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After returning to her room, Gu Suier finally let out a sigh of relief.

This hurdle is finally crossed.

Turning back to take a look at Nanny An, she saw Nanny An frowning while muttering: “The third Master asked the Young Mistress to come back to rest, but he allowed those two maids, Bao Ya and Jin Fu to stay and serve him.”

Gu Suier thought about it and felt grateful in her heart: “Third Master is really nice.”

Nanny An: “No, this is not good.

Not good at all!”

Gu Suier looked at Nanny An doubtfully.

Nanny An said with a bitter heart: “Young Mistress, think about it.

For how long has the third Master been back here He didnt get close with the Young Mistress and didnt want the Young Mistress to take care of him.

He wanted those two slnts to take care of him.

Can you try and guess his thoughts”

With lightly furrowed eyebrows, Gu Suier suddenly understood everything after thinking about it for a while.

Nanny An had been chanting these things countless times a day about Bao Ya and Jin Fu in front of her.

She was completely confused, she didnt understand why Nanny An was so dissatisfied with the two maids.

But now, it seemed that the three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, contrasting the spiritual and carnal side of man, finally returned to her.

It was as if she was struck by the cool mountain breeze that opened up her blocked mind, allowing the ideas and answers to pour into herself without any obstruction.

Sometimes, all it took was a moment and an opportunity for one to understand something that they had never understood before.

Who were Bao Ya and Jin Fu They were the people who had been with the third Master for several years.

Bao Ya and Jin Fu would be treated the same as her if they were to get pregnant.

One was rare, but two would never be rare.

Three are just like several piglets running about on the ground.

They were nothing but worthless.

However, if this reached four, people wont even bother to take a look.

Gu Suier, who suddenly understood this, knew that she must make the little tadpole in her belly the “rare” one.

As a result, just when Nanny An was planning to continue her painstaking persuasion to her Master about how she could not support a wall with mud, she heard the “Down-to-Earth Young Mistress” suddenly say: “I have to go back and serve the third master.”


Nanny An was overjoyed: “Yes, yes, yes.

You have to go back, you cant let those two lowly maidservants take advantage!”

However Gu Suier wanted to clarify this matter before going so she asked her: “Nanny An, that… Bao Ya and Jin Fu, the two of them…”

After thinking for a while, she rearranged her words and continued, “Have they ever served the third Master Umm, by serving I meant that sort of serving…” 

Nanny An was taken aback.

She looked at Gu Suier with incredulity, as if she was couldnt believe that Gu Suier could ask her this type of a question.

Unexpectedly, she was concerned about this kind of a topic

Nanny An felt so happy that she laughed out loudly: “My Young Mistress, you are finally truly enlightened now!”

Now that she has begun to ponder over these matters, the Young Mistress was finally on the right track.

After laughing, she began to repeat the words that she had said to Gu Suier many times: “The two girls, Bao Ya and Jin Fu, are now sixteen and seventeen respectively.

They were rewarded by His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor three years ago.

He said that they were sent here for serving the third Master and be by his side.

They came from the Imperial Palace, so they were arrogant and not upto par in maid work.

All they did every day was to plan about seducing the third Master with their looks and become a Concubine.

But you know how our third master is.

Why would he even care about them.

He let them wait upon him but he never let them stay overnight.

Hence, it is natural that they werent able to sleep with him.”

If they had really slept with the third Master, they wouldve gone to the Old Madam and the Madam and insisted on promoting their position to a Concubine.

After Gu Suier heard it, she thought about it.

It seemed that Nanny An had already mentioned it to her, but she didnt care about it before.

She had thought that it didnt have anything to do with her, so she didnt listen to Nanny An.

Now she understood it.

She also knew her current situation and status in the family.

“I still have to go to the third Master to wait upon him.”

She knew who the Emperor was.

That person was the most powerful one in the world.

A woman bestowed by the Emperor must be very powerful.

If such a powerful woman is pregnant with the third Masters baby just like her, she will definitely not be able to fight with her to protect her little tadpole after she gives birth to the child.

So, what she had to do now was to find a way to prevent this from happening.

Although she couldnt control whom the third Master chose to sleep with, it was a good idea for her to get close to him. 

Realizing this, she immediately stood up: “Go.

We will go to the main room.”

Nanny An obliged her happily: “Okay.

We will immediately go to the main room so that the Young Mistress can serve the third Master!”

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