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Chapter 30: Im Afraid You Have to Pay Chauffeur Zhangs Salary Yourself

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“How could you let Sister Yanyan and Big Brother leave just like that” Chen Xiangxiang criticized Zhang An, and her tone was full of disappointment. “Big Sister Yan Yan is still a patient. If something happens to her on the way home, will you be able to take responsibility for it”

Zhang An was dumbfounded. This was different from what he had imagined.Isnt Miss Xiangxiang the most gentle, amiable, and considerate person

Plus, I did it for her!

“I was waiting for you, Miss Xiangxiang…” Zhang An hurriedly explained. “Besides, Eldest Miss and Eldest Young Master took the Yan familys car back.”

Chen Xiangxiang was still angry. I have to make myself uninvolved in this situation. “How is it because of me I told you long ago that I can go back home by myself!”

The intensity of her tone and the look on her face frightened Zhang An greatly.

However, a few seconds later, she suddenly realized that the system didnt hint that the favorability scores had decreased.

She suddenly turned around to look at Fu Yuhuai with teary eyes. “Yuhuai, I…”

Fu Yuhuai, who was originally shrouded in a low atmosphere and whose expression looked as though a storm was about to arrive, now had an unreadable look on his face. Despite that, Chen Xiangxiang could acutely sense that he wasnt angry.

Hes not angry!

“The Yan familys car…” Fu Yuhuais thin lips moved slightly as he said these words, and a dark glint flashed across his eyes.

He looked up at Chen Xiangxiang and smiled gently. “Alright, Xiangxiang, dont be angry anymore. Its not your fault either.”

Seeing Fu Yuhuais favorability score increase slightly instead of decreasing, Chen Xiangxiang finally felt at ease.

From the looks of it, I have completely conquered him. He really loves me so dearly, doesnt he

Since hes the first man to completely fall for me, I naturally dont mind being more gentle and caring towards him.

She reached out to hug Fu Yuhuais arm and shook it. “Yuhuai, thank you for being so understanding. Otherwise, I really wouldnt be able to explain myself.”

Fu Yuhuais eyes flickered as he calmly pulled his arm away. “Since things have come to this, its not a big deal. Ill accompany you to the Xi family mansion to explain the situation clearly.”

At the Xi family mansion…

After Yan Xi and Xi Yan got home, went straight back to Xi Yans room to study after having dinner.

The senior high curriculum had long already been taught at this time of the year. Xi Yans knowledge of the contents of the various subjects was rather vague, but Yan Xi didnt intend to help him with that since Ye Qing was doing it for him anyway. Thus, she only got Xi Yan to complete a few selected questions before she explained them to him after he was done answering them. She explained the questions in-depth and drew inferences from those questions to other questions, which enlightened Xi Yan immensely.

Her way of explaining questions made the questions very easy for him to understand and master.

Yan Xi had even asked him to sort out the questions he had gotten wrong so that it would be easier for him to check and fill in the gaps in his knowledge and ensure that he wouldnt be dumbfounded the next time he encountered similar questions.

The feeling of knowing that he was becoming better bit by bit was great. Xi Yan felt very energized, and he no longer felt the urge to retreat in fear after opening his textbooks.

The siblings studied late into the night. When it was almost 11 p.m., Butler He brought two cups of milk over and urged them to have an early rest.

“Young Master Yuhuai came in the evening, but he just sat down and said some things to Sir,” Butler He said. “By the way, Miss Xiangxiang said that she wanted to apologize to you, but I stopped her.”

Yan Xi wasnt surprised.Fu Yuhuais here to explain the situation for Chen Xiangxiang

She asked Xi Yan to take a shower while she went downstairs to the study on the first floor.

In the study, Xi Jingxing was sitting at his desk with his laptop lit up while Chen Xiangxiang was massaging his shoulders, and he seemed to be busy.A benevolent father and a filial child, what an endearing scene.

