out either.

“What, Sugito-san is not so smart either.”

“You’re always acting all high and mighty, but you don’t know.”

“Uwa, how embarrassing!”

And yet, Chinatsu-chan was being sneakily bad-mouthed.

They were whispering, but at a volume that she could hear them.

She was usually cold towards others.

She was good in academics and athletics, and even her looks were so good that most people would agree that she was a beautiful girl.

That was why no one ever complained to her face even if they were annoyed by her attitude.

However, it was a different story if they found a weakness.

They took advantage of the situation to blame Chinatsu-chan.


Chinatsu-chan was lying on her face.

Even though I couldn’t see her expression, I could feel her frustration.

I honestly felt sorry for her.

I thought I knew the pain of being made fun of.

Foolishly, I thought I sympathized with the beautiful girl I was interested in.

But that was a mistake.

Chinatsu-chan used her frustration as a springboard to study harder.

She did not give up like I did.

She overcame her difficulties, showed off her abilities, and silenced the noisy crowd.

“So cool …….”

I honestly thought so.

And I admired her.

“If only I could be like that ……”

They didn’t make fun of me because I was short or gloomy.

What I really didn’t want to do was to keep affirming my bad self.

There was no way I could be so proud of myself as I was.

“… I want to be, no.

I’m going to be.”

I wanted to be like Chinatsu-chan, too.

As I followed her with my eyes thinking that, I realized that I liked Chinatsu-chan.

I had given up, but now I had a goal.

In order to make Chinatsu-chan like me, I decided to do my best like her.


Currently, Osako was reading a manga next to me as I relaxed in my room.

“Uuu… Kouhei-kun is so brave…”

Osako was crying, as if he was emotionally involved.

I know exactly how you feel.

Osako was reading a shoujo manga.

It was my recommendation, which I bought myself after frequently borrowing it from my sister.

A boy named Kouhei-kun appears in this work.

At first, he appears before the main protagonist as a prince character.

However, he was a boy who fell in love with the main protagonist when he was little.

At the time, he was useless, but by the time he reunited with the main protagonist at the beginning of the story, he had become a fine man.

Kouhei-kun has put in a lot of hard work up to that point.

He was a good friend to the troubled protagonist and had a passionate side that could put his body on the line when she was in a pinch.

“You’re cool–you’re too cool, Kouhei-kun!”

“You get it, right, Osako.

Kouhei-kun is an awesome guy!”

This manga was my bible.

Kouhei, who was an ordinary boy, changed himself when he discovered love.

In his healthy, kind, and compassionate demeanor, I saw his own unyielding strength.

I wanted to be like Kouhei-kun, and it was because I thought so that I was able to decide the direction of my efforts.

If I could become such a man, I could make Chinatsu-chan happy.

I thought I could see such a vision.

“But why … isn’t the main protagonist getting together with Kouhei-kun, ohhhh!!!!

“That’s it!”

If I had one complaint about this manga, it’s that the main protagonist chose another guy instead of Kouhei-kun.

It made sense considering how the story unfolded….., but this was all a matter of emotion.

Anyway, what was important here was the way Kouhei-kun was.

“Sano-kun… I want to change myself like Kouhei-kun.


“You should be able to do it if you set Kouhei-kun as your goal.

I changed because I thought the same.”

“But unlike Sano-kun, I think it’s too late for me.


“You fool!!”

I hit Osako, who was whining.

Ughh It hurts… Did it hurt him

“It’s never too late to start.

If you feel strongly that you want to change, now would be the time to do it!”


“It’s almost summer vacation.

Let’s work hard from here and surprise everyone after the summer vacation.”

I didn’t miss the fire in Osako’s eyes.

“I’ll do it… I’ll do my best and become like Kouhei-kun!”

“Oh! Do your best, Osako.

Do your best and try to be like Kouhei-kun!

“”Aim for Kohei-kun!””

I am aware that I was in a funny mood.

But momentum was what mattered now.

Because I knew that the first step was hard.

Because I had realized that changing oneself was a repetition of hard things.

Still, if you had a strong feeling, you could make it happen.

Even if you can’t change as you envisioned, something is bound to change.


On the way with Osako, I bumped into my sister.

“Ah, Onii, you were home.

….A friend”

“Yeah, his name is Osako.”



My sister and Osako greeted each other.

Perhaps this was the first time she met him, but she quickly retreated to the living room.

“Sa-sano-kun,…… was that your sister now”


She’s my sister.”

“Heh, heh,…, she’s cute”

Osako was staring at the living room door.

Or rather, he was glued to the door.

Following the warning sound that echoed in my brain, I punched osako.

“Ow! What are you doing

“….I thought it was necessary as a brother.”

It would be a long time before Osako could become a gentleman like Kouhei-kun.


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