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Nanny An was too sleepy to open her eyes, but when she heard that Xiao Heng was going to take Gu Suier to visit the Old Madam, she was so excited that all her sleepiness disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Since then, she had been cautiously serving Gu Suier by her side.

When it was dawn outside, she began to sort out her dress and hair ornaments, preparing to dress Gu Suier beautifully.

The old clothes of Gu Suier were naturally thrown away a long time ago.

Nowadays, the several sets of the dresses that she wore, were specially made under the Madams orders.

As for her jewellery, besides a pair of pearls earrings and two hairpins from the Madam, some of the other jewellery were from the Old Madam.

The ones from the Old Madam were golden-bright, dazzling and looked valuable from the first glance.

Nanny An made up her mind to make Gu Suier wear them today.

The dress that she had picked for Gu Suier was aqua-green in colour.

The color appeared fresh and delicate in contrast to her long, black hair.

Nanny An specially picked a pearl hairpin carved from white jade for Gu Suier to wear.

Taking a closer look at Gu Suier, her white, snowy skin complemented her aqua-green dress well.

It reminded Nanny An of the thin young saplings that sprouted in the early spring.

They were tender and beautiful.

“The Young Mistress is really beautiful.

No wonder the third Master likes you.

Actually, I think, our Old Madam and Madam also love you!”

Gu Suier heard her.

She did not say anything , but thought in her heart.

Did the third Master like her

She felt that third Master was a good man for he took good care of herself- a weak, stupid and clumsy woman from a poor background.

He even told informed her about matters concerning her family.

However, she also knew that third Master definitely didnt like herself.

What does it mean to like someone Gu Suier remembered Brother Shitou from the village.

Brother Shitou always smiled at her.

When they went fishing by the river, he would step into the crystal water to catch the fishes.

He would smile at her with his white teeth.

She felt that thats what she liked.

After Nanny An had dressed Gu Suier properly, she went outside to check whether the third Master was ready to leave.

However, as soon as she left the house, she saw that the third Master was already standing outside in the courtyard.

Immediately, she was stepped back and hurriedly asked Jing Yue, the little maid next to her: “Dont you know that you should tell me as soon as third Master arrived here”

Jing Yue whispered: “I came here to inform you a long time ago but when the third Master heard that the Young Mistress was still dressing in the house, he stopped me from telling you of his arrival.” 

Nanny An stomped her feet: “This ignorant girl, even if the third Master doesnt let you notify the Young Mistress, you have to find the means to report it.

How can we let him wait!” 

Jing Yues neck shrank in fear: “I…I see.”

Nanny An reminded Gu Suier: “Young Mistress, lets go.

We should hurry up.

We cant let the third Master wait.”

Seeing Xiao Heng waiting outside, Gu Suier also felt a little nervous, and immediately walked out.

After going out, she saw the tall Xiao Heng, wearing a crimson robe that highlighted his jade-like complexion, standing straight in the courtyard with a cold face, like an ice figurine on a snow-capped mountain.

Gu Suier felt a little scared when she saw Xiao Heng like this.

She lived to be sixteen but she had never seen such a cold person.

Xiao Heng turned his head slightly and glanced at Gu Suier.

His gaze stayed on Gu Suiers face for a while, then he nodded, “Lets go.”

After speaking, he strode forward.

When Gu Suier saw him start walking, she hurriedly followed behind him, holding her big belly.

At the beginning, she struggled to keep up with his pace, but after they stepped out of the courtyard, she felt that although the person in front was walking in large strides, but in fact he was not walking fast.

Like this, it was possible for her to save to keep up with him, and follow him closely.

Walking to the last moon gate, he stopped and looked at her.

She didnt understand and looked at him blankly.

He beckoned her.

She still didnt understand, but ignorantly walked a few steps forward.

He reached out his hand to support her, and led her through the moon gate.

Gu Suier discovered that the moon gate had a circular door, and the threshold below was a little higher than the usual ones.

If she wanted to lift her foot and cross it by herself, she would have to hold the door frame.

Suddenly she understood his intentions and glanced at him gratefully.

She thought to herself that although this person was like an iceberg, he was actually really good.

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