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Chapter 4: Confession Conclusion

I like you.

I don’t know how powerful this confession was, as I have never said it to anyone before.

But I did know something that I just found out.

It took more courage than I had imagined to say these words.

“……Hae Huh Ehhh!!”

Chinatsu-chan raised her voice in a stupefied manner at my courageous confession.

“I like you, Chinatsu-chan.

That’s why I want to be nice to you,” was the confession I just made.

Looking back calmly, I realized that I said this with a photo face! and felt the urge to bang on the floor.

Just that made my face hot and even sweaty.

(T/N: Photo face meaning blank face aka type of face you make when clicking photos official things like passport and all)

But I said I “like” her.

It shouldn’t be something She might have misunderstood.


I stared at her silently.

Perhaps my seriousness was conveyed to her, Chinatsu-chan choked on her words.

“I-it’s troubling if you say something like that so abruptly.


You are absolutely right.

I had planned to take advantage of the heartbreak and approach her in one go, but I just went with the flow and confessed my feelings to her.

It may be unexpected, but this was the time to go on the offensive.

If I do it unexpectedly, Chinatsu-chan might be more willing to accept it.

“I’m sorry I startled you.

The truth is, I have liked you for a long time.

I know you like Osako and can’t think about me because of that guy.

Still, I’d be happy if you could think about me too.


Actually, I was going to say something like, “I’ll make you forget!”

Ah, I chickened out at the most important part ….

I hate myself for not being manly at the most important part.

Maybe it was because I was such a wimp

“Sano-kun, you’ve always been my friend ……, So I …….”

Suddenly, Chinatsu-chan started to run.

She was too fast and I easily lost sight of her.

Are, did she run away No doubt about it, she ran away…

“I think I messed up.


I stood there stunned by this outcome.

I consoled her after she was hurt.

When she had relaxed, I confessed my feelings to her.

She would fall in love with my reliable figure.

That’s what I thought.

I thought that because She was treated so badly by Osako, she would be attracted to me with kind words.

I was naive.


A huge sigh escaped me.

Now I could no longer have Chinatsu-chan see me as “just a guy friend”.

What if she doesn’t even talk to me anymore ……

“No, no, if we had remained friends, there would have been no chance.

Rather, this is where the real game begins!”

Let’s switch it up.

The fact that she ran away meant she was conscious of me.

Let’s think positively.

How will I approach Chinatsu-chan tomorrow I headed home, thinking about it.


She kept running and running and running.

She didn’t remember which road she took to get home.

The next thing she knew, she was lying on the bed in her room.

She was so upset that she didn’t know when she got back.

she couldn’t catch her breath at all and her heart was beating loudly.

Thanks to this, she couldn’t get her head straight.

“C-Confession to me … Me, Sano-kun”

Just remembering this made her face hot.

She had never received a confession from the opposite s*x.

She had a strong affection for Kentaro that she could not hide.

Moreover, because of her personality, She has never been able to be honest with others, and She has never been looked at favorably by others.

“Sano-kun ….

why ……”

The only person with whom she could talk honestly.

The only exception was Masataka Sano.

She unintentionally took a brusque attitude toward other people.

It was difficult to say that even with Kentaro, her childhood friend,she was being honest.

She was not appalled or disgusted with Masataka.

Chinatsu, without realizing it, had opened her heart to Masataka, who patiently listened to her story.

“But I never thought … that I liked or disliked Sano-kun.”

She thought they were friends.

A male friend with whom she could talk about love.

She could talk about anything with him more than her friends of same gender, but she never thought of him as opposite s*x.

And yet, She never thought he would confess to her.


“What face do I have to make tomorrow ……”

She buried her face in the pillow.

She screamed loudly as if she was trying to get something stuck in her chest out.

The voice was muffled by the pillow.

It was the very voice of Chinatsu’s indistinct mind.

–Chinatsu’s thoughts were so occupied with the fact that Masataka had confessed to her that she had forgotten all about the abuse she had received from her childhood friend.


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