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Chapter 8: Song Hui's Little Tricks

The Sky City Hospital housed some of the country's best medical facilities and teams.

Staff members come and leave in proper professional uniforms and smile politely, making patients feel at home.

Usually, Jiuzhou's rich and powerful elites seek medical treatment here.


(Inside the patients' ward)

Several bandages covered Song Hui's body, including his leg.

At the moment, though, he was surrounded by beautiful women feeding and massaging him.

Right now, Song Hui's face was filled with a soft smile, and he appeared to be in a delightful mood.

A bodyguard hurriedly walked in with a smile on his face.

"I have good news for you, young master!"

"What good news"

Song Hui looked dissatisfied at the moment.

This bodyguard of his didn't seem to read the atmosphere.

Does he not see that he was having fun

He would have to deduct a month's salary if he doesn't get that.

"Young master, do you still remember Ye Feng, who injured you He was arrested and is now in the police station."

The bodyguard was naturally perceptive.

Seeing Song Hui dissatisfied, he hurriedly explained the situation.

"Fine, tell me what happened to him."

When Song Hui realized that it was this brat who had beaten him up so badly, he smiled happily.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had a small connection with the Ling family and his parents weren't allowing him to act rashly, Song Hui would have already had someone feed this brat to the sharks in the sea.

"Hahahaha, young master, look at this."

Immediately, the bodyguard pulled out his cell phone.

"Hahahaha! This scum finally has his day!"

Over the phone, the video of Ye Feng with his mouth swollen was playing.

The video quickly became viral on the web.

The netizens have dubbed Ye Feng, the "maggot god".

Song Hui laughed out loud after watching the video.


Soon, it touched his wounds, and he couldn't help but cough.

"Young master, don't get too excited.

Your body needs rest."

The bodyguard's face was filled with panic.

If anything happened to Song Hui, he would also be pulled to the sea to feed the sharks.

"Hoo hoo."

Song Hui then took a few deep breaths to calm himself down.

However, he was still smiling.

"Who did this Have you found out exactly who did it" Song Hui asked his bodyguards.

"We're not sure who did it, but it's definitely not the Song family."

The bodyguard's face revealed seriousness as he answered his young master.

"Whoever did it deserves credit.

By the way, did you find out what the relationship between Ye Feng and Ling Tian is"

Song Hui had a fierce expression on his face.

How could he have endured such humiliation if he hadn't feared provoking the Ling family

Their Song family was one of the biggest in Sky City.

As a young master, Song Hui had been viciously beaten by trash.

In the second-generation circle, he became a laughingstock.

"Young master, the relationship between Ye Feng and Ling Tian appears to be very positive, according to our investigation.

Ling Tian seems to admire Ye Feng a lot.

Ye Feng's mother is also living in Ling Tian's manor.

But Ling Tian also didn't bail out Ye Feng this time after he was caught inside the police station."

The bodyguard immediately reported what he knew.

"Let him stay inside as long as he can using our connections.

Since Ling Tian did not make a move, my opinion of his relationship with this brat is that it is just average.

The only explanation I can think of is that Ye Feng knocked on Ling Tian's door, and Ling Tian took in Ye Feng's mother out of pity.

Ye Feng could not have been caught inside, if their relationship was as strong as I believed, because of the strength of the Ling family."

Although a wealthy second generation, Song Hui wasn't a fool and saw something in Ling Tian's behavior.

Therefore, Song Hui gave his men direct instructions.

For the time being, he couldn't move against Ye Feng because of Ling Tian.

But it would be best to disgust him first.


(Inside the study room of the Li Manor)

Ling Tian inspected the antiques Qiang Zi had brought back.

Due to his strong perception ability, he could identify the antique that contained the Marrow Cleansing pills.

With a thought, several antique bottles exploded one after another.

Then a Marrow Cleansing Pill appeared in Ling Tian's hand.

A large amount of mana was also contained within this crystal-clear Marrow Cleansing Pill, which emitted a faint fragrance.

"System, Is this Marrow Cleansing Pill effective for me"

Because of his physique, Ling Tian could not become a martial artist since he was a child.

[Respected Host, Marrow Cleansing Pill is effective.

This pill will transform your original ruined body, enabling you to become a cultivation genius!]

Ling Tian planned to take the Marrow Cleansing Pill on his own since this was the case.

Besides, the system shop had a vast number of cultivation techniques, so long as there is enough villain points, he would be able to purchase them.

He would also be able to exert greater strength after cultivating these techniques.

Ling Tian could not miss this opportunity.

Ling Tian swallowed this Marrow Cleansing Pill in one gulp.

He felt his body heat up as the elixir entered his stomach, and then his entire body began to tremble.

Soon, black toxins appeared on the surface of his body; these were all impurities quenched from the inside.

After a half hour, Ling Tian felt his transformation was complete.

Suddenly, he felt like his body was unusually light, the bones in his body had become stronger, and the meridians throughout his body had been quenched.

Even though his realm remained the same, the speed at which his true qi ran through his body skyrocketed.

Thus, his strength increased significantly.

Ling Tian smiled contentedly.

The Marrow Cleansing Pill had a powerful effect.

"System, how many villain points do I need to purchase the Marrow Cleansing Pill in the shop"

Lin Tian asked the system directly.

[Respected Host, a Marrow Cleansing Pill costs 20,000 villain points in the shop]

Ling Tian smacked his lips as he heard the price.

The price was still very high.

The cost to purchase one was 20,000 villain points.

However, Ling Tian still decided that when he had enough villain points, he would give one to each of his relatives.

Due to the memories of his predecessor, Ling Tian could be considered the young master of the Ling family.

Ling Tian would naturally not treat these people badly since he enjoys such treatment.

Once again, Ling Tian called for Uncle Fu, his butler.

Lin Tian gave Uncle Fu a few prescriptions from the Heavenly Poison Scripture.

"I need you to collect the herbs in these prescriptions immediately, Uncle Fu.

I need them to make a small medicine."

When Uncle Fu glanced at these prescriptions, he noticed many poisonous herbs.

Though Uncle Fu felt strange about the task, since it was his young master's instruction, he would naturally collect them.

Still, he reminded Ling Tian, "There are a lot of poisonous herbs in here, young master."

"It's alright, just don't worry and get them ready."

Ling Tian responded with a smile and didn't explain.

After that, Uncle Fu excused himself and left, ready to collect these herbs as soon as possible.


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