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Seeing Gu Suier pursing her small mouth with a tense expression, as if she had no intention of answering, Xiao Heng turned around and entered the room.

When he reached the threshold to enter the room, the expensive purple satin robe was gently lifted up, and an unspeakably luxurious and imposing aura surrounded him.

Gu Suier, who was born and raised in the countryside, had never seen this in her life.

Once she thought that the town officials were very rich and powerful, but now she understood that those people were nothing more than dust in front of Xiao Heng.

Behind Gu Suier, Nanny An gently tugged the corner of her clothes, and whispered: “Hurry up and go in ah!”

Gu Suier woke up from her daze.

Immediately afterwards, she followed him to enter the room.

Who knew, the threshold was higher than she expected.

When she was about to cross it, she accidentally stepped on the threshold with her embroidered shoes and immediately lost her balance.

She slipped and was about to fall.

Nanny An, who was behind her, was terrified by this scene and screamed.

The guards and subordinates beside her also tensed up suddenly.

However at this moment, Xiao Heng, who had already crossed the threshold and entered the room, reached out and supported Gu Suier firmly to everyones surprise.

After the fright, when everyone looked at them again, they saw Xiao Heng, who was normally expressionless, holding her waist and looking at Gu Suier with a faintly.

Everyone was relieved.

But after letting out a sigh of relief, they bowed their heads again.

Now, Gu Suier just wanted to cry.

She knew she was stupid, but she had tried her best to behave properly.

However, she greeted the wrong person, and then almost tumbled against the third Masters back when walking behind him.

Although it didnt matter if she fell, what about the child in her belly

While she was thinking about it, she realized that the little tadpole in her belly seemed have been to be frightened.

It had started kicking against her belly a lot.

She frowned.

Subconsciously supporting herself against the person next to her, she froze there.

She waited for her little tadpole to stop before moving.

Xiao Heng stared blankly at the woman in his arms.

He looked at her slightly open her small mouth, which froze with a dazed expression as if she had been stabbed by someone.

She didnt move, so he didnt move either.


No one dared to talk.

The several subordinates outside who had followed Xiao Heng in to report things, stood there like pillars while bowing their heads and saying nothing.

After a long time, Gu Suier finally felt that the little tadpole in her belly seemed to have calmed down.

She stroked her belly carefully, and whispered: “Dont be afraid… Its okay ah… I didnt fall… I was just taking a walk…”

Xiao Heng silently looked at the petite woman, quietly listening to her words.

He didnt understand what she was mumbling, but he didnt say anything.

He just kept holding her waist to prevent her from falling down again.

The two were facing each other.

One lowered her head and stroked her stomach muttering words, the other supporting another silently.

Nanny An, who was standing on the steps, was stunned.

Because her voice was very low, Nanny An didnt hear what Gu Suier was talking about, but she seemed to be mumbling.

Nanny An felt anxious at this moment.

Dont offend the third Master whom you just met ah!

She felt tangled and hesitated before finally saying boldly: “Young Mistress, its cool outside at night.

Shouldnt you move inside the room and let the third Master rest” 

Hearing Nanny An say this, Gu Suier finally remembered Xiao Hengs existence.

She raised her head subconsciously.

The two pair of eyes met as Xiao Heng was looking down at her.

It was as if a frightened deer had accidentally fallen into the deep and cold pool of water.

Gu Suier was at a loss for a while.

“Third Master, it was my fault…” She thought for a while, and finally squeezed out some more words: “I slipped and nearly fell down…”

“Enter the room.”

Xiao Hengs voice was cold as if it was produced by the collision of a block of ice against a rock.

There was no temperature.

“Yes, third Master.”

Gu Suier felt that the threshold of the main house was higher than anywhere else in TingZhu Courtyard.

She stepped into the house with some difficulty supporting her big belly.

Xiao Heng removed his hand that was holding her waist after she stepped over the threshold.

At once, the subordinate and guards who were standing under the eaves of the corridor along with Nanny An came in.

Nanny stood behind Gu Suier while she stood nervously beside Xiao Heng.

The other servants and maids in the yard had also awakened, although it was just three in the morning.

They got up, boiled water and brewed tea for them.

Bao Ya and Jin Fu seemed to have got the news from nowhere, and soon rushed over to serve Xiao Heng with Gu Suier, serving tea and water with some midnight snack.

Xiao Heng seemed to be hungry.

He simply ate some steaming stuffed buns and drank some soup before he ordered the servants to withdraw.

In the middle of eating, he asked Gu Suier if she wanted to eat.

Of course, she shook her head quickly.

Seeing this, Xiao Heng said, “You should go back to your room and retire to bed first.”

Gu Suier heard his words, and prepared to leave obediently.

However, just after taking a step, she suddenly thought of something and said in a clear voice: “Nevertheless, this slave shall stay here and serve the third Master till he goes to rest.”

She didnt know how she should call herself in front of him. She didnt understand what she was in this Courtyard or in Xiao Hengs eyes.

But when she heard Bao Ya and Jin Fu say this, she followed them.

This should be correct, right

She seemed to have heard from Nanny An that the birth Mother of the fourth Young Master was originally a maid in the residence before becoming a Concubine.

She slept once with the Marquis and gave birth to his son, the fourth Young Master.

She felt that she was probably that kind of person.

Maybe after Bao Ya or Jin Fu slept once with Xiao Heng, they would give birth to a second and third son for him just like herself.

Xiao Heng glanced at her.

With that glance, Gu Suier panicked.

There was a kind of person who could make one feel that they were wrong, terribly wrong at that, with just one look.

Gu Suier deeply felt that she must have done something wrong.

As for what she did wrong, she had no idea.

Anyway, she knew that she was wrong.

After taking a look at her, Xiao Heng withdrew his gaze, and said flatly: “Go back and rest.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at the older servant next to her: “Nanny An.”

Nanny An was named, so she straightened her back immediately and responded: “Yes.

This old slave will assist the Young Mistress back to her chamber.”

After Gu Suier realized that she had made a grave mistake, she felt worried and regretted her actions.

However, when she heard Xiao Hengs words, she felt exactly what a person who had been sentenced to death by thousand cuts should feel when they were unexpectedly granted innocence felt, like the livestock which were kept to be slaughtered felt when they were released back in the mountain.

Without hesitation, she turned around and ran away with Nanny An, even the words for excusing herself seemed to have flown out of her mind to above the clouds.

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