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Since the Old Madam said that the third Young Master was returning to the mansion, Gu Suier had been feeling uncomfortable.

The food she ate became bland and her sleep was disturbed.

She looked at the elegantly furnished room and softly touched the thin summer mattress and quilt.

When she thought that these things belonged to the third Young Master, and that she only temporarily occupied it, she felt uncomfortable.

The Old Madam said that the third Young Master was an honest child… But what was that honest child like

Gu Suier remembered those deep eyes again that were glowing in the dark.

Being stared at by that pair of deep eyes, she felt as if she was being stared at by a hungry wolf whilst a walk in the mountains.

In that night, she conceived her little tadpole.

Some time after the incident, she was escorted here in the YanJing City and was blessed by the elders here.

The people here were not the same as those in the GuJia Village.

It seemed that no one here had asked why she was pregnant with the third Young Masters child, nor did anyone ask how she met him.

Everyone had accepted that she was the third Young Masters woman without any question.

She was the third Young Masters woman, so she could live in the his yard and enjoy the care from his servants.

But no one knew that she was not.

She didnt even know the third Young Master, or the “Ah Heng”, whom the Old Madam talked about.

Before coming here she didnt even know who he was, or what his surname was, let alone knowing that his nickname was Ah Heng.

She didnt even know what he looked like.

All she could remember were those eyes that seemed to swallow her whole in the dark.

This kind of anxiety and fear made her sleepless.

The delicacies and the finest silks could not make her happy, Even when the Old Madam gifted her with a pair of gold bracelets, she was disinterested.

One night, when she was sleeping, Gu Suier suddenly heard some noises coming from the direction of the yard in the middle of the night.

She opened her eyes.

In fact, recently her sleep had been quite disturbed.

The child in her belly kicked her from time to time in the middle of the night, causing her to wake up from her slumber.

Gu Suier sat up and listened to the noises from outside through the soft muslin canopy of the bed.

She was a bit afraid when she heard a mans voice.

Then she saw Nanny An rush into the room.

“Young Mistress, the third Young Master is back! Dont you want to get up and welcome him back” Nanny An said eagerly.

“… Yes.”

Although Gu Suier was afraid of this third Young Master, she knew that she had to get up to “welcome” the third Young Master back.

In these past ten days, Nanny An had been ceaselessly talking about the situation in the Marquis residence by her ear. Therefore, by now, she already knew that the Marquis had a Concubine and a daughter from her.

The Madam did not like her, and the Old Madam did not care about her, so she was not particularly welcomed in the house.

Although they did not have a shortage of food, the fresh fruits and melons rewarded by the Emperor were definitely not sent to the concubine and her daughter to enjoy.

She knew what the child of a Concubine was.

Even if it was a son, it would still be the child born to a lowly Concubine.

And she herself was the Concubine of the third Young Master.

She came to this prosperous and grand place with the child in her belly, leaving her hometown.

She did not want her child to be born fatherless.

At least, she wanted to make her child live a comfortable life.

Whether the child born to a Concubine would be treated well or not depended on that Concubine.

That was what Nanny An had been babbling about to her.

Although she was ignorant, she somewhat understood her words.

Now, get up and go to please the third Young Master.

Isnt that what she should do

Nanny An helped Gu Suier to get up and put on her clothes.

When she arrived at the front of the house, she saw a man standing under the roof of the house, talking to the old maidservant who was in charge of the door of the courtyard.

Gu Suier glanced at him.

It was dark so she couldnt see his face clearly.

She only felt that that person was tall and wearing brocade clothes.

Therefore, she assumed that he was the “third Young Master”.

She walked before him, bowed and greeted: “Suier pays her respect to the third Master.”

After she said this, Nanny An, who had followed Gu Suier, was stunned.

The man whom she greeted was also surprised.

Gu Suier felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, and raised her head in confusion.

When she looked up, another man walked out of the house.

The moonlight fell on his face, making her able to see his face clearly.

He wore a purple brocade robe and a hair ornament made of jade.

His posture was elegant and noble, something which a commoner could never have.

Gu Suier raised her face and looked into his eyes.

His pair of eyes were like the deep lake behind the mountain in winter.

It was cold and dark, making it difficult for one to breath after a glances.

She had no doubt that this was the third Young Master.

She had actually identified the wrong person.

Her mind went blank.

She moved her gaze to stare at the person she had greeted just now again, only to find that the person was also standing there blushing out of embarrassment.

The whole courtyard was quiet.

No one knew what to say in this situation.

Especially now.

They always felt that third Masters face was a bit colder than usual.

In the end, it was Nanny An who summoned her courage and opened her mouth: “Young….

Young Mistress, why have you not greeted the third Master yet”

Her wandering mind finally returned hearing those words so Gu Suier stood there with her joined hands and feet, and cautiously said: “Ive seen the third Master.”

Compared to the voice which she used to greet his subordinates before, her voice now seemed to be nothing more than a mosquitos constant buzzing noise.

Nanny An felt anxious.

Now that the third Young Master finally came back, how could she make such a rookie mistake of greeting the wrong person!

However, at this moment, Xiao Heng said, “Your name is Suier” 

He walked straight to their position, and raised his hand as if to tear off her clothes to remind her.

When he said this, his eyes swept over Gu Suier, and then finally landed on her belly.

Feeling his gaze, Gu Suier immediately tensed up and subconsciously protected her belly.

The little tadpole was her own child.

It had been with her for several months.

But she also understood that the tadpole came from the man in front of her.

At this moment, she was a little scared.

She was afraid that this man would snatch away her little tadpole.

She felt like a person who had been robbed by him.

The man had no expression on his face so she couldnt understand him, but Gu Suier always felt that his eyes were cold.

His cold eyes were without any temperature, so he should be unhappy.

Gu Suier was afraid of this unhappy man.

Her hands that were protecting her belly were trembled slightly.

Fortunately, after Xiao Hengs gaze stayed on her for a while, it moved away.

“Come in.”

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