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Xiao Xu had a sharp tongue.

She belittled Gu Suier, but Gu Suier was confused by her words at the same time.

She pondered for a while, and suddenly remembered that the Old Madam seemed to have mentioned that the second Miss had wished to eat some black-feathered Silkie Chicken eggs from her.

However, as the Old Madam had already finished consuming all the eggs, she couldnt give to her.

Could it be that Xiao Xu is saying this because she wants to eat some eggs

Although eggs were a good thing, Gu Suier was not greedy enough to eat it at all costs.

Now that she thought about it, she sent gifts to the two Young Madams and the eldest Miss but forgot about the second Miss.

She was really not dependable.

At once, she reflected on her actions and said respectfully: “Second Miss, if you are talking about those Silkie Chicken eggs, I still have some of them left.

If you want, I can let the Nanny deliver it to you later.”

“Ptui! Who cares about your rotten eggs!” Xiao Xu said rudely: “When you think I dont know you Originally you went to curry favor with the Old Madam by acting obedient and when she gave you a good thing, you came to show off in front of me.

Why dont you look in the mirror to see what you are Do you think it that youve become someone amazing now that youre pregnant with third Brothers child”

She was so angry that she laughed: “Ill wait for my Nanny to deliver it to me.

If I hadnt known better, from your words, I wouldve thought that these eggs were yours.

You must really think highly of yourself.”

Gu Suier was a little confused hearing Xiao Xus words.

She had said she was going to give her some eggs but Xiao Xu was still so angry.

Why It was precisely because she was in front of the Old Madam that she was trying to please her.

How did it concern Xiao Xu

She felt helpless thinking of the situation.

She had no choice but to say: “If you dont want it, I wont send you the eggs.

Then, I will leave first, second Miss.”

Saying this, she turned to leave.

Xiao Xu saw that Gu Suier was neither upset nor angry.

It was as if she did not care about this at all.

Instead, it was she herself who was hopping mad.

Xiao Xu felt indignant.


Gu Suier stopped obediently: “Second Miss, do you have anything to say”

Xiao Xu: “You are leaving just like that Are you so thick-skinned”

Gu Suier: “The second Miss wanted to eat eggs so I had said I would let Nanny An to deliver the eggs to you.

If you are want, you can eat them then, but you just dont want to eat them.

What do you want me to do If I dont leave, do I still have to stay here and listen to what I dont understand”

Of course she had to leave.

She couldnt possibly stay here and listen to Xiao Xu scolding herself.

It didnt matter if she was looked down upon, but she didnt want the little tadpole in her belly to be cursed with her before it was even born.

Xiao Xu looked at her big belly.

Gu Suier was just a countrywoman.

If she didnt conceive the flesh and blood of her third Brother inexplicably, she wouldnt even be qualified to be a maid in their residence.

How could she have become a Concubine ah! So she was determined to take a strict note of this Gu Suier and firmly shoot her down whenever it was necessary so as to kill the chicken in front of the monkey1to kill the chicken in front of the monkey [殺雞給猴看] – It means to make an example of someone(by punishment) to frighten or intimidate others. and let the others know that she, Xiao Xu, was not easy to push around.

She was also going to take the entrance exam for the Girls School this year.

She wanted to let everyone know that she was a bright and promising girl!

But who would have thought that this rural girl would talk back to herself just now when she was fully trying to establish her might!

The key point was that what Gu Suier said… was spoken forcefully and with so much justice2spoken forcefully and with so much justice [振振有詞] – It means that she was answered back with what she believed to be true.

Hence, she appeared to be speaking the truth.

that she left her with nothing to say.

Xiao Xu suddenly became so angry that she didnt know what to say.

She blushed, and narrowed her eyes to look at Gu Suier: “Fine ah, this is exactly how snobs act like.

You always try do please the Old Madam, the Madam and my Older Sister but what do you think I am Even if I am the daughter of a Concubine, do you think I am not from the Xiao family I am also the daughter of my Father and the Sister of my Older Sister ah!”

Hearing Xiao Xus words, Gu Suier felt that her head was swimming.3head was swimming [頭大] – It means that she was having trouble processing all the information that was dumped on her all of a sudden.

She didnt understand what was wrong with this person.

She was definitely the sister of Lord Marquis daughter, the eldest Miss.

Nevertheless, did this have anything to do with her

Since Xiao Xu ran over and said this out loudly, did she want her to admit this fact

Gu Suier looked around.

She wanted to run away, but the road was blocked by Xiao Xu.

Therefore, she had no other choice but to say: “Yes, the second Miss is the sister of the eldest Miss.

No one said otherwise.”

“Then why are you doing this to me”

Gu Suiers ears were a little sore from Xiao Xus sudden outburst.

Nanny An, who was standing beside Gu Suier, was unable to put up with it any longer.

She walked to before her and said, “Second Miss, the matters between you and the eldest Miss really has nothing to do with the Young Mistress.

She has been here for only a few days now, what would she even understand If the second Miss wants to eat the eggs, we can naturally gift them to you, but as we didnt know what the eldest Miss wanted, we gave some to her.

Furthermore, the Young Mistress has the flesh and blood of the third Young Master in her belly now.

Please be careful, otherwise speaking so loudly could frighten the child.”

Xiao Xu didnt listen to her justification, but just continued sneering again and again: “The flesh and blood of the third Young Master Would it return the eggs after it is born”

The child born by a Concubine deserved to be unwelcomed wherever it went.

As soon as the words came out, a voice came not far away.

“Who doesnt have eggs to eat ah”

The voice was cool and faint, as if produced from the collision of gold with jade.

It was quite pleasant to hear.

Everyone looked over at the direction from which the voice came.

From behind the trees with shade-giving foliage, the surrounding flowerbeds and the winding corridor, the sound of footsteps walking over the path came.

Gradually, a person walked out in the light.

She was tall and was dressed in exceptionally beautiful clothes.

She had a light and graceful figure and an elegant countenance.

It was Xiao Jin, the eldest Miss of Marquis RuiDings Mansion.

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Translating and editing takes a lot of time, so all this is not possible at this moment.

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Dunno whats gonna happen but I promise Ill be back in June with a double update.

So I request yall to stay safe and take precautions very seriously.

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1to kill the chicken in front of the monkey [殺雞給猴看] – It means to make an example of someone(by punishment) to frighten or intimidate others.2spoken forcefully and with so much justice [振振有詞] – It means that she was answered back with what she believed to be true.

Hence, she appeared to be speaking the truth.3head was swimming [頭大] – It means that she was having trouble processing all the information that was dumped on her all of a sudden.


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