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At this time, Gu Suier was lying on her side and thinking about the letter.


She had already read the letter two or three times over so she had almost memorized its contents thoroughly.


She was thinking of her parents recent life, and also about her younger brothers martial arts lessons at the county division.

The more she thought about it, the more she liked it.


Her thoughts were disturbed by the voice of Nanny An, who was talking to someone outside the room.

She assumed that it was the maids, so she told Nanny An: “Nanny An, its not early anymore.

Let them go and rest.

Its alright to do the tasks tomorrow.”


She always felt that the life of those maids was not easy, so she never had the heart to let those maids serve her.

Moreover, she also told Nanny An to be more lenient to those maids.


But who would have imagined that as soon as she finished speaking, the door would be pushed open!


She was somewhat bewildered.

She knew that the servants in this mansion always abided by the rules.

Therefore, neither Nanny An nor the maids would open the door and enter her room at will when she was about to go to bed.


So she raised her eyes and looked over.

With one glance, she was stumped for words.


“Th-third Master…”


Why did he come here


Xiao Heng strode inside and reached the woman lying on the bed without saying a word.


It was cold outside.

He remembered that the doctor had advised them not to let her get in touch with anything cold, so he stood in front of the bed and quietly waited for the cold air on him to dissipate.


How could Gu Suier still lie down at ease She hastily tried to get up: “Third Master, you… Whats the matter with you Is something wrong”


Xiao Heng reached out and pressed down on her shoulders: “Dont move.”


Gu Suier blinked her eyes.

She hesitated but having no choice other than to obey him, she lay there motionlessly.


In the dim night, she was pushed back to the bed to lay on her side as before and her little white face stuck to the red pillowcase, creating a beautiful contrast.

Because she was lying down, her face did not appear as emaciated as usual.

Rather, it appeared mellow and full at the chin, making the simple-minded girl look lovelier and full of vitality.


Seeing that he didnt say anything, she just calmly stared at him with her dark and limpid eyes.


These days, she has slowly begun to understand him.

Thus, she realized that he was not particularly fond of speaking.


Perhaps he would talk later.


It was also possible that he didnt feel the need to say anything.


If later, he really doesnt feel the need to speak, she would just accompany him silently.


As she expected, after a while, he no longer stood silently in front of the bed.


Unexpectedly, he actually started to take off his clothes.


Gu Suiers eyes widened immediately.


Before she could comprehend everything clearly, Xiao Heng had already lifted his leg and climbed on the bed.


Lying down, he lightly stuck his chest to her back and stretched out his arms from under hers to lightly press his two big palms on her belly.


The little tadpole didnt move, it might be sleeping at this time too.


“Third Master…” She called him in a low voice.


“Go to sleep.” He actually buried his face in her hair and said hoarsely.




Being so close to him, even if she was drowsy, she couldnt sleep at all.


Her back was pressed against his sturdy chest, which was completely different from hers.


She suddenly remembered that night.


That night, as this hard and heavy body pressed down on her, she felt the weight of a man for the first time in her life.


When she thought of their connected bodies, she suddenly felt that she couldnt breathe.

An unspeakable emotion lingered deep in her chest, making her feel itchy, powerless, and numb.

This feeling was like the lightning during a thunderstorm, pulsing throughout her whole body till her fingertips.


However, she could hear the sound of a mans breathing from right beside her ears as his burning breath dawdled around her.

She believed that even if she wanted to, she had nowhere to escape.

So she could only clench her teeth gently.


“Why come back to sleep” The man suddenly asked in a muffled voice.


The voice was so indistinct that it seemed to have come from deep inside his throat.

The hot breath spilled in her ear made Gu Suier unable to comprehend his words clearly.


“What came back” She did not understand so she tried to turn her head and look at him in confusion.


The man behind her raised his hand and gently pressed her little head to the pillow to prevent her from looking back.




Everything was peaceful.

The faint rustling of the bamboo leaves outside the window could be heard on this autumn night.


After waiting for a long time, Gu Suier finally couldnt help but ask in a low voice: “Third Master”


However, the man raised his hand and stroked her belly slowly.


“Sleep ah.”




That night, Gu Suier fell asleep in Xiao Hengs arms.


In her dream, she heard the rustling sound of bamboo leaves and Xiao Heng mumbling by her ear in a hoarse voice.


It reminded her of the time when his tongue slid over the corner of her mouth.




When Gu Suier woke up early the next morning, Xiao Heng had already gotten out of bed.


Nevertheless, he came back on time and accompanied her for breakfast.


Because it was the 15th day of the eighth month, the breakfast was richer than usual.

After breakfast, Xiao Heng took her to pay their respects to the Old Madam.


Today, the whole RuiDing Mansion was especially lively.

Lanterns, which were to be lit at night to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival, were hung.

The atmosphere was really joyful.


The Old Madam seldom met Xiao Heng, and so she warned him repeatedly.


“Ah Heng, dont be fooled by the fact that Suier comes from a common family.

In fact, shes a good girl.

These days, it is really hard to come by such a sensible child so you have to treat her well.

You must not bully her.”


“Ah Heng, she is pregnant with your child now, so you should take care of her.

If you dont understand anything, just ask your sisters-in-law, me, or the doctor.

You must never be rash, alright”


“It is not good for a pregnant woman to feel indignant.

You shouldnt keep a cold face all day long.

Smile more when you have nothing to do so that Suier is in a good mood when she sees it.

Do you get it”


When the Old Madam kept talking endlessly, Xiao Heng kept his head lowered with an obedient expression.

But no smile could be seen on his face.

