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Unwilling to let go, Gu Suier had been hugging little Ah Chen all the time afterward.


Although falling off the bed was something that most babies probably experience, it was his first time.

She was afraid that he would be scared, so she held him in her arms to placate him.


However, babies were forgetful.

Just a while ago, he was crying and shuddering but now that he saw a puppy outside the door, his attention was instantly attracted.

He waved his small fists at the animal.


As for the fall from the bed, it was obviously forgotten.


When Gu Suier saw this, she asked Guizhi to bring over the two leopard cats and the puppy raised in the kitchen.

Then, she asked another servant to fetch a low stool, and she sat under the shaded corridor with little Ah Chen, letting him watch the cats and the puppy.


Seeing the food brought by Guizhi, the animals scrambled to eat.


Due to the rush, a crumb of pastry got stuck on the puppys tail.

It seemed to sense the smell of food as it began to spin around and chase its own tail.

Everyone was amused by this scene, even little Ah Chen stared wide-eyed, his curiosity piqued by the puppys antics.


Holding him, Gu Suier gradually felt relieved.


But after that, she started thinking and mulling over the incident.


Prior to this day, she had always felt that since Zuo girl was educated and had a good relationship with everyone, she could never do anything wrong.

But now, she felt that something was indeed wrong.


For the first time, little Ah Chen fell off the bed.

However, as the only one present in the room at that time, her words seemed to be suppressing something.


Gu Suier frowned.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she felt.

Ultimately, she couldnt help but shudder.


“Why dont you get inside” A cold yet familiar voice rang ahead.


Gu Suier looked up to see the tall and straight figure of a man standing in front of the corridor and staring down at herself.


She was about to get up in a hurry: “Ah Chen wanted to see the puppy just now, so I asked Guizhi to call all the animals in the yard to entertain him.”


Xiao Heng stooped and took Ah Chen from her arms.

He looked down at him carefully before teasing the baby.


When little Ah Chen saw his father, the originally delighted expression on his little face seemed to collapse a little.

He babbled and waved his hands at Gu Suier, exerting all his strength to bend his little body toward Gu Suier.


This matter made it appear as if he didnt want his father to carry him at all.


Seeing the little guys actions, Gu Suier couldnt help but pursed her lips and smiled.

She tried to coax him: “Be good, Ah Chen.

Daddy is back, let daddy hold you now.”


Little Ah Chen seemed to understand her words.

He gave up struggling and began groaning, not at all looking at Xiao Heng.

Instead, he continued staring at the puppy.


Xiao Hengs brows raised as he looked at his tender son.


This son was small and fluffy, but his temperament was very big.


“Whats going on with him”


“Who knows, maybe its because he didnt have a sound sleep today.

He has been a bit unsettled, he only showed a bit of interest when he saw the puppy.”


As he listened to her words, Xiao Heng sat down on the steps with little Ah Chen in his arms and let him continue to watch the puppy.


Little Ah Chen watched the puppy lick its lips anxiously and giggled happily.


Xiao Heng stared at the baby in his arms and caressed his soft hair: “Ah Chen fell off the bed today”


Stunned, Gu Suier nodded blankly.


Originally, she wanted to look for some time to tell him about the incident in the evening.

After all, she couldnt hide this kind of thing.

She never thought that he would already be aware of it.


There were no secrets in the marquis residence, news spread extremely fast.


“When Ah Chen fell off the bed, only Zuo girl was there” Xiao Heng looked down at the little puppy and asked in a low voice.


“En… Im also to blame for this.

I didnt think thoroughly before going out just because Ah Chen fell asleep.”


“Its alright, it is not a very serious issue.” Xiao Heng said lightly.


“Ill certainly be more careful from now on.” Gu Suier felt still felt somewhat apprehensive.


Xiao Heng glanced at her.

Instead of saying anything more, he focused on accompanying little Ah Chen and watching the antics of the little puppy.


Ah Chen turned and twisted his fleshy little body, attempting to move forward.

Nevertheless, how could a few months old do that As a result, he began panting after the struggle.


Xiao Heng carried Ah Chen and stepped closer to the animal.

And to prevent the child from being in danger just in case the puppy became too playful, he shielded him with his arms.


Little Ah Chens legs dangled from Xiao Hengs arms as he raised his arms and waved at the puppy like a great general commanding a magnificent army with thousands of troops.

At the same time, he babbled non-stop.


Xiao Hengs gaze was fixed on his son when he suddenly said, “Both His Majesty and the Old Madam want me to marry Zuo girl.”


Gu Suier was stunned; she did not expect Xiao Heng to mention this so suddenly.


She nodded: “En, thats not very good.”


Xiao Heng asked again, “Do you also think it is a great idea”


After a moments silence, Gu Suier nodded stiffly: “Yes… yes, its a great idea ah…”


Once she finished speaking, she suddenly felt that this was not the case.


She hesitated, “Im a little scared…”


Xiao Heng lowered his head and stared at her: “What are you afraid of Arent you fond of Zuo girl”


Gu Suier muttered in an almost inaudible voice, “I feel uneasy after what happened today.

I… dont like her at all.”


Xiao Heng raised his eyebrows and inquired, “What is your opinion then”


Gu Suier probed warily, “Then, can you not marry Zuo girl”


Although she actually didnt have any hope of this being possible, she couldnt stop herself from asking.


