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Xiao Heng had always been energetic.

For example, if they had enough time at night, he would not feel tired even after tossing her for two-three hours.

Every time this happened, Gu Suier couldnt withstand it any longer.


But today, perhaps she was shaken by what he said as her body seemed too light and weightless.

No matter how he bothered her, she would respond and take the initiative to welcome him even when they were at the peak of passion.


This was the first time she did this.


When Xiao Heng discovered this, he paused and struck her at the speed of a storm.


She was like a small boat, struggling to barely stay afloat in the midst of a raging sea.


When the storm finally passed, she lay there with her eyes half-closed and her thin lips parted slightly, looking at the man beside her in a daze.


Xiao Heng raised his hand and gently wiped the corners of her eyes.


Her body and jet-black hair were damp as if she had been caught in a downpour.


It had been particularly delightful and satisfactory today.


All his masculine bravado had been poured out on this soft and delicate body.


“Third Master, you really dont plan to marry someone” After finally getting a break, Gu Suier recalled what he had said before.




If he really got a wife, it would inevitably lead to endless life-and-death intrigue in his backyard.

He was afraid even ten Gu Suier might not be enough to fight back then.


“Then what will happen after we shift to the prince residence There will be no one to handle the household matters ah.” Till this moment, Gu Suier had not thought about what the Emperor and the Old Madam would think.

She was more concerned about this matter.


Xiao Heng raised her brows slightly when he saw her frowning in worry.


“You will take care of it.”




That night, Xiao Heng went to the Old Madam and announced that he didnt want to marry.


“She is your mothers own brothers daughter, the child of a close relative.”


“I still dont want to.”


“His Majesty also wants you to support the Zuo family.”


“There are a lot of other ways to support them.

I do not need to do that at the cost of my own self.”




All the reasons given by the Old Madam were successfully blocked by Xiao Heng.


She leaned on the couch and watched this grandson she had raised single-handedly.

Although he was not her biological grandson, he was the son of her maternal familys nephew.

They were very close.


She really liked him and treated him like her own grandson.


After fifteen years of raising, he was now all grown up.

He could now form his own judgements and view things from a whole new point of view.

He was no longer the reticent child from the past.


“As you wish.”


Just when Xiao Heng thought that the Old Madam would continue to persuade him, he heard her say this.


“Yes.” He was a little confused.

Nonetheless, he replied respectfully.


“Suier is a girl from the countryside.

She hardly has any knowledge, but based on her temperament, she is more suitable for you.” The Old Madam sighed ruefully.


In that year, Zuo Wanning was exiled to the northern Liaoning region because of that case implicating the Zuo family.

The Emperor passed that area for some reason and met the miserable Zuo Wanning, resulting in Ah Hengs birth.


For some unknown reason, once she found out that she was pregnant, Zuo Wanning hid from her family and gave birth to Ah Heng all by herself.

She raised him until he was five years old.


The Old Madam didnt know how much he suffered when he was with Zuo Wanning, but she could still vividly recall the first time Ah Heng stepped into the Ruiding residence.


He was thin and tiny.

Except for a pair of eyes that were profound like a deep pool of water, everything else about him was heartbreaking.


He was not very talkative; always looking at the people around him in silence.


She didnt ask him what happened before.

After all, this was not a good idea since the child didnt want to say anything.

She just wanted to take good care of him and not let him suffer any more grievances.


Over the years, she came to spend far more meticulous care on Ah Heng than her biological grandsons.


She knew Xiao Heng.


Perhaps for him, in addition to the initial sense of responsibility he felt toward Gu Suier, there was also a feeling of empathy for a fellow sufferer.


The young Xiao Heng was precisely the current Gu Suier.


Maybe that was why only she could step into his heart.


“Thank you, Old Madam.”


Xiao Heng bowed his head and said respectfully.


His usual cold voice was a little hoarse due to the delightful intimacy he had just gone through.

It also curbed his youthful edge, making him become reserved and calm.