It was still as indifferent as before but he would occasionally reply to her with: “Yes, Old Madam1He (like everyone else in the family) actually calls her 老祖宗 [lao zuzong] which meansOld Ancestor.

Now, that doesnt make any sense to me, so I took the liberty to change it toOld Madam..”


Gu Suier witnessed this situation from the side, wondering if the Old Madam could make him smile.


He… Can he smile [T/N: Ahahaha, shes really doubting whether he can smile or not.

So cute! xD]


In any case, she had never seen him smile.


After being thoroughly nagged, Xiao Heng finally brought Gu Suier out of the room.

They also ran into the Madam who was walking towards them with the eldest and the second Young Madams.

They were discussing the arrangements for the festival in the Marquis Mansion.

It seemed that during the mid-autumn festival, all the women at the residence were very busy.


When the Madam saw Xiao Heng suddenly, she explained, “Ah Heng, I was about to send someone to your yard.

You can take some time to enter the Palace in the afternoon for the festival.

I have prepared everything, you just need to take it in.”


Xiao Heng said respectfully: “Thank you for your trouble, Mother.

But I wont enter the Palace today.”


The Madam seemed a little surprised: “Why would you not”


Xiao Heng didnt explain anything.

He replied expressionlessly: “Its nothing much.

I just dont want to bother taking a trip.”


When she heard him, the Madam stayed silent for a moment before nodding: “Its alright.

If you dont want to go, dont go.

You can stay at home and accompany Suier today.

But theres a banquet at the residence at night.

Remember to show up early.”


Xiao Heng lowered his head slightly: “Yes, Mother.”


After bidding farewell to the Madam, Gu Suiers heart was full of doubts.


She didnt understand why the Madam had to especially urge Xiao Heng to enter the Palace and even more why Xiao Hengs face had turned so unpleasant even though he was respectful.


Terribly unpleasant.


But naturally, she didnt dare to ask.

He didnt like to laugh or talk and looking at his cold face, she could guess that he wouldnt answer even if she asked.


The two returned to their yard.

As soon as they entered the yard, Gu Suier realized that something was wrong when she saw some young servants jointly moving some furniture.


They were about to move a big bed into her room.


That big bed… seemed to be the one in Xiao Hengs room


Xiao Heng took her hand and led her into the yard.

He could naturally realize her doubts, so he quickly explained: “Your bed is too small.”


But Gu Suier blinked in confusion.

She still couldnt understand.

Why did he have to move his bed into her room if her own bed was small


So she thoughtfully said: “Third Master, although the bed is small, it is enough for me.

It is better for the third Master to use the big one.”


Hearing this, Xiao Heng stopped and glanced at her.

A hint of displeasure seemed to flash past his black eyes.


“I will sleep in your room from now on.”




Gu Suier recalled what happened last night and she felt that she understood his meaning to some extent.


Did he mean what she thought


Xiao Heng saw her furrowing her eyebrows slightly in deep thought and his expression faltered at once.

But he still asked, “You dont like it”




As soon as Gu Suier looked up at him in surprise, she noticed the imperceptible emotion in his jet-black eyes.


It was actually very faint, like a tiny cloud floating in the sky on a sunny day.

No one would notice it unless they looked at him very closely.


But maybe those eyes were too cold or maybe its just because Gu Suier paid too much attention to this person, nowadays she could effortlessly capture even a little bit of fluctuation in his eyes.


He was a little unhappy.


He can also feel unhappy [T/N: At this point, I seriously pity XH lol.]


She didnt know that Xiao Heng, a person who was flawless to the point of perfection, and the person whom she looked up to, could also feel unhappy.


But why Did she make him unhappy


“I-I dont not like it!” Her eyes widened as she earnestly announced her opinion loudly.


After saying this, her face reddened.

She felt that she might have been a little rash, so she tried to explain: “Are you going to sleep in my room from now on If so, I dont dislike it ah!”


However, even after she said this, he still looked at her silently.


She suddenly felt a little flustered.

It was as if she was watching the setting sun sliding down the side of the mountain and disappearing.

She wanted to stop it but she was helpless.


So she immediately asked: “You… Are you angry with me I am too silly to understand what you mean.

I initially thought you were going to switch rooms with me…”


But why would he exchange rooms with her It made no sense since her room was not as big as his ah.

He must be moving to her room only to sleep.


How can I be so stupid!


She bit her lip in self-blame, feeling a little lost: “I didnt expect it at first.

I was too stupid.

I really dont dislike it.”


She truly didnt dislike it.

This was the first time she had expressed her thoughts loudly after she entered Marquis Mansion.


Xiao Heng stared at her for some time and then suddenly bowed his head.


Gu Suier, who was still immersed in her failure to comprehend his words and thinking about how she explain it to him, was abruptly embraced by him.


He held her in his arms firmly before his lips fell straight on top of hers.


“Uh…” She opened her mouth in surprise, but before she could make any sound, he blocked her lips.


He skillfully bent down and adapted to her height before he pasted his burning lips to hers almost as if he wanted to blend her into him.


She didnt react at all at first but when her mind gradually became sober, she found that her two hands were tightly wrapped around his shoulders and she was standing on her toes.


All her uncertainties and worries about a kiss had also disappeared at this moment.


So this is how it actually feels.


Soft and smooth.


All of a sudden, she felt that she had turned into a cloud hovering around his lips.

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1He (like everyone else in the family) actually calls her 老祖宗 [lao zuzong] which meansOld Ancestor.

Now, that doesnt make any sense to me, so I took the liberty to change it toOld Madam.


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