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Chapter 8: It’s a Date (I Assure You)

By the time I got myself together, it was time for the date.

Yes, this was not hanging out.

It was a date!

“Chinatsu-chan,…… will you come….”

The day before, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, but on the day of the date, I was even more anxious.

It was 30 minutes before the meeting time.

I was a little early, but it was better than being late.

The weather was fine.

I was very glad that the weather was fine as the rainy season was getting close.

I gave my thanks to the heavens for their ability to read the atmosphere.

“Chinatsu-chan, ….

will you come …”

The weather didn’t solve my anxiety.

I unconsciously muttered the same thing and gasped.

I realized now that I was so small-minded.

“Sorry, did you wait for me”

“No, not at all.

I just came here.”

Ten minutes before the appointed time.

Chinatsu-chan arrived.

All the anxiety I had felt earlier was suddenly gone.

I was able to do the standard exchange of meeting up on a date, and I felt rather content already.

It was very fresh to see Chinatsu-chan in her casual clothes for the first time.

Just seeing a girl you like in her casual clothes was pretty sweet.

“I’ve never seen you in your casual clothes before.

You look very cute.”

“It’s nothing… it’s not that cute, y’know”

An aloof reaction.

Areh, what happened

“I don’t look good in cute clothes or …….

Even this is plain.”

Plain..Rather, the color combination was put together to give a rather calming impression.

Either way, it was still cute.

“Okay, let’s correct it.

You look mature, Chinatsu-chan.”


For some reason, Chinatsu-chan turned away from me.

Don’t tell me I said something to offend you

Maybe she wasn’t confident in her taste in her fashion sense Maybe she was in a bad mood because I pointed it out to her.

Suddenly a blunder… I guess I have to make up for it somehow.

“Then let’s go look at clothes.

They say that when you change what you’re wearing, your mood changes.”

“What Aren’t we here today for your business and not mine, Sano-kun You have somewhere you want to go, don’t you”

“No, no, no, If you are going out with friends for fun, we must enjoy each other’s company.

Besides, I originally had plans to go look at clothes.”

“Well, that’s okay then.


“If you have any requests, Chinatsu-chan, I’ll listen.”


It’s nothing.”

She was still more cold and distant than usual.

Was it because she was conscious of me Or was it because she was still holding on to her feelings for Osako If possible, I hope it was the former.

It would be a shame to just stay here and chat with Chinatsu-chan.

I was still happy to be here, but it was too hot for her to be outside.

I led the way to a nearby commercial establishment.

A cool breeze greeted us as we entered.

It was a place with many stores for young people.

It was nice to find an assortment of clothing and sundries at affordable prices.

Without hesitation, I stepped into the floor for women’s fashion.

“Hey, Wait.

This is the women’s floor.”

“That’s right.

It would be nice if there were clothes that suit you, Chinatsu-chan.”

“What about yours, Sano-kun”

“I’m fine.

I just wanted to go to the clothing store because I wanted you to try on all kinds of clothes.”


I was given a look that clearly said that she had no idea what was going on.

But this was better than being cold.

When I looked at her, I naturally smiled.

What an honest expression.

“Buying isn’t the only way to enjoy shopping.

It’s not only about buying, it’s also about enjoying looking at the clothes and trying them on.

When you change what you wear, your mood changes.

It’s okay to try things on.”

“I don’t like the idea of just trying things on.”

Chinatsu-chan was serious.

But not buying it was also a choice.

“You should only buy what you like.

You don’t buy everything you try on.

Even the shopkeepers don’t expect that much from you.

You have to decide if the item really fits you or not.

That’s what trying things on is for.”

“T-that’s true, but …”


How about this for now”

I recommended a pretty skirt that caught my eye.

–When I saw it at first glance, an electric current ran through me.

It would surely suit Chinatsu-chan.

I was driven by this premonition and recommended it to her.

“Eh… I don’t think this kind of thing suits me.”

“It will look good on you, Chinatsu-chan.

You’re absolutely adorable.

I want to see it more than anything else!”

“Sa-Sano-kun, you have weird tastes!”

What’s wrong with that.

What’s wrong with imagining the girl you like wearing pretty clothes!

“Your eyes are scary.


“What! N-no.

… ahahaha.”

Oh, man, I was too desperate.

I was once told that a man who loses his composure is uncool.

“Sano-kun, you’re a lot more pushy than I thought you’d be.”

“I’m sorry.

I got carried away …….”

I returned the skirt to its original position, letting my shoulders slump.


I’ll try it on.”


Chinatsu-chan picked up the skirt, which I had just put back in its original position, and headed straight for the fitting room rapidly.

“It’s because Sano-kun was thinking of me.

I don’t want to waste those feelings.”

“Chi-Chinatsu-chan ……”

My heart trembled with her words.

I don’t care if people say I was simple.

I was comfortable with my heart that responded honestly.


Just before closing the curtains of the fitting room.

She turned around and moved her lips in a small, shy motion.

“….Even if it doesn’t look good on me, you still have to look at me”

The curtains were closed with a “click”.

It was probably nothing, but I was easily taken aback by the words.

When it came to Chinatsu-chan, I was really a very easy guy.


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