Xiao Heng: “I can.”


Two simple words.


Gu Suier raised her head and shot a surprised glance at him.


Xiao Hengs cold eyes drooped slightly, as if the celestial moonlight shone upon the mortal world.


He stroked his sons soft hair and said in a low voice, “I will go over and tell the Old Madam that this marriage cannot happen.”


Gu Suier was astounded: “Didnt you say that before”


Xiao Heng picked up his son, intending to go inside: “Before was before, now I will not change my mind.”


Gu Suier had no choice but to follow him into the room.


He put little Ah Chen on the couch.


The baby was obviously still not very satisfied about playing with the puppy; he still wanted to play more.

He flipped his plump little body over and tried to move forward only for Xiao Hengs long legs to bar his way.


Poor little Ah Chen gathered all his strength into his limbs and tried to push his fathers long legs away, but how could it really be possible


Disappointed, he sprawled out on his back and flung his little arms and legs angrily in all directions to express his complaint.


Looking at the dissatisfied little guy, Gu Suier felt a little distressed: “Dont obstruct his way.”


Xiao Heng simply ignored her words and proceeded with what he was doing.


Little Ah Chen wailed as his little hands clutched and tugged at his fathers robe, resembling the puppy.


Gu Suier couldnt stand it anymore: “My darling Ah Chen, where do you want to go Mother will take you.”


Xiao Heng kept mum.


She went over to pick him up, but little Ah Chen didnt let her do it.


He couldnt crawl yet; he could only roll about like a ball with his chubby little body.

So, he rolled towards the legs.


Gu Suier suddenly realized that he was also a stubborn person.


Regardless of his age, he was a stubborn person.


Since his father didnt intend to let him pass through, he was determined to do exactly that now.


Without having any better option, Gu Suier told Xiao Heng softly: “Get out of his way.”


The latter pursed his lips and sat there before raising his legs.


Gu Suier breathed a sigh of relief.

They were father and son after all, wouldnt it be better if each took a step back


Unexpectedly, after he lifted his right leg, Xiao Heng placed his other leg on the couch.

After that, he simply crossed his legs one over another and fully blocked little Ah Chens path.


Little Ah Chen lay there like a puppy.

He raised his head high and stared blankly at the two legs before him, his bright red and drooling mouth opened slightly in surprise.


Sinister people truly were everywhere in this world.

How could he have even imagined that he would encounter such hardships when he was only a few months old!


After a while of shock, his head finally drooped.

He whined.


He was so small; he would certainly not be able to cross this huge beam many times heavier than his own body.


Gu Suier couldnt stand watching his miserable expression anymore.

She grumbled to Xiao Heng: “Why would you do this He is so young, why are you bullying him so much!”


Saying this, she simply bent over and picked little Ah Chen, who was trapped inside, planning to head for the warmed room.


However, just as she got up to leave, her wrist was caught.


She looked back and found Xiao Heng, who was half-lying on the couch, staring at her with a profound gaze.


Her heart skipped a beat at this moment.


“Third Master…” She clasped little Ah Chen and inquired in a low voice.


“Do you like it” Xiao Hengs voice was as clear and cold as always.




“I never thought of marrying Zuo girl.” Xiao Heng looked at her: “Itll be just you and me.”


“I-I…” Gu Suier stuttered, her mind was in an uproar.

For a moment, she couldnt understand what his words meant.


How could he not have a legitimate wife Didnt he say he wanted to marry one so that she could take care of the internal affairs of his prince residence Everyone would soon know that he was the son of the Emperor, someone with a distinguished status.

How could he not have a legitimate wife


But hisItll be just you and me… what did that mean It was not that Gu Suier was unable to comprehend it; she simply didnt dare to think about it.


She never dared to imagine it ah.


She always felt that itd be enough if Xiao Heng got a kindhearted and tolerant wife who would accommodate her and her little Ah Chen.


Xiao Hengs exerted a little force and pulled her into his arms.


Because little Ah Chen was held by Gu Suier when he did this, he ended up with both Gu Suier and little Ah Chen in his arms.


Embracing the big and small people in his arms, he bowed his head and rubbed his hard chin against their tender and smooth skin.


“I dont wish to marry the Zuo girl.

I dont wish to marry another woman either.

I will announce it to the Old Madam and His Majesty.”


Hu Tie had already received word of what transpired in the residence today and reported it to him.


He didnt believe Zuo girl had the nerve to harm his son in his yard, nor did he believe that a girl who looked so much like his mother would have such a vicious heart.


But this also reminded him that in the backyard, if there was to be harmony between the wife and the concubines, the man must set apart their identities clearly.

The wife would have the status of the main wife while the concubines would have the status of concubines.


Its just that he didnt want Gu Suier to suffer due to this.

Besides, he also didnt want his little Ah Chen to become the so-calledconcubine-born son.


He had never bothered to consider this matter of wife-born and concubine-born children before.


But at this moment, he suddenly realized the difference.


He lowered his head and kissed the forehead of the woman in his arms lightly before saying in a hoarse voice, “You will be my only woman so give me a daughter.”


Wrapped in his arms, Gu Suier gradually understood the situation from his words.


She realized what he had promised her.


Her hands around little Ah Chen tightened.


And upon hearing him saygive me a daughter, her hands trembled.

Her body seemed to go limp and float in the air.


“En…” Her lips were blocked before she could complete her reply.

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