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Xiao Heng had said this before– he said that she would gradually learn how to read and play mahjong.

But she didnt quite believe it.

In Gu Suiers mind, she had always associated reading with people like the innkeepers son and playing mahjong to be something that only the old wives at the town could do.

That is why, she really didnt expect him to teach her how to read.

“I wont be able to learn…” She subconsciously wanted to withdraw her hand: “Im very silly.

Everyone says that…”

Xiao Heng raised his eyebrows as he saw he lower her head.

He saw her thick and moist eyelashes quiver softly.

Contrary to letting go, he squeezed her hands: “What else did others say about you”

Gu Suier thought for a while and answered: “They say Im quite silly because I fell and broke my head.”

Xiao Heng stared at her head, which was covered by her thick, jet-black hair.

The hair was very smooth, black and shiny resembling a top-quality satin.

It was the first time he discovered that a girls hair could be so beautiful, making people unable to bear their wish to touch it.

This head was really injured

“How will you know if you dont try” His voice was light, however there was not even the slightest room for any argument.

“But, I really cant…” She looked at the writing paper anxiously.

She knew that the innkeepers son, whom Bao Gu liked, had this kind of paper.

She came to know this when he took out one sheet of paper and gave it to Bao Gu after writing her name on it.

Bao Gu liked it so much that she smoothed it out and laid it on the table, unwilling to touch it.

Although she and Bao Gu slept in the same room, she never touched the paper.

Gu Suier just remembered that the paper was as white as snow.

Moreover the paper on the table in front of her seemed whiter and better than the paper Bao Gu had.

From the first glance, it appeared much more expensive.

Xiao Hengs big hand with a fair and clear skin did not let go of her hand.

Instead, he held her hand more tightly and pressed it against the writing paper.

She slid her fingers across the paper lightly.

It was just as smooth as she had expected it to be.

She didnt expect that these two hands of her, which only did washing and sewing, would have the opportunity to touch such good-quality paper.

(T/N: This girl sometimes makes me wonder whether I am too privileged….


“This wont do.

You have to try.” After Xiao Heng said this, he no longer paid attention to her refusal and placed a writing brush in her hand.

When the excellent brush was placed in Gu Suiers hand, it was as if she was suddenly scalded.

She couldnt even hold it properly.

“Hold it like this.

Use these three fingers to grasp it here… Make an imaginary fist, straighten your wrists and point the back of your palms to the sky…”

Xiao Heng used both hands to move Gu Suiers fingers back and forth the brush.

Finally, he was able to teach her the proper position for holding a brush.

“Try to write something with the brush.”

Xiao Hengs big hand covered her hand forcefully and guided her to write some characters stroke by stroke in order to teach her.

The first character written was: Gu.

The second character was: Sui.

After instructing her like this for three times, she could finally hold the brush somewhat properly.

So, he let go of her hand.

“Sit here and try to relax your shoulders.

You should practice this a few more times.”

As he said, Xiao Heng directly fetched a wad of writing paper.

“You have to practice writing everyday so that you can finish writing on all of these papers.”

“Ah, so many…”

Gu Suier looked at the stack of white and smooth papers.

She couldnt believe that she would have use so many of them.

These must have cost a lot of money… 

However, Xiao Heng misunderstood her words.

He thought that she was afraid of being tired.

“Wouldnt it be better if you use the energy you have for embroidering to practice writing”


She wanted to speak, but she was a little afraid.

So she could only look at him in embarrassment.

Her eyes were just like those of a startled young deer found in the forest.

When he saw her bring like this, his heart seemed to have missed a beat.

He stood up, walked to the bookshelf and said: “The Old Madam and the Madam of this residence are very good people.

Both of the Young Madams are also easy to get along with.

You have nothing to worry about.” 

“En, I understand.”

She felt that she roughly understood the meaning of his words.

He didnt like her to play the substitute for someone and do their work.

When Xiao Heng heard her say this, he didnt speak any more.

He picked out a thread-bound book from the bookshelf, returned to sit at the table and bowed his head once again.

Seeing this, Gu Suier also didnt utter a word.

She too lowered her head and practiced writing those two characters.

Gu Sui, her name.1Actually, the FMCs name is Gu Sui but she is called Suier.

The suffix (-er) is used as a term of endearment in China.

And the chinese character for her name is穗 which means an ear of a grain.

She had heard that when she was born, the wheat ears had just been separated from the chaff.

As a result, her father gave her this name.

When she finished filling up one sheet, her wrists felt sore.

Her little tadpole also seemed to have woken up because the child had begun to kick and turn over.

With her current posture, he must have felt uncomfortable.

She could even feel his fleshy butt arching back and forth through her belly.

Putting down the brush in her hand, she gently stroked her belly.

Xiao Heng raised his head and his eyes fell on her stomach.

“Do you want to get up and go for a walk”

“En en.” 

She wanted to do it but she didnt dare in front of him.

She was about to get up with some difficulty by supporting herself against the table but Xiao Heng came over, held her arm and helped her up.

He helped her to leave the study and take a stroll in the yard.

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1Actually, the FMCs name is Gu Sui but she is called Suier.

The suffix (-er) is used as a term of endearment in China.

And the chinese character for her name is穗 which means an ear of a grain.


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