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The Old Madam of Marquis RuiDings residence, Grand Princess ShengPing was blessed from birth.

Before she was married off, she was loved by her Imperial Father and Mother.

After getting married, the Old Marquis RuiDing held her in the palm of his hand like a treasure.

She had a son and a daughter.

Her daughter was married to General BoYe, and her son inherited the title of his father.

It can be said that her whole life was smooth and fulfilled with her husband, son and daughter.

Even when she became old, her nephew, the Emperor who lived in the grand Imperial Palace also respected her and would invite her into the Palace to reminisce about the past during the Chinese New Year and some other festivities.

He would also occasionally visit his old Aunt in the residence of Marquis RuiDing in person.

The old lady had nothing which could called as an uncomfortable existence to her.

She was blessed all her life.

The happy Old Madam reclined against the low pillow, and looked at Xiao Heng and Gu Suier, who had come to greet her.

Of this two people, one was had a cold handsome matched with a lofty and unyielding character like it was specially made by heaven, and the other had a tender and soft aura about her.

It would be the best if they were paired together as both of them looked especially beautiful, but it was a pity that Gu Suier was of a low birth.

She was barely promoted to become a Concubine.

Even if she gives birth to Xiao Hengs eldest son, she could not be his main wife.

If Gu Suier wanted to be the main wife, despite her agreement, the one in the Palace would not permit it.

The Old Madam dispelled her thoughts, and hurriedly ordered her grandson, Xiao Heng to get up and let him come forward to her.

He had been gone for many days so she missed him dearly.

Now, she had the opportunity to ask him about his health and his days outside.

Xiao Heng gave simple answers one by one respectfully, and ordered the people waiting outside to bring in some red boxes.

When the boxes were opened, they were a few delicate root carvings, a big-bellied laughing Buddha, and a few were of Guan Yin holding flower.

There were even some old tree vines.

These gifts were all stored methodically and were soon presented to the people.

The big-bellied laughing Buddha, which signified good fortune, was the Old Madams gift.

She smiled happily.

The Old Madam liked it very much so she praised Xiao Heng for a long time, before finally mentioning Gu Suier.

“Suier is delicate, especially since she has a big belly now.

You have finally returned to the house now.

You should be more considerate of her about everything.”

When Xiao Heng heard it, he lowered his eyes and whispered: “Grandson knows.”

Looking at his cold face, the Old Madam could not help shaking her head and sighing: “You child, youve been like this since you were little.

Now that youre all grown up and are soon going to become a father, how can you still not change!”

The two women standing next to her were the Old Madams two granddaughters-in-law.

One was Li XiuRong, the main wife of her eldest grandson, while the other was Bai YuQing, her second grandsons main wife.

Both of them were from noble families which have been influential for generations.

Li XiuRong was used to the Old Madams words when she was talking to her most beloved third grandson.

Therefore, when she heard this, she smiled and spoke for her third younger brother-in-law, Xiao Heng: “Old Madam, I think Ah Heng just doesnt want to talk about this.

In fact, he is happier than anyone else and that is why, he returned home ahead of schedule yesterday in the middle of the night.

Maybe he was looking forward to seeing a certain someone!”

Bai YuQing, who was standing next to her, laughed: “Say, sister-in-law.

Who is Ah Heng Old Madam, do you still not know him”

The Old Madam thought about it.

Thats true.

She smiled, shaking her head: “Sigh.

I had selected a few girls for him before.

But who knew that Ah Heng has a good vision, and has already got a woman for himself without even searching for her.

I was worried for nothing.

Its all good now.

I can finally hug my great-grandson.”

Hearing her words, Bai YuQing and the others, who were watching the fun, couldnt help but tease Xiao Heng.

“The cold and expressionless man in our family also has a day of enlightenment.

Who could have even thought of it!”

“Come over, Suier.

You also tell us, how on earth did you and Ah Heng meet”

They had only got to know of this matter when Xiao Heng, who was working outside, suddenly sent a letter home asking the family to send someone to pick up a girl living in a so-and-so village of a so-and-so place, saying that the girl was pregnant with his flesh and blood.

As for what was exactly had happened between them, Xiao Heng didnt explain anything.

So, they were naturally unaware of the incident.

When asked about this, Gu Suier looked at Xiao Heng for help.

She didnt know how to answer this question.

Because she couldnt bring herself to tell them what had happened that night.

As a result, all the women in the room turned their focus on Xiao Heng.

“Yes ah, Ah Heng, tell me.

How did you find our Suier” The Old Madam herself wondered, Did Ah Heng really get enlightened

She knew that His Majesty, the Emperor had specially rewarded him with the opportunity to pick a few women of his choice from hundreds of elegant women.

However, Xiao Heng refused to even take a glance at them.

Although Gu Suier was beautiful, she was not necessarily more beautiful than those fine women whom the Emperor had chosen for Xiao Heng.

“Its just a coincidence.” When talking about this topic, Xiao Heng calmly beat around the bush.

It was obvious that he didnt want to mention the past.

The two Sisters-in-law above were both clever people.

Seeing Xiao Hengs indifferent appearance that said that he didnt want to mention it, they quickly helped him change the topic.

After speaking for a while, the Old Madam got to know that Gu Suier had not yet eaten breakfast, so she asked her to stay back and eat before returning.

However she sent Xiao Heng out.

When Gu Suier heard that she could stay with her, she felt happy because she liked the Old Madam.

The Old Madam was a kind and amiable old lady.

Recently, she and the Old Madam have slowly got along a lot with each other, so she dared to talk with her freely.

On the other hand, facing Xiao Heng, Gu Suier actually tensed up without any reason.

So she nodded quickly.

Pursing her lips, she smiled at the Old Madam.

Just as she was feeling happy, Gu Suier felt Xiao Hengs gaze on her.

It was just a faint glance with no emotions, no blame or even approval.

But her heart suddenly started beating fast.

She felt… as if she was wrong again.

As for where she was wrong, she still didnt know.

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