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Chapter 46: I'm Glad

Away from the unpopular area, I was having an elegant tea time with a cup of tea I bought from a vending machine.

I was killing time until the three of them were done talking.

Chinatsu-chan would send me a message when they were done.

After a while, I heard light footsteps behind me.

It was probably Chinatsu-chan.

She must have been eager to see me and was too impatient to send me a message.

I shot the paper cup of tea I had finished drinking into the trash and turned around in style to greet her.


(T/N: Gibberish surprise)

But I could not utter a word of greeting.

I mean, what was that shock to the face just now! Recovering my nearly collapsed position, I looked at the culprit.

“You shouldn’t show off so much, Masataka-kun.

It doesn’t suit you.”


There was Matsuyuki there with a smiling face.

She was holding a bag with both hands, and I knew what the shock was earlier.

“Oi, you just hit me in the face with that bag.”

“It was just a little hit, no big deal.”

I think you should revise your definition of “little”

When I looked at Matsuyuki, she giggled.

“Besides, it’s Masataka-kun’s fault for hiding and eavesdropping.”

“Wha-wha-wha-what are you talking about”

“Isn’t it useless to feign ignorance It was obvious to me.”

It seemed that she knew that I had been hiding and watching them.

What’s up with  Matsuyuki’s powers of observation, even though she didn’t pretend to be such a person at all

“Masataka-kun, you are overprotective, aren’t you

“What, are you talking about Chinatsu-chan What’s wrong with a boyfriend pampering his girlfriend”

“It’s the same with Chinatsu-san Masataka-kun, you should be aware that you are a person who can influence others.”

“Influence I don’t know, but I want to be someone who can influence Chinatsu-chan in a good way.”


Why are you laughing there As expected, I didn’t really get Matsuyuki.

I don’t know about this guy, but the atmosphere seems a little different from before.

“Did talking with Chinatsu-chan and Osako turn out to be a good thing for you, Matsuyuki”

“Yes, I think it was good.

Really, very …”

Good or bad was up to each person.

If Matsuyuki herself thought it was good, then I guess she was happy with it.

“Um, Masataka-kun”

“What is it”

“….I’m sorry for harassing you.”

Matsuyuki bowed her head.

The black hair flowed down from her shoulders.

The harassment was that.

She knew that I had witnessed the shuraba.

I was told about it, but it wasn’t really harassment.

“It’s fine.

If Matsuyuki hadn’t told me, I might not have had the courage to tell Chinatsu-chan.”

Matsuyuki looked up.

I could sense relief in her expression.

At first I was depressed about the bad facts being known, but things turned out for the better.

When I heard from Osako, I knew that Matsuyuki was doing a lot of things.

But now that I looked back on it like this, strangely enough, no one was doing anything wrong.

“Thank you for your forgiveness.

And while I’m at it, may I ask you one favor”

“A favor From me”

I wonder what it was …….

It seemed like the clouds were getting ominous all at once, didn’t they

“I’ve become friends with Chinatsu-san.

So we talked about spending time together during the summer vacation.”

“Really That’s good.”

It’s also good that Chinatsu-chan has more friends.


So I’m sorry, but I think Masataka-kun will have less time to go on dates with Chinatsu-san.”


What, I didn’t hear anything about reduced dates

“I will tell Chinatsu-san that Masataka-kun has given his approval.

As expected of Masataka-kun.

Your kindness is something I cannot thank you enough for.”

“Hey, hey!”

“I’m leaving now.

Goodbye, Masataka-kun.”

Matsuyuki started to run.

She was running gracefully with her bag in both hands and her long black hair fluttering.

Before the her figure was out of sight, Matsuyuki turned around.


She stuck out her red tongue with a “bleh” and then ran happily away.

“What a …, Matsuyuki is more childish than I thought.”

It changed my impression of her a little bit.

But she seemed a little more approachable than before.


As I was thinking, Chinatsu-chan came this time.

I couldn’t greet her in style because of Matsuyuki, you know.

I didn’t really care once I saw Chinatsu-chan smiling at me.

“Well, shall we go home together”


We went home together naturally.

It had become a norm for both of us.

“Speaking of which, where’s Osako”

“He went home first.

He said he was going to start training at a boxing gym today.”

“A boxing gym!”

No way, he was serious.

It seemed that Osako was seriously trying to change himself.

I couldn’t lose to him either.

I was going to review my training regimen so that Chinatsu-chan would compliment me on my physical beauty.

“Chinatsu-chan, are you going to hang out with Matsuyuki during the summer vacation”

“Yes, we became friends.”

Chinatsu-chan happily reports back to me.

She was someone I cared about.

“Since you’re going to hang out with Matsuyuki, maybe you’ll have less time..to go on dates with me

I interrupted Chinatsu-chan and asked her what was on my mind.

Oh man, …, this is like asking her to put me before my friends.

I’ll be shocked if this makes me seem like a douche.

But I couldn’t help but ask.

Because I was looking forward to my summer vacation with her.


Of course the date with Masa-kun is the top priority.

Ayano-chan knows that.”

“Damn, you set me up, Matsuyuki.


Chinatsu-chan giggled.

Then she lovingly intertwined her arms with mine.

“I’m going to spend my summer vacation with my boyfriend for the first time.

Of course you’ll let me flirt with you, won’t you”

My heart pounded in my chest.

I looked at Chinatsu-chan and nodded vigorously.

“It’s obvious.

Let’s flirt with each other until we get tired of it.”

Chinatsu-chan’s cheeks turned vermilion.

She was very cute and shy.

Then she closed her eyes naturally.

I kissed her, too, as if that was natural.


Under the summer sky.

Her breath that leaked out when we parted our lips was very hot.

–Summer vacation was almost upon us.


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