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 Chapter 6: If You Push It, It Will Fall

Ayano Matsuyuki was well known to all the boys in the school as an idol.

She was a beautiful, neat and tidy girl with long black hair.

She was popular with boys because of her fragile look.

She was said to be the number one girl all wanted to protect.

Where do they find such a ranking, though-

On the contrary, it seems that she was not well-liked by girls.

Some of the boys told me that I was just being cynical.

Of course, that may be part of the reason, but my impression was that it was not the only reason.

Anyhow, there was no doubt that Ayano Matsuyuki was the most popular girl in the school.

“Hey Ayano.

Where shall we have lunch”

“Anywhere you like, Kentaro-kun.”

Lunch break.

Matsuyuki from another class visited our classroom.

Osako ran up to her with a smile and did the boyfriend move.

After they left the classroom, the class was in an uproar.

No wonder the class was in an uproar.

A combination of a loser boy and the most popular girl.

From the outside, the imbalance was noticeable.

But that’s not what was important to me.


Chinatsu-chan stared at her childhood friend who had left.

The expression on her face was very painful.

“Hey, hey, Chinatsu-chan.

Wanna have lunch with me”


Chinatsu-chan leaned back though I just called out to her.

That position emphasized the bulge in her chest area, you know

This was the first time I’d invited her to lunch.

I was nervous about it for some reason.

“Ettoo… …”

“I’m having bento, how about you, Chinatsu-chan”

“Me too, I have a bento, but…”

“Then it’s a beautiful day.

Let’s eat outside.”

“Yeah, but–”

“Come on, come on, If we don’t hurry, someone else will take our place.”

Without giving her a chance to hesitate, I made her get up from her seat.

Once she took the first step, she gave up on refusing.

She may seem unfriendly with her harsh attitude around people, but I know she won’t say no to most things if I push her.

Besides, I had already confessed to her.

All that remained was to attack.

I sat on a bench near the tennis court with Chinatsu-chan.

The courtyard was a popular spot, but this place was a bit of a hidden place, perhaps because of its distance from the courtyard.

“Ettoo,…… That,…….”

Even now, Chinatsu-chan was still unable to look directly at me.

“I know it might be awkward with me after what happened yesterday, but let’s just eat normally.

If you don’t eat properly, you’ll have a hard time in class this afternoon, right”


The awkwardness was not because of Osako, who abused her.

It was because I confessed to her, and I will emphasize that memory.

I opened my lunch box and popped a side dish into my mouth.

I ate normally, trying not to be conscious.

I said to Chinatsu-chan, who was still mumbling.

“I’m not trying to rush you into answering my confession.

I want you to take your time and think about it.

I just want us to have lunch together like friends.

I was wondering if you could do that ….”

I was kind of embarrassed to say it.

But, It was less embarrassing than confession, though.


Sano-kun and I are friends.”

I wish she had not emphasized the word “friend” if possible.

Chinatsu-chan also opened her lunch box and began eating.

“Did you make that”

“Yes, I did.”

A small bento box filled with colorful side dishes.

It was like a treasure chest filled with jewels.

The handmade lunch box of the girl you like.

For a man, that analogy should not be exaggerated at all.

“I-I won’t give it to you.”

“And I won’t take it or anything.”

I must have stared at it greedily.

Chinatsu-chan hid her lunch box with her body.

I guess she decided it was too dangerous for me to see.

She was eating it while hiding it.

It was so cute, like a small animal that was wary of its surroundings.

“Oh yeah, Chinatsu-chan”


“This holiday.

Let’s go on a date.”

Chinatsu-chan choked.

“W-What’s with you all of a sudden ……”

“It’s not sudden.

I said I wouldn’t rush into replying to my confession, but I didn’t say that I wouldn’t ask you out on a date.”

Asking the opposite s*x you liked out on a date.

It was common sense in love.

“Y-you can’t do that …… when we’re not even in a relationship.


According to her common sense, we couldn’t go on a date unless we were in a relationship.

“Then, let’s hang out.”

“That’s just a different way of saying it.”

“But if we’re friends it’s normal for us to hang out.”

This time, I emphasized the word “friend”.

Perhaps it had an effect, but Chinatsu-chan flinched.

“I’m begging you.

There are shops where it’s hard to enter unless you’re with a girl.

Chinatsu-chan is absolutely necessary!”

I attacked while worshiping her.

I attacked even if she flinched.

I attacked without even giving her the time to hesitate.

“I-I understand.

Sano-kun is my friend.

Besides, You have always listened to my complaints.”

The aggressive approach must have paid off.

She nodded her head reluctantly.

Thus, a date with Chinatsu-chan was set for the next holiday.

I inwardly let out a cry of triumph.


How cute was Chinatsu-chan, who said she was embarrassed to return to the classroom with me.

I listened to her request and we headed back to the classroom separately.

Before the afternoon class started, I stopped by the restroom.

“Ah, Sano-kun.”


I ran into Osako in the restroom.

I had just promised a date with Chinatsu-chan.

Just by looking at Osako’s face, I felt as if someone poured cold water on my plans.

“I know I surprised you.

Ayano and I are dating.”

Moreover, he started talking about himself even though I didn’t ask him.


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