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Chapter 9: A Girlfriend Who Is Made Into a Dress-up Doll

“You have a lovely girlfriend, don’t you”

While Chinatsu-chan was in the fitting room, I was waiting nearby and a young female clerk spoke to me.

Since we were a pair of a man and a woman, she seemed to have mistaken us for lovers.

I was super happy about that misunderstanding, though.

“No, no, she’s not my girlfriend.

She’s a friend.”


You looked so good together, I thought ..”

This clerk is nice!

“Well, I’d love to have her as my girlfriend.

Right now I’m waiting for an answer.”

“But since you’re picking out clothes together like this, I think there’s hope, right.”

I-Is that so Well, if they have such good staff, I might as well become a regular.

I turned my head at the sound of the curtains and saw Chinatsu-chan’s face turning bright red for some reason.

“Ooo, As expected, it really suits you.

You look very cute.”

My eyes were not mistaken.

Cute Chinatsu-chan looked good in a cute skirt.

“It’s a lie.

I don’t look good at all.”

And yet she turned away.

Her cold attitude seemed to have returned.

I wonder if she had some kind of aversion to the word “cute”.

She doesn’t seem to be used to being called “cute”.

I think she was a beautiful girl unquestionably.

I thought about this and remembered that it was Osako who was always by Chinatsu-chan’s side.

…… I couldn’t imagine Osako saying “cute” bluntly.

In fact, it was even possible that he was so used to seeing Chinaysu-chan that his sense of beauty had been raised to a higher level.

He was also proud of the fact that he was dating a popular and beautiful girl named Matsuyuki, and he may be someone who was attracted by outer looks.

“I think you look good in cute clothes, Chinatsu-chan.

Even now I’m fascinated by you.”


No matter how honestly I said “cute,” it still baffled her.

But I don’t care.

I want to tell her she’s “cute” to make up for the fact that she hasn’t been told that before.

That’s how I want to teach Chinatsu-chan to have confidence in herself.

“If you don’t mind, why don’t you match this and this”

The clerk brought me some clothes.

As one would expect from a professional.

She had prepared a variety of cute blouses and tunics that would go well with the skirts, and other items with good taste.

“Thank you very much.

Well then, Chinatsu-chan.

Would you try this on too”

“Huh Uh, me”

“I want to see you wearing it.

The staff went to the trouble of bringing it to us, and we can’t waste the courtesy.”

“Ugh …….

Mou~, I understand.”

The curtains were closed again.

I gave the staff a thumbs up.

I thought I saw a professional when She returned it with a big sales smile.

“Oooh! She’s even prettier!”

“Your girlfriend has good style, and this one looks good on her too.”


This one also gives a different impression and is very cute.”

“Maybe we can match some of the accessories.”

“It’s s**y and …… cute.


“Kareshi-san, you are very complimentary.

You’re saying they’re all cute.”


“If something is cute, anyone would say that.

And unfortunately, I’m not her boyfriend.

“I see”

After that, the staff member and I had a lot of fun using Chinatsu-chan as our dress-up doll.

At first, Chinatsu-chan would say things like, “It doesn’t look good on me,” or “It’s not that cute,” but I didn’t hear any objections halfway through the session.

Rather, I didn’t miss the way her mouth broke into a happy smile at some points.

I liked Chinatsu-chan in cute clothes.

But I realized I liked seeing her happy face even more.


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