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Xiao Heng held the letter in front of Gu Suier.


Gu Suier hesitated a moment before taking it from Xiao Heng.

She looked up at him, wanting to confirm that it was really from her home.

Looking at his expressionless face, she finally opened it in a daze.


Opening up the brown paper was not at all easy, so much so that her hands even trembled a bit.


After pulling it apart, she saw the inside was filled with characters written in black and white.


The first line was: “My daughter Suier, when you see this letter, it can be counted as meeting us.”


Gu Suier happened to understand all of these words.


After she read it, her eyes suddenly became blurry.


She raised her face and looked at the cold-faced man in disbelief: “This is… Is this a letter from my parents”




As soon as she heard his light but hoarse confirmation, Gu Suier turned her face and fixed her attention on the writing.

She gritted her teeth and desperately prevented the moist heat in her eyes from falling.


Her Father and Mother were illiterate, so she knew that this must have not been written by her parents.

But even so, when she looked at those words, she felt touched, as if she could discern the care and love hidden between the lines.


“Read it.

Ill go out.”


Looking at her teary eyes, Xiao Heng turned around and left quietly.


He also closed the door after him thoughtfully.


Gu Suier held the letter with shaky hands, half-leaned on the bed and read it while wiping her tears.


The choice of words was a blend of formal and casual.

Her parents must have spoken while someone had written it down.

That is why, although some parts were formal while some were casual.

She could even vaguely distinguish the tone of her Father and Mother.


They had asked how Suier was now, how was her stay at the Lord Marquis house, whether she got any new clothes for the cold weather, whether she made mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, if she ate fruits.

They had also asked whether she was bullied by the people in the residence.


After asking these questions, they talked about the situation at home, saying that this years harvest was more than enough for the family to eat.

They also added that they had put away the betrothal gifts sent by the Young Master of the Marquis family before.

They did not dare to use those things, fearing that if something went wrong, someone might come again and ask them to return the gifts.


After speaking, there was a change in the tone, explaining that they did not expect the Young Master to send someone to buy a donkey for the family and set up a donkey shed in the yard.


Regarding this donkey, her parents were naturally happy.

“It can help with plowing the field, carrying the crops and also pulling a cart.

The person sent by the Young Master also said that when the busy period of the farming season is over, he will take us to see you in the city.”


Speaking of Gu Baoer, they said: “The Young Master is really a good person.

He sent someone to find a job for Baoer and he is studying martial arts at the county division.

They even take care of his meals and housing.

Moreover, not only do they not ask for charges, but they also pay him half of the fees every month.”


Then her parents also told their own situation after this, “Due to the cold weather, your Mothers old back and leg pain relapsed and she would be in constant pain at night.

She also often cried secretly during the night because she missed you.

However, the person sent by the Young Master had invited an old doctor for your Mother.

After taking several medicines and putting on quite a few herbal plasters, shes much better now.”


Finally, through the letter, her parents again talked about their plan of visiting Gu Suier in the city after they were done with the work at home.


Gu Suier just looked at the letter a few more times and thought about her Father, Mother and Brother while wiping her tears.

After that, she repeated her actions, her lips pursing into an uncontrollable smile.


In the end, she didnt know whether she was laughing or crying anymore.

Exhausted, she fell asleep with the letter held tightly within her arms.




It was easy to get sleepy during pregnancy.

Gu Suier often just fell asleep like this without even knowing it.

When she finally woke up, the color of the sky outside had already turned dark.


Her belly was heavy and for some reason, so was her head.

She was a little thirsty, so she tried to get up.


As soon as she got up, Nanny An peered inside.

Seeing that she was awake, she beckoned the maid to come in with her and helped Gu Suier to wash her face before bringing her some soup to drink.


“Third Master1The author might have made a mistake since it isnt logical for the Marquis[侯爺] to order this.

It might be a typo for Third Master[三爺]. specially ordered me to cook an old chicken on a slow fire and boil the soup for several hours.

This bowl of soup is made from that chicken.

Young Mistress should quickly drink it while it is hot.”


Gu Suier accepted the chicken soup and said, “Sorry for the trouble, Nanny An.”


Nanny An looked at Gu Suier drinking the chicken soup with eyes full of affection: “Young Mistress ah, you probably dont know this but when our Third Master went out a while ago, he called me over and asked about your daily routine.

He seemed really worried about you.

Young Mistress, youre greatly blessed to be favored by the Third Master.

We, your maids, are also lucky to serve you.”


When Nanny An mentioned Xiao Heng, Gu Suier thought of the letter and quickly took it out from under the pillow.

She held it in her hands and stroked it lovingly.


She recalled that when Xiao Heng had just come back, he had said that he had something for her.

