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The weather had really started getting cooler after the rain stopped.

The clothes on his body were thin since she was the one who was wearing his robe but fortunately, he was not afraid of the cold.

An autumn wind blew through the bamboo forest at the corner of the yard.

The bamboo swayed gently in the wind, making a slight rustling sound.

Although Gu Suier was looking at the bamboo forest, she was actually thinking of the handkerchief with bamboo embroidery that she had to prepare for the eldest Miss.

However, she decided against it later.

He really didnt like her to do embroidery for others.

Xiao Heng held her hand and suddenly asked, “Whats wrong with your hand”

As he said this, he stopped walking and placed her hand in the palm of his hand.

Under the light of the autumn sun, both of her snowy white hands practically seemed to glimmer.

She had a pair of beautiful hands.

But it was a pity that due to many years of continuous hard work, there were some calluses on her fingers.

He also noticed a small pinprick like wound.

Gu Suier felt ashamed as she watched him staring at her hand intently, so she wanted to pull it back quickly.

But she still couldnt do it because of his strong grip.

“When I used to work in the inn, I had to do all kinds of things as well as work in the kitchen.

Furthermore, I had to return home during the busy farming season to help out…”

In a low voice, she explained why her hands were rougher than his.

“Whats up with this pinprick” On one hand, he seemed to be really unaware of the reason but on the other hand, he seemed to have already known the answer before even asking question.

Nevertheless, he was fixated on caressing the place where she was pierced by the needle with his fingers.

“I… I accidentally pricked myself with a needle.”

When his fingers stroked her fingertip, it made her feel ticklish. Her voice was very low, even lower than the buzzing of a mosquitos wings.

In her heart, she knew that he didnt like her doing either needlework or embroidery.

Hence, she found it extremely difficult to explain this to him.

Fortunately, he didnt say anything this time.

He held her hand and lead her along to walk around the yard.

There were not many people in the yard except some sweeping maids who occasionally passed by.

All of them greeted the two respectfully and went on towards the bamboo forest to continue sweeping.

Xiao Heng normally had two guards following him– Jiang Zheng and Hu Tie.

But they were nowhere to be seen now.

Therefore, even though one of the two people was wearing only an undershirt while the other with a big belly was only wrapped in a mans robe, no one dared to take a second look.

By now, Gu Suier also understood that this Marquis Mansion was different from the countryside.

In the countryside, people would gossip unnecessarily about whatever one did, but everything here was based on rules and status.

As one of the Young Masters of the residence, Xiao Heng had a high status.

He was right about everything he did.

The subordinates would never dare to say a word or even laugh.

When she entered the family with a big belly, none of the people here, from the top to bottom, regarded it as strange.

They all seemed felt that it was proper and expected, as if Gu Suier had long been the woman of the third Young Master of this residence.

Now that she lived under the care of the Young Master, even if she was foolish and clumsy, even if she had a big belly before entering the family, the people here will not laugh at her.

The autumn sun was warm but not dazzling, the autumn wind was cool and refreshing, making the surroundings cozy and delightful.

Even the lush bamboo growing in and out of the yard looked fresher and greener than usual.

In the midst of this pleasant atmosphere that made one indulge in their flights of fancy, Gu Suier felt extremely comfortable.

She even felt that it would be great if life were to go on like this ah.

She couldnt help but turn her head to look at Xiao Heng.

His face was still as expressionless as before– his willow eyebrows were vigorous and his nose seemed to appear higher in the sunlight.

She suddenly remembered the two characters he taught her to write.

At that time, he said that the dots should be like peaches, and the brush strokes should be like the sharp edge of a knife.

When she recalled his brush strokes on the paper, she really felt that they resembled the edges of a sharp knife.

And his inky black eyes also resembled the sharp edge of a knife- they were clear but profound against his ice and jade-like skin.

If one stared at him for a long time, they would become entranced by his dream-like figure.

This man would never be hers, just as it was impossible for the innkeepers son to marry Bao Gu. Nevertheless, she was still fortunate enough to be able to stand next to such an remarkable man, which was difficult for her to even imagine some months ago.

In the eyes of the villagers, she had already become the madam of a paradise and lead a happy life.

“What happened”

Gu Suier was lost in her thoughts.

She didnt know that she was dumbly looking at Xiao Heng.


She woke up from her daydream with a start.

Her small mouth opened slightly due to her surprise.

“Do I look weird”

Xiao Heng stared at her delicate bright red and moist mouth, which was opened a little.


Her big and innocent eyes widened as she shook her head hard.

Xiao Hengs eyes darkened.

He approached her and bowed his head slightly.

She stared at him blankly.

His sharp sword-like eyebrows, inky black eyes that resembled a cold and deep pool– all were magnifying as he approached her.

He was so close.

So close that she felt everything else gradually getting fuzzy.

She couldnt tell whether it was longing or despair but she was almost strangled by a strong emotion.

She could neither breathe nor speak.

Her heart was beating wildly.

She felt that something was about to happen.

She couldnt stop it nor did she want to stop it.

She was unable to remember Nanny An advise.

At this moment, she couldnt do anything other than look up at him foolishly, as if greeting her karma.

The man lowered his head, his thin lips softly brushing her cheek.

In a split second, a lot of thoughts crossed Gu Suiers mind.

She was unable to sort out her thoughts amidst this chaos but unexpectedly, she distinctly discovered an issue.

His ice and jade-like skin was not cold at all.

Because she could feel that wherever his lips went, there were sparks.

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