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“Haha, little lady, let me meet you.”

In the violent vortex, Lin Qingzhu faced the siege of a few Nether Clan geniuses at the same time.

A King-Ranked expert charged out from the side.

The sword was about to pierce her chest.

Lin Qingzhu blocked the attack of another Netherworld Martial Monarch and was in no mood to defend.

At the critical moment, a domineering figure barged into the battlefield.

He smashed a cauldron fiercely in his hand and instantly smashed the Nether Clans genius half dead.

“Hmph, dark scum, your opponent is me! Suppress!”

In an instant, Xiao Hanyi shouted angrily.

The cauldron in his hand emitted a dazzling light, and runes appeared.

That extreme light illuminated everything, and a powerful force suppressed the void until it distorted.

A chaotic battle erupted.

After Xiao Hanyi joined the battlefield, the others also attacked one after another.

The two sides, who were originally evenly matched, erupted with the first wave of group battles at this moment.

The battle was extremely chaotic and difficult to determine.

In the sky, Zhe Xian faced the revived Ling Feng again.

The two of them were really fighting.

Their moves looked incomparably gorgeous, but every move was fatal and extremely ferocious.

“Blessed by the world, all things are born!”

An ethereal voice sounded.

Fuyao wore a veil on her face and stepped on the green lotus as she slowly flew into the battlefield.

As the voice fell, the entire altar was covered by green lotuses.

All the geniuses of the Nether Clan were shocked.

This pure power happened to be their nemesis.

They felt a little uneasy.

“Get rid of her first.”

They immediately identified their target and wanted to kill Fuyao first.

However, how could Lin Qingzhu let them succeed

Cloudy Heavens instantly aimed at Ling Xi in front of her and sneered.

“If Im not wrong, your cauldron must be very precious, right”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the geniuses of the Nether Clan were shocked.

How could they care about Fuyao anymore They hurriedly charged towards Lin Qingzhu.

Ling Xis expression changed as he had an ominous feeling.

They immediately understood that the other party must have known their secret and had already made the corresponding plan.

“You know too much! Kill her.” Ling Xi instantly shouted angrily.

Everyone charged out in unison, and the battlefield was in chaos.

Just as Ling Xi placed all his attention on Lin Qingzhu, a black figure suddenly sneaked behind him.

Ling Xi felt a chill run down his spine.

He had a bad feeling and was about to turn around when a black stick smashed over.

“Not good…”

Oh, this terrible feeling.

His head was spinning and his vision was pitch black.

At this moment, Ling Xi felt as if the world in front of him was dark and dizzy.

Just as he was trying his best to stay awake, another black stick smashed down.

In the next second, he had completely fainted.

“Hehe, success…”

The moment his body fell, the monkey finally revealed its true body and walked out of the darkness proudly.

He snatched the cauldron from Ling Xis hand with one hand and smiled slyly.

Just now, he had used the divine power of the Dharma Idol World to make himself as small as a speck of dust.

Lin Qingzhu tried her best to create chaos in front, causing the entire world to tremble.

Monkey immediately took out a black stick and beat Ling Xi up.

“Haha… This thing must be very expensive, right” Monkey said with a smile as he held the cauldron in his hand.

At this moment, all the geniuses of the Nether Clan panicked and lost their sense of propriety.

“Go, kill him and snatch back the cauldron.”

Everyone rushed forward, and Monkey swept them flat with a single strike.

No matter what, he was still a Martial Monarch expert, and his strength was obvious.

After sweeping everyone away, Monkey knew that the situation was urgent and did not choose to continue wandering.

He ruthlessly smashed his rod towards the Supreme Holy Qiankun Cauldron.


In the darkness, Ye Qiu could clearly hear the heart-wrenching roar of the Lord of the Netherworld.


With a shocking bang, the world trembled and the void distorted.

A destructive force instantly spread out, as if it was about to shatter the entire world.

Monkey was born with extraordinary strength.

In addition, Ye Qiu had given him the Jingu Rod.

Under his full strength, he actually smashed the cauldron into pieces.

The moment the Supreme Holy Qiankun Cauldron shattered, a drop of dark blood flowed out.

In an instant, the entire world seemed to have entered a pitch-black chaos.

Evil thoughts filled the entire void.

In an instant, everyone seemed to have been corroded by an evil thought and was in a daze.

At this moment, a clear voice sounded.

“Green Lotus! Release.”

A lotus flower blooming in the darkness was like a ray of hope for the strange world.

Fuyao activated her Jade-Lake True Body and used a supreme Dao technique to suppress it and resolve this evil thought.

Everyone who had retreated hurriedly and huddled up again.

Although the corrosion of the evil thoughts had been removed, everyone seemed to be in a bad state.

Their faces were pale and their bodies were weak.

“I didnt expect this cauldron to contain such terrifying evil thoughts.

Fortunately, we had Fairy Fuyaos help just now.

Otherwise, we would probably have become puppets of the darkness.”

Yi Tianqi sighed from the bottom of his heart.

This battle was too troublesome.

“Monkey, how are you”

Lin Qingzhu regulated her breathing and recovered while asking Monkey, who had just returned.

His condition should be the worst.

This was because he was the person who broke the Supreme Holy Qiankun Cauldron and was directly affected by the first wave of impact.

Monkey panted heavily and said weakly, “Im fine.

I can still hold on.”

Lin Qingzhu took out the Connate Extreme Spirit Pill from her storage jade and distributed it to everyone.

She said, “Hurry up and recover.

The other partys supreme treasure has been destroyed and they are furious.

A bloody battle is about to begin.”

Everyone knew very well what the destruction of the Supreme Holy Qiankun Cauldron meant.

This meant that the Nether Clan would enter a state of rage and counterattack without regard for their lives.

The most direct performance was the :Lord of the Nether Clan in the mystic realm.

He smashed the stone tablet angrily and roared, “Damn it! Stinky monkey, how dare you destroy my Nether Clans supreme treasure.

I want you to pay with your life.”

He wanted to go down the altar to settle scores with Monkey, but Ye Qiu coldly said, “Dont waste your energy anymore.

The gamble has already begun.

No one is allowed to enter this battle until it ends.

You should know the consequences.”

Hearing this, a trace of killing intent flashed across the Lord of the Nether Clans eyes.

He glared at Ye Qiu and said coldly, “Good, very good… Kid, Ill remember todays matter.”

Facing his murderous gaze, Ye Qiu didnt panic at all.

Instead, he revealed a mocking smile.

“Youre anxious.

Haha, youre finally anxious.

Werent you very stubborn just now Why cant you afford to play anymore No way, no way.

No one would really be so petty, right Its just an immortal treasure.

Cant they afford it”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Lord of the Netherworld seemed to have another ball of blood surge into his heart.


The Lord of the Nether Clan spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was ashen and he even had the heart to kill.

“Oh… I understand.” Ye Qiu pretended to be enlightened and said, “This thing must be very precious, right Otherwise, you wouldnt have such an expression.

“Well, it must be.”


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