Presumably, its this letter.


Its just that since he brought this letter, why didnt he give it to her immediately Why did he have to test her, let her eat, then do this and that and make her exhausted Why did he have to talk around in circles before finally taking it out


This person is awful ah.


However, remembering the words of her parents in the letter, her heart was full of gratitude.

The situation of her family seemed to be much better now, and it was due to his help.


As she was thinking, the door opened and Xiao Heng entered the room.


He was wearing a robe and a jade hat worthy of being a noble Young Master, and his face was cold and indifferent as always.

If she had seen such a noble Young Master a few months ago, she would definitely feel that the distance that separated them was larger than the distance that separated the mountain from the sea.


She would merely bow her head and wait for such a noble Young Master to walk past before daring to continue with her work.


In fact, she remembered just now that she had actually seen him in the inn that day.


He was riding a black horse.

His bright purple clothes made from the highest grade of fabric complemented the lustrous mane of the horse very well.

The handsome young man sitting astride the tall, dark horse appeared noble and mysterious in the eyes of an ignorant village girl like her. 


She was sweeping at that time.

When her eyes fell on him, she was stunned, but then she hurriedly lowered her head to focus on her own chore.


Unlike Bao Gu, she had never paid special attention to any noble Young Masters.

That was simply because she didnt have the delusion that those top-notch men would take fancy to her.

A village girl like her couldnt match those immortal-like proud and dignified people.


At that time, she didnt expect that one day she would lean on that mans own bed and watch him open the door before directly walking towards her.


Due to his tall figure, every movement he made seemed to be full of elegance.

Nonetheless, his expression was always cold and indifferent as if he didnt care about anything.


But Gu Suier knew that he cared for her and treated her well.


He specially taught her to read and write, so that she could read the letters from her family.

Moreover, he specially sent his people to support her parents and younger brother.

Knowing that her family didnt need those expensive betrothal gifts, he sent his men to buy a donkey and build a shed for it.

He also found a good job for her younger brother and made arrangements for him to learn some martial arts.


When he approached her, she lowered her head slightly.


“Have you read the letter” His voice was low and cold.


“Mm.” A soft sound of agreement was heard.


After a long silence, Xiao Heng finally spoke again, but what he said was:


“Did you recognize all the words”


“…” Gu Suier bit her lip, restraining herself: “Yes, I could read them all.”


“You should learn more in the future.” He added quietly.


Gu Suier finally couldnt stand it anymore.


No matter how soft and good-tempered she was, she couldnt handle it.


This was a letter sent by her parents ah! How could he keep silent about such a great matter until the end before taking it out


When she read the letter, she was moved, she felt melancholic, she missed her family; all kinds of emotions hit her chest, making it almost explode like a surging river.


She thought he would ask and talk to her.


As a result, what he actually cared for the most was her understanding of the words.


She pursed her lips slightly and turned her face away.

For the first time, she ignored him.


Xiao Heng was dazed.

Seeing her little mouth pouting while she had turned her head away, he surmised that she was peeved.


“Hm” He raised his eyebrows, letting out a single tone of doubt.


“Third Master, can I ask you something” Gu Suier asked in a low voice, staring at the blue bedsheet.


“Ask.” He answered in one word, cherishing his words like gold.


“Just now… Why didnt you give my parents letter earlier ah” As Gu Suier muttered her complaint in a low voice, her delicate and beautiful brows frowned slightly.


Xiao Heng never expected her to ask this question, so he was somewhat stunned.


Seeing his stunned appearance, Gu Suier understood the possible reason for the delay.

But unexpectedly, at this moment, she snorted and turned away her face even more.

[T/N: Ahahahaha I can see her chibi form with fluffed up cheeks and XHs dumbfounded face.

So cute UwU]


Wont look at him.






The rustling sound of the wind blowing the bamboo leaves could be heard inside the room.

Outside the room, the maidservants stood respectfully in complete silence, waiting to be summoned at any time.


Gu Suier persevered on her decision to turn her face away from him.

Even though her neck was already starting to feel a little uncomfortable, she still tried to maintain that position.


Nanny An had taught her a lot about other things but she didnt teach her this.


But its just that she suddenly felt a bit playful.


Although she did subconsciously feel that she shouldnt be angry…


Should she forget about it After all, he had helped her and her family quite a lot…


When the rustling sound became clearer and clearer in Gu Suiers ears and she had began thinking that she should give in, she finally heard his low and cold voice.


“I want you to learn how to read so that you can read all of your familys letters by yourself.”

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1The author might have made a mistake since it isnt logical for the Marquis[侯爺] to order this.

It might be a typo for Third Master[三爺].


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