“Ah Heng…” She said unhurriedly, “Did you not think that I might get angry about this”


Xiao Heng was a bit doubtful, but he still replied honestly: “I thought I would have to spend a lot of time talking you around.”


The Old Madam chuckled and shook her head; “You ah, you think too much.

Just now, I was telling Ruyi that this girl from the Zuo family is not suitable for you and thinking of ways to inform you that this marriage cannot be done.”


Xiao Heng was stunned.

He raised his head and looked up to notice the affection in the old womans eyes.


All of a sudden, he understood that she must have had the same thoughts as himself.


“Thank you, Old Madam.” Xiao Heng hesitated for a while before speaking again: “Xiao Heng was, is, and always will be your grandson.”


Gu Suier was naturally relieved to hear the news that the Old Madam agreed to Xiao Heng not getting a main wife.


As for the reason why he refused to marry a legitimate wife, she did not wish to dwell upon such matters.


“Young Mistress, if the third Master truly has this plan, then in the future, you will be in charge of the food and drinks and have the duties of a legitimate wife despite being a concubine.”


“To not have a wife or another concubine, third Young Master is really an honest and upright person.

Young Mistress will be the only female master in the prince residence! There would be no main consort or concubines, youll handle everything.”


“Its good.

I have to take a good look at that Zuo girls face.

Bah, she thought she had become someone dignified ah, how delusional! She bullied our Little Young Master and looked down on our Young Mistress, but now, all her beautiful dreams have resulted in nothing.

I want to see if she still has any face left to say anything!”


Nanny An chattered on without much thought.


She hated that Zuo Xiuyan very much; and now hearing that she wouldnt become Xiao Hengs main wife, Nanny An felt greatly refreshed.


Listening to her words, Gu Suier also felt at ease.


Subsequently, she began to think back to everything that happened during these days.

And only then did she realize that she did not like Zuo Xiuyan too, and felt sad even at the thought of her marrying Xiao Heng.


But she held back with all her might and tried to convince herself that she couldnt ask for that much.


“Despite being born to a concubine, the second Young Miss always makes the vain attempt to compare herself to the eldest Young Miss.

Actually, most people do that, even me.”


As a concubine, even if her position was low, she did not want Xiao Heng to have another woman.

She wanted him to only have herself and just be hers.


She didnt dare to think about it before.

However, she had now slowly begun to think about their days ahead.


“How can that be comparable! Everyone is different; as far as I can see, Young Mistress has a place in our familys third Masters heart.

For your sake, he refused to marry a legitimate wife.

If you give birth again once the Little Young Master gets a little older and the third Master joyfully mentions this to him, His Majesty might even grant a title upon you.”


Grant a title


Those ranks were not something that ordinary women had.

Nevertheless, Gu Suiers attention was on her initial remark as she recalled Xiao Hengs words.


He had asked her to give him another child.


Her heart burned inevitably at the thought of the scalding heat he poured on her.


“Thats too much, Nanny An.

You must not talk nonsense, or else everyone will laugh!”


She bowed her head slightly and hurried into the room with a flushed face.


That day, after returning to her room and mulling over the matter of little Ah Chen falling off the bed for a long time, Zuo Xiuyan felt really ashamed, indignant, and wronged.

Her mood was extremely sullen.


What damn thing was that child thinking How could he frame her

[T/N: Girl really A four-month-old set you up How stupid can you get to think that]


He must have been instructed by that Gu Suier.


She never thought that the previously good-tempered Gu Suier was actually such a bad person inside.

The hearts of people were indeed too hard to fathom!


Since she mostly spent her time with Xiao Jin, Zuo Xiuyan naturally told her about this.

The latter was startled when she heard it.


“I really didnt imagine this ah; this little Ah Chen is so horrible, he actually framed you!”


“I didnt expect it too ah!” Zuo Xiuyan was sullen: “I wanted to clarify at that time, but nobody wanted to listen to my explanation.

