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Gu Suier was aware what kissing meant.

Although she had never kissed anyone, she knew that Bao Gu, the girl who did odd jobs at the inn, had kissed innkeepers son, the Young Master.

At that time, Bao Gus face turned red when she told Gu Suier how good the kiss felt and that the Young Master had told her that he would marry her in.

However, it was a pity that he ultimately married the daughter of a clothing shops owner, making Bao Gu cry her eyes out.

When Gu Suier thought about kissing Xiao Heng, his expressionless face appeared before her eyes.

If she kissed Xiao Heng, would it feel like cold snowflakes were falling on her lips

What would happen to her if she gazed at his pair of serene eyes that resembled the deep water of the Black Dragon Lake

When she thought about this, her heart thumped wildly and her little tadpole started kicking her belly.

Without any delay, Gu Suier restrained her train of thoughts.

She did not dare to think of that again.

Touching her burning face, Gu Suier inevitably felt a little guilty.

She quickly glanced at Nanny An, who had told her about kissing.

She felt relieved when she saw that Nanny An did not notice her actions and was tidying up the old clothes that the two Young Madams had sent over.

Although the new clothes would be prepared pretty soon, Nanny An still carefully folded the old clothes.

She picked out a few fitting outfits, planning to make Gu Suier wear them at the moment.

After all, it usually took some time for clothes to be made.

Gu Suier felt a little sleepy at noon, so she laid down, planning to take an afternoon nap.

However, her little tadpole was particularly restless and moved around a lot.

Hence, she got up and went out for a walk.

Nanny An followed while holding an umbrella in her hand and nagged: “My Lady, be careful.

Dont let the rain fall on your body.

If you catch a cold, our third Master will really feel extremely distressed.”

These words made Gu Suier feel uneasy.

Extremely distressed— this two words dont have anything to do with third Master at all.

She always had a feeling that Nanny An attached too much importance to herself.

Perhaps, Nanny Ans guess was entirely wrong.

“Nanny An, be careful when you say this.

Dont let other people hear your words.” Especially Bao Ya and Jin Fu.

Although the two of them had been extremely respectful towards her since the day that little summer drink episode happened, Gu Suier still felt that she should keep her guards up against them.


Dont worry, Young Mistress.

I naturally cant let outsiders hear these things.” Nanny An said with a smile.

When the two people were talking, they heard some commotion outside.

After a little wait, they saw Xiao Jin come in.

Instead of holding an umbrella, Xiao Jin was wearing an elegantly woven rush rain hat and raincoat.

She looked heroic.

As she was comparatively taller, one might even mistake her for a man at first glance.

When she saw Gu Suier, she smiled and said gestured her to go into the room.

She took off the rain hat and coat and hung them up.

After doing this actions, she spoke: “I came here with a purpose today.

Actually, I wanted to request you to do me a favor.”

Hearing that she wanted to make a request to herself, Gu Suier felt overwhelmed.

She quickly replied: “Eldest Miss, if you want to say something, just say it.

If I am able to do it, I will naturally try my best.

The eldest Miss doesnt have to ask me for a favor.”

Xiao Jin grinned and tugged Gu Suiers sleeve, saying: “Im came here because I had to bother you with some matter.

Dont let the Old Madam know about it, or she will definitely scold me!”

When she said this, her eyes twinkled with mischief.

Her appearance was already beautiful but she looked even good-looking at this moment.

Such a woman was the flower when she in the ground and the moon when she was in the sky.

She was the most noble and pampered girl in the Marquis residence.

She deserved to be held in the palm of everyones hand.

Not to mention one, even if Xiao Jin asked for ten thousand favors, Gu Suier would readily do it.

“Since the eldest Miss has said this, I naturally cannot let the Old Madam know.”

After hearing this, Xiao Jin said: “Actually, its about embroidery.

I know that you are pregnant now and I shouldnt bother you, but I need really this for a personal matter.

I was thinking that embroidering a handkerchief must be the best option.

Your embroidery skills are the best Ive seen so far.

Can you embroider another handkerchief for me”

Gu Suier suddenly pursed her lips and smiled: “What is Miss saying! You dont have to beg for a favor for something like this.

When you need anything from me, you should just let me know.

I will embroider one for the eldest Miss without fail.”

Xiao Jin immediately became happy.

She wanted to discuss about the materials, designs and so on for the handkerchief. Seeing her unsure appearance when Xiao Jin mentioned that she wanted an elegant but not too fancy design, Gu Suier simply suggested: “Should I embroider some bamboo”

Xiao Jin was overjoyed: “Right! You can embroider bamboo!”

After sending Xiao Jin off, Gu Suier took a short rest.

Then she found the fabric, matched it with a silk yarn and drew the design, preparing to embroider bamboo for Xiao Jin.

“Sigh, the eldest Miss must be aware that since My Lady is well into her pregnancy now, doing this sort of work will certainly be troublesome.

But she still bothered you.” Nanny An sighed: “Young Mistress, I feel distressed.

You shouldnt put pressure on your eyes any more.”

“Its nothing but embroidering a handkerchief.

Dont worry, I am familiar with it!” Gu Suier felt honoured rather than feeling tired: “Eldest Miss specially asked me to embroider this, which shows that she really liked the handkerchief that I embroidered for her.”

She was very happy that a person like the eldest Miss fancied her needlework.

She hated that she could not embroider a hundred more handkerchiefs for Xiao Jin at this instant!

Looking at her silly eyes filled with happiness, Nanny An sighed secretly.

Anyway, now I just hope that fortune favors the fool!

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