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She didnt know why but during her stay with the Old Madam today, she was thoroughly teased.

Everyone seemed to believe that she and Xiao Heng were deeply fond of each other.

For instance, they fell in love with each other since the first time they exchanged glances or that Xiao Heng loved her dearly.

Even the Old Madam said, “Ah Heng is reluctant to part with you here.”

Gu Suier didnt explain anything, she lowered her head and tacitly agreed everything.

This wasnt her being petty.

Rather, this was her being cautious.

Because, if Xiao Heng doesnt expose her, her current position as his only Concubine would be more justifiable if people believed their words.

After breakfast, she was accompanied back to TingZhu Courtyard by Nanny An.

As soon as she entered, she keenly perceived that the place was different from before.

Nanny An also seemed to find out.

“Isnt there supposed to be a few bamboos here Why are they missing Shouldnt there be a flight of steps here What about the threshold Was it flattened”

She muttered to herself, and suddenly understood: “It must be the third Master.

Maybe he was afraid that the Young Mistress would trip, so he cut all of those things down!”

Thinking about this ah, in this TingZhu Courtyard, besides third Master, who would dare to move the things in the third Masters courtyard Even the Old Madam was not allowed to interfere.

At first, Gu Suier did not believe it but after walking around the place a little, she really felt it was easier for her to move around now.

It was true that those chopped bamboos posed a bit of a hindrance to her pregnant body when she walked around a few times before.

However they were all cleared up now.

And that flight of steps… Now she could pass over it easily and save some strength compared to before.

“The Young Mistress should soon go over to the third Master and thank him properly.” Nanny An suggested her.

“Yeah, I should.” Gu Suier actually did not dare to face Xiao Heng, but he did all this for her after all, so she should really thank him.

He was very considerate of her.

After returning to the room, she tidied herself a bit before leaving for the main house.

Walking up to the front, she knocked on the door and waited but she got no response.

While she was wondering what to do, she saw Bao Ya coming out from the eastern wing of the house.

She smiled at Gu Suier and said, “Third Master went to the Palace.

Young Mistress doesnt know that”

Gu Suier shook her head: “I didnt know.”

Bao Ya suddenly smiled complacently: “The Young Mistress may not know but after the third Master came back today, he called me to serve him his meal.

I waited upon him during the time he ate and asked him his schedule for today.

He said that he had to enter to the Palace because he still had something left to do.”

As a matter of fact, of course, this was not something that Xiao Heng told Bao Ya.

She had overheard while she was standing on the side, but it didnt prevent her from showing off in front of Gu Suier.

It was a pity that Gu Suier was not someone who could be shown off to.

She didnt utter a word after hearing Bao Ya.

She totally didnt expect Bao Ya to be third Masters beloved and trusted maidservant.

Instead, she wondered when Xiao Heng would come back from the Palace and whether she should stay here to wait for him to thank him or do it later.

Her silence seemed synonymous with her helplessness in Bao Yas eyes.

She leaned over and said with a smile: “Young Mistress, if you want to find the third Master, please go back first.

When the third Master comes back, I will come over to inform you.

You have never been there, so you dont know that the things in the Palace are rather troublesome.

Im afraid he wont be able to return for a while.”

Not only did Bao Ya continue to imply that her identity as a girl from the Palace was different from Gu Suiers identity, but also that she was closer to Xiao Heng than Gu Suier.

However, Gu Suier didnt hear all of her words.

Therefore, she did not know the rest of the words.

She just nodded softly, and gratefully said to Bao Ya: “Then I will trouble you, Bao Ya.”

She used to call herSister Bao Ya.

However, Nanny An reminded her that she could not continue calling her that because she was just maid.

As a result, Gu Suier now called her by her name.

Looking at Gu Suiers sincerely grateful face, Bao Ya: “…”

So Bao Ya went back to the room and complained to Jin Fu, “Is this person really stupid or is she just pretending I really dont understand her ah!”

Now she felt stupid for talking a nonsense in front of her!

Jin Fu was looking into the mirror to apply powder to her face.

Hearing this, she didnt even bother to turn her head back and said: “Stop caring about her.

Anyway, we just have to fight hard to stay by third Masters side and try to get a big belly sooner.

Whos afraid of her ah! In any case, we were given to third Master by the Emperor.

He has to look after us even if he does not favour us.

When we have a big belly, our treatment will certainly not worse than hers.”

Bao Ya thought so too.

Nonetheless, she was not happy so she said: “Say, she certainly doesnt seem smart.

How did she climb into the third Masters bed”

Jin Fu: “Who knows!”

Bao Ya wondered again: “Did she use any other means…”

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