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Since Xiao Jin had entrusted her with this task, Gu Suier naturally gave it her all to embroider the handkerchief.

She was also very careful while choosing and matching the colours.

On this day, after embroidering the few remaining leaves, Gu Suier looked at the handkerchief with satisfaction.

It was just that her little tadpole kicked and turned over so much, making her decide to go out on a walk.

But who would have thought that at this time, Xiao Heng would send someone to pass his words, asking her to go to his study at once.

When she heard that it was Xiao Hengs instruction, she suddenly recalled that it seemed to have been a few days since she had even seen the other persons shadow.

Without any further delay, she quickly changed her clothes with the help of Nanny An and left for Xiao Hengs study.

“Do you remember what I have always taught you” Nanny An felt uneasy, so she couldnt help but remind her repeatedly.

“I remember!”

In her heart, Gu Suier silently told herself that she could let him hold her hands, let him kiss her, but she could not let him do anything else.

If Xiao Heng asked her any question, she would pretend to be ignorant and bow her head in embarrassment.

From her room her to Xiao Hengs study, she kept on mumbling this for no less than three or four times.

After completing this, she finally knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The mans cold voice was heard from the inside.

Gu Suier pushed the door open and went in.

Xiao Heng was flipping through a book with his head down.

In front of him was a table filled with brushes, writing papers, blotting papers, an ink stone, some paperweights and so on.

From her perspective, Gu Suier could see that his inky black and straight eyebrows, resembling neatly trimmed willow leaves.

Beneath those willow leaves, there was a pair of black eyes, shining with biting coldness.

At this moment, those cold eyes looked at her: “Come here and take a seat.”

She replied softly: “Yes, third Master.”

She went forward to the table and to her surprise, she discovered that there was another chair beside the one Xiao Heng was sitting on.

Gu Suier wondered whether it was for her to sit.

She glanced at Xiao Heng.

Seeing that he had still not raised his head to look at her, much less clear her hesitation, she took the liberty to sit down in the chair.

As soon as she sat down, she realized that the distance between them was awfully small since the chairs were placed practically next to each other.

She felt a little uneasy as she recalled what she had imagined a few days ago— about him kissing her.

Would Xiao Heng kiss her What should she do if he kissed her Would his lips feel cold What should she do if he is unable to kiss her due to their height difference

A bunch of questions flashed through Gu Suiers mind, turning it into a complete mess.

Xiao Heng let her come towards the table but he did not see her reaction.

When he finally turned his head to look over at her, who would have imagined that he would catch Gu Suier staring at him dumbly with a pair of sparkling and limpid eyes.

He didnt know what she was thinking.

At this moment, he suddenly had the urge of reaching out to touch her head.

But after all, it was just a momentary idea.

He raised his eyebrows and asked: “What happened”

Gu Suier woke up from her daydream and blinked her eyes: “Ah What Did something happen”

Xiao Heng frowned.

He looked at her, and then looked at the clothes on her body.

“Who gave you this dress”

“The eldest Young Madam sent it.”

Speaking of the clothes, Gu Suier liked it very much.

She couldnt help touching the fabric.

It was smooth and neither too thin nor too thick.

It was just the right outfit to wear during this season.

Furthermore, the color of the outfit was bright and the design was even more beautiful.

However, she was the most satisfied with the buttoning style of the front part of the dress.

It started loosening from the waist, thus it did not squash her belly.

Xiao Hengs expression changed as his eyes darkened.

He lightly said: “Not pretty.”

Gu Suier was immediately taken aback.

Does he think that its not pretty

Xiao Heng spoke once again: “Dont wear other peoples clothes.”

As soon as he said this, he stretched out his hand and began unbuttoning her shirt before Gu Suier could even react.

She was dumbfounded.

Why did he take off my clothes

Should she stop him Nanny An said that she couldnt sleep with him nor could she allow him to take off her clothes.

She could only let him kiss her and hold her hands.

She raised her hand to protect her clothes with all her might, but his well-maintained hands nimbly untied the front part of her clothes in a few seconds and opened it.

She tried to pull the flaps together and cover her shoulders, but he refused to give in.

He directly pulled it apart and threw it aside.

Gu Suier glanced at the corner where the clothes were thrown.

She was so distressed that she wanted to run over and pick them up immediately.

But she did not dare ah.

After Xiao Heng took off her clothes, he took off his own robe and wrapped it around her neatly.

(T/N: Uh, Um… Young Master Xiao, even though I get your point, I believe that was a little mean… Sorry, it was freaking rude!)

This was the robe he was wearing till a moment ago.

The inside part of the robe was separated from his skin only by a thin undershirt.

When he draped his robe over her body, an indescribable masculine smell lingered around Gu Suier.

She felt as if she was wrapped tightly by him.

Her ears reddened as she looked up at him foolishly, not knowing what to do.

She had entirely forgotten about all of Nanny Ans instructions about them holding hands, kissing and what not.

She thought that at this moment, even if he took her life, she wouldnt be able to say half a word.

It was a pity that Xiao Heng did not take her life.

He firmly held her hand and placed it on the writing paper in the desk.

“Come here, I will teach you how to read.” He said softly: “This is your name.”

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