When Yan Xi walked in, the smile on Chen Xiangxiangs face disappeared a little as she took her hands off Xi Jingxings shoulders and took a step back.

“Yanyan.” The smile on Xi Jingxings face had yet to disappear, and he was obviously in a good mood. “Why arent you asleep yet Youre still a patient, so you shouldnt overwork yourself. Remember to go to sleep earlier.”

Yan Xi sat down on a chair and said, “Im here to tell you something. In the future, the Yan familys chauffeur will be sending me and Big Brother to and from school. As for Zhang An, since I cant order him around, then hell just…”

“What he did today was indeed very wrong. I have already punished him for it,” Xi Jingxing hurriedly said before he looked at Yan Xi.

He felt that it wasnt a big deal. Moreover, Zhang An wasnt an outsider. Zhang An was actually his sister-in-laws brother, so they were related by blood.I cant possibly fall out with him over such a small matter and end up having a bad relationship with a relative.

That servant of the Yan family is really too controlling. Hes firing someone so easily, and hes not giving me any face.

“Actually, hes worried about Xiangxiang because I instructed him to make sure that Xiangxiang gets into the car every day.”I instructed him to do so because I was afraid that Xi Yan would only be focused on hanging out with his scoundrel friends after school and ignore Xiangxiang. Girls have to be taken special care of.

Yan Xi looked up. “So, you mean that he can use that as an excuse to order me around”

Xi Jingxing instantly looked embarrassed.

Chen Xiangxiang bit her lower lip with her teeth, her face full of self-reproach. “Its all my fault. I shouldnt have been busy with my club activities and forget to look at my phone…”

“You werent there, so you dont know the full picture. Please shut up.” Yan Xis expression was calm, but her tone was indisputable. She didnt have the time to mull over whether Chen Xiangxiang had done it on purpose or not. But she had to pursue the person who didnt listen to her despite being paid by the Xi family.

She turned to look at Xi Jingxing. “So Dad, whats your punishment for Zhang An”

Xi Jingxing was silent for a moment and avoided Yan Xis gaze. “I think your suggestion is quite good. Ill get him to specially chauffeur Xiangxiang in the future.”

Actually, he was very unhappy that the Yan family had sent someone to approach Yan Xi, but he couldnt find any reason to refute it. Thus, his heart was still burning with anger.

The Yan family assigned a Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is worth tens of millions, to serve her. I didnt even have such treatment! But I dont have a reason to not let Yanyan sit in the Yan familys car either…

He then simply pinched his nose and acknowledged it as his fate.

Zhang An has already promised me that hell be good at reading people from their body language in the future. Therell always be a point in time when the Yan familys chauffeur is unable to fetch Yanyan. At that time, Zhang An will be able to take advantage of the situation and get the upper hand.

Besides, Xiangxiang will also be helping to mediate between the two of them.

He felt that Chen Xiangxiang was a very good child, and felt that Yan Xi would see Chen Xiangxiangs merits sooner or later.

Yan Xi wasnt surprised by Xi Jingxings method of dealing with the situation at all. She nodded and said, “Okay.”

Chen Xiangxiang quickly glanced at Yan Xi and hurriedly lowered her head. She couldnt help smiling.

Yan Xi then continued to say, “But if thats the case, hes not providing any services to the Xi family, so Im afraid youll have to pay Chauffeur Zhangs salary yourself.”

Xi Jingxing had heard Zhang An say this before and felt that it wasnt a big problem. “Sure.”

This was Yan Xis goal, and since Xi Jingxing had agreed to it, everything else would be easy to settle.

“Then I have no objections to it. Good night, Dad.” Before leaving, she even smiled at Xi Jingxing in a good mood.

Her smile was as bright as the sun and as gentle as the moonlight. Seeing that, Xi Jingxing was almost in a daze.

But Chen Xiangxiangs eyelids twitched for some reason, and an inexplicable uneasiness rose in her heart. But before she could say anything, Yan Xi had already turned around and walked out of the study.


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