I wanted to say that I really didnt make him fall off the bed.

It was him who rolled toward the edge and fell, but no one believed it!”


Yes, she lifted the canopy for him, but she didnt have him roll off the bed ah!


“Now now, dont be sad.

Ill go and tell the Old Madam about this tomorrow.

She loves me the most so she will definitely believe what I say.” Xiao Jin comforted her.


“Thank you, Ah Jin, I am lucky that you believe me.

Or else, I really wouldnt know how to defend myself.”


Zuo Xiuyan was so moved that she pulled Xiao Jins hand and almost sobbed.


The next day, after she found an excuse to go back home and talk to her mother, Xiao Jin came over to visit the Old Madam.


En route, Xiao Jin ran into her mother and told her about it.


Her mothers expression changed suddenly.

She instructed sharply: “You dont have to poke your nose into this matter.

Go read your books carefully!”


Xiao Jin stomped her feet: “Mother, Sister Xiuyan was wronged! She was so upset that she didnt even eat last night!”


The Madam sneered: “She doesnt have to eat if she doesnt want to.

Its not that we deliberately starved her.”


Xiao Jin was stunned, eh, why did her mother treat Xiuyan so differently all of a sudden


On the other side, after Zuo Xiuyan came home, she told her mother everything that happened the day before.


Ultimately, she finished with a complaint: “Mother, Im afraid this little child has a very vicious mind.

He is so small yet he set a trap to frame me.”


Her mother glared at her angrily: “How could I have taught such a fool”


Zuo Xiuyan was taken aback.


Madam Zuo became increasingly angrier: “Isnt saying a four months old child framed you allowing others to laugh at you How can a child that young possibly frame you”


Zuo Xiuyan choked: “But this is something I saw with my own eyes! He deliberately… deliberately rolled and fell off to frame me!”


Madam Zuo raised her hand and slapped Zuo Xiuyan.


This Madam Zuo was the daughter of an ordinary minor official who managed to get married into the Anguo ducal family and barely became the fourth Young Madam.

Just when she started dreaming of a luxurious life, the ducal family was implicated and she had to follow Zuo Xiuyans father to suffer in northern Liaoning for many years.

By now, her temper was so worn that she only knew to cling on to glory, splendor, wealth, and rank.


From birth, Zuo Xiuyan had suffered from cold and hunger; she had never had a good life.

As a result, Zuo Xiuyan knew nothing of the manners and bearing that the eldest Young Miss of a dignified family should have.


But this Madam Zuo was quite ambitious.

She knew that a down-and-out phoenix was ​​nobler than a pheasant.

Her daughter must be nurtured carefully, learn everything that those young ladies of noble families learn and grow up pretty so that she could secure a good marriage for herself.


As a matter of fact, she betrothed Zuo Xiuyan to a well-known local rich family in northern Liaoning.


At first, she was satisfied, but when their familys title was unexpectedly restored, she naturally began to look down on the rich man and simply wanted to hold on to this prince Xiao Heng.

Privately, she had taught countless methods to her daughter to hook up with him as soon as possible and settle the marriage so that they could gain a better foothold in Yanjing City.


But now, looking at her daughter, she hated the iron for not becoming steel.


“Fool!” She spoke with bitter hatred: “I had you go there to strengthen the relationship with Marquis Ruidings family and try to settle this marriage faster.

But you! What did you do You went and decided to make things difficult for a newborn baby when you shouldve been nice to him.

Its not late to do whatever you want to him after shifting to the prince residence, those people of the Ruiding family would not be able to interfere then!”


“But… I…” She really didnt do anything to that baby ah! On the contrary, she tried her best to pretend that she liked him.


“You still dare to talk back”


Madam Zuo went forward and slapped her again: “Are you too accustomed to living in the bitter cold Liaodong that you have begun to imitate that lowly village woman who doesnt even understand the rules Saying that a few months old child framed you… Do you think everyone is stupid”

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