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After some days had passed, Gu Suier finally regained her spirit and resumed working in the field.

All the villagers knew what she had gone through.

They had agreed not to mention it again as they could guess that she would feel uncomfortable.

The long-tongued women also refrained from mentioning that matter.

But Gu Suier seemed to have become more clumsy in her work.

When it was time for weeding the grass, she was hoeing the ground and when it was time for fetching water, she looked like she was about to step into the river.

Moreover, she was unable to eat which made her thinner as days passed.

Her parents didnt let her go to work in the field anymore.

They let her stay at home to recover.

Although she was not allowed to go to the field, they let her do the household chores like chopping wild vegetables to feed the pigs, cleaning the house, and sewing clothes for the family.

One day, Gu Suier suddenly fainted while she was chopping vegetables in the kitchen.

When her parents came home, she had already been lying next to the chopping board for a long time.

They were frightened.

Her father hurriedly went to the town to invite a doctor.

The doctor was a little taken aback when he checked her pulse.

After a moment of silence, he finally said, “She is pregnant.” 

The doctor frowned as he noticed that Gu Suiers hair was not combed into a bun1 bun [羅髻] – Married women were required to tie their hair in a bun.

So the doctor was suspicious as to why she had not tied her hair (he must have assumed she was married since she was pregnant). but he said nothing.

After seeing off the doctor, Father Gu sat on the big stone in front of the house without a word.

Her mother couldnt help crying again, “What should we do now! Why is Suiers life so bitter!”

Gu Suiers brother stood there blankly.

He didnt know what to do.

He was five years younger than Gu Suier, so he was only ten years old.

Her father was silent for a long time before he finally made up his mind and said, “This child cannot be kept.

After the child is gone, lets find someone else for Suier.

There are so many unmarried men in the nearby villages.

We should be able to find a suitable family.”

As she listened, Mother Gu understood that this was the only way left for them.

Before, so many people in the village sought her daughters hand in marriage.

Now, that it has come to this point.

Gu Suiers reputation was ruined.

Would it possible to find her a husband in the future

Maybe she could be wed as a second wife, or become the bride of a widower.

Nonetheless, it would be hard for them to talk to their daughter about this.

At this time, Gu Suier woke up.

Naturally, she did not know what had happened.

Her mother hurriedly fetched a bowl of rice soup and said softly, “My good daughter, you are sick now.

Hurry up and drink this.

Mother will go to the kitchen to cook.”

Gu Suier was hungry.

She had not eaten anything for a while, so she obediently took the bowl and drank the soup.

While she drank the rice soup, Mother Gu didnt go to the kitchen.

She ordered Gu Baoer to cook some food before hurrying to second Aunt Wangs house next door.

Second Aunt Wang had four sons and three daughters.

They were all born in the same year [T/N: OMG! Another set of septuplets w(°o°)w ]. 

Mother Gu was afraid that she would not be able to feed all of them if she had any more children in the future.

But she didnt know what second Aunt Wang did as she never gave birth again.

Mother Gu thought that since the doctor had already left, why not ask second Aunt Wang about this issue first.

Second Aunt Wang was shocked when she heard Mother Gus intentions.

“What Hey! This is a crime! Why do you want to do this kind of a thing to your daughter!”

Mother Gu wiped her tears and said, “I cant tell others about this.

Sister, I have no choice but to ask you now.”

Second Aunt Wang lowered her head and thought for a while before saying, “I have a prescription.

My mother-in-law was able to obtain it from the mountain nunnery after spending a lot of money.

Ill give this to you now but you cant tell others about it.” 

Naturally, Mother Gu was extremely thankful to her when she heard second Aunt Wangs words.

Second Aunt Wang lifted the bedding on the Kang.

Mother Gu saw a yellowed paper there.

She handed it to Mother Gu and said, “You must remember to not let outsiders know about this.

You can return it after you have used it.”

Mother Gu thanked her and nodded repeatedly.

When she got home, Mother Gu gave the prescription to Father Gu, and added, “Hurry up and go to the town again.

Tell the doctor to follow this prescription.

Now that we wont use his prescription, it would save us some money.”

Father Gu took it and looked at it but he couldnt understand it.

Their whole family was illiterate.

Father Gu put on his clothes immediately, folded the yellowed paper in his arms, and set out.

Mother Gu talked to Gu Suier for a while, in an attempt to comfort her.

At this time, Gu Baoer had already cooked the rice, heated the old thick noodles, and put them in the pot again.

He put some rice in it and boiled a pot of soup.

Gu Suier had drunk a bowl of rice soup just now, so she couldnt eat anything anymore.

Mother Gu had no appetite.

The family didnt eat.

They all sat in a daze for a while before Gu Suier finally asked, “Where is the father”

Mother Gu hurriedly smiled.

“Your father has gone to the town for something.”

Gu Suier felt a little strange, but she didnt say anything.

She felt sluggish and had no strength.

Finally, she closed her eyes and leaned on the Kangs head to rest.

After midday, Father Gu finally returned.

He was holding a yellow paper bag in his hand which was tied with thin twine.

Gu Suier knew that it was medicine.

Mother Gu took the yellow paper bag and said to Gu Suier, “You are weak now.

I asked your father to go to the town to get the medicine for you.

Just take it.”

Gu Suier looked at her, then at the yellow paper bag and whispered, “I can go to work in a few days.

Dont spend money to buy medicine for me.”

Mother Gu hurriedly said: “The doctor prescribed it because you had fainted.

We wont buy it for you in the future.”

With this, Mother Gu went out to make the medicine.

Gu Baoer bit his lip without saying a word.

Standing for a while like a statue, he finally went out.

When the sun slanted towards the west, her medicine was ready.

Mother Gu brought it over and handed it to Gu Suier, “Come on, Suier.

Take this medicine.”

Her brother heard Mother Gus words from outside.

He couldnt help widening his eyes.

At this time, Gu Suier felt uncomfortable in her belly.

She felt nauseous, but because it was the medicine that her father had bought for her with their hard-earned money, she didnt throw it out.

Mother Gu stared at Gu Suier without blinking.

Even after drinking the medicine for quite some time, Gu Suier remained silent.

Mother Gu couldnt help but wonder if it had worked properly. 

At this moment, Gu Suier suddenly retched.

She wanted to get up but was only able to lay on the kang while spitting out a lot of black medicine.

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1 bun [羅髻] – Married women were required to tie their hair in a bun.

So the doctor was suspicious as to why she had not tied her hair (he must have assumed she was married since she was pregnant).


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