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When the banquet in RuiDing Mansion ended after viewing the full moon, everyone left the place slowly.

Only the Madam and her two daughters-in-law, Li XiuRong and Bai YuQing stayed behind to supervise the servants as they cleaned up.


Xiao Heng didnt have a wife who would help them.

On the other hand, although Gu Suier should have stayed back and helped them as his Concubine, she was heavily pregnant at the moment.

So she was told to leave first.


Xiao Heng supported her body with his hand as he silently accompanied her back to the TingZhu Courtyard.


Gu Suier raised her head and looked at him.

Under the moonlight, his face not only looked even more handsome and cold but also elegant and noble.


She suddenly felt that even though the moon during the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival was beautiful, it was not as impressive as this man.


She recalled the poem Lu QingYi had taught her a few days ago.

It spoke of an aloof yet simple young man.

Although she couldnt understand the meaning clearly at that time, Lu QingYi told her that it suggested the idea of an extremely good-looking man; one whose appearance was like glazed jade.


At that time, she also pointed to the jade on her wrist in order to give her a picture of what she was trying to explain.


Gu Suier withdrew her gaze and lowered her head thoughtfully, feeling that the man beside her was comparable to that jade-like polished and glistening beauty referred to in the poem.


Its just that the brilliantly shiny and vibrantly colored glazes seemed to lose a bit of their prestige in front of him.


“What are you thinking about” The beautiful-as-jade man suddenly asked.

His voice was cold like his temperament and she felt that two jade artifacts seemed to have collided to produce such a sound.


“I-I wasnt thinking about anything.” Gu Suier was nervous and spoke elusively.


At this moment, there was a stair ahead.

Xiao Heng stretched out his other hand to protect her belly.

After they went up, he looked at her.


Sensing his cold but obvious gaze, Gu Suiers heart quivered.


“Third Master…” Her voice was low and soft, almost like a child who wanted to act pitifully after doing something wrong.


She still didnt know what she had done wrong, but just from his glance, she understood that she must have made a mistake again.


“Why didnt you write the poem I composed” He inquired, unaffected by her soft voice.


‘Its because of this…


Gu Suier breathed out a sigh of relief.

Sorting her words carefully, she explained: “Third Master… I am perfectly aware of my capability.

If I write such a good poem, let alone the others, even I wont believe it myself ah.

As far as Im concerned, even writing those few sincere and auspicious words were not easy for me.

As for whether the others at the scene will laugh at me or not, I can only pretend to be deaf.

If I used your poem there, I could have never counted it as mine.”


After all, she was someone who clearly knew her limits.


She was not a Young Miss from some well-known family who had been reading books from childhood.

She didnt want to put up a facade of being knowledgeable with the poems written by Xiao Heng.


Also, if she didnt pretend, she would never have a guilty conscience about it.


However, after she finished speaking, Xiao Heng glanced back at her again.


He still didnt gaze at her for long, but she knew from his expression that he was even more unhappy now.


Without any words, he took her hand and strode forward.


Gu Suier felt apprehensive seeing his actions.

Did he misunderstand that she thought his poem was useless and thus didnt write it…


No words were spoken all the way back to their room in the TingZhu Courtyard.

On the other hand, Nanny An hastily ordered the servants and led them to assist their masters in rinsing their mouths and washing their faces before going to bed.


After some time, the servants left the room and Gu Suier leaned on the bed, looking at the iceberg beside her.


He didnt say a word.

With the same expression, he changed into a pure white robe without the help of the servants and sat on the bed.


It seemed like he didnt mean to go to bed.

However, he did not leave either.


It was probably because even if he left, he had nowhere to go.

Almost all his things and the furniture in his room had been moved into this room already.


She bit her lower lip gently, not knowing what to say.

These days, the more she knew, the more she admired him.


Coincidentally, just at this moment, the little tadpole suddenly kicked her lightly.


Gu Suier immediately came up with a solution.

She whimpered in a low voice: “What happened… Are you sleepy… Sleep when you feel sleepy… Father and mother are also going to sleep now…”


While talking to her unborn child, Gu Suier looked at the mans back, only to see that he was still motionless.


She pursed her lips.


“Ouch—” She groaned with a sly look.


Sure enough, the man immediately turned around: “Whats wrong”


Gu Suier lowered her head, a soft warmth spreading in her heart.

Trying her best to suppress the laughter threatening to spill, she deliberately mumbled: “I felt a pain in my belly just now.

Maybe I was kicked.”


After hearing this, Xiao Heng frowned.

He lifted the quilt and stroked her stomach over the clothes.


The little tadpole was really sensible.

It was as if it clearly understood its mothers intention and moved again.


When Xiao Heng felt the fleshy little thing moving below the skin, his brows rose: “The child kicked you like this just now”


Gu Suier knew that she could not deceive him for too long so she shook her head and replied honestly: “It was a bit harder than this time, so I was startled.”


Xiao Heng didnt think much about it.

He simply took off his boots, lifted his long legs on the bed and then sat next to Gu Suier, gently touching her belly with his big hands.


The little tadpole apparently understood that its father was outside.

It kicked her a few more times, some of which even touched Xiao Hengs palm.


This was his own flesh and blood; his first child.


Even if he was a cold and cheerless person, a hint of warmth appeared in his eyes at this time.


“Its the time to sleep now.” He patted her belly lightly and said to the one inside.


He said it softly but from his tone, it was clearly a command.


Upon hearing this, Gu Suier wanted to laugh but she was afraid that he would get angry.

So she turned her face away, pursing her lips as a smile bloomed on her face.


Xiao Heng looked up at her.


The flame of the candle flickered, making the surroundings dim.

The limpid-eyed Gu Suier sat on the bed with a soft red canopy with her untied silky black hair cascading down her thin white neck and over her narrow shoulders, making her look slender and delicate.

It was a heart-stirring sight.


His eyes gradually darkened.


He laid down on the bed face to face with her.


Even the distance separating their eyelashes was only as much as a fist.


If it was any other time, Gu Suier would not dare to look at his eyes.

But now, the room was only dimly lit, softening his cold face and blurring his deep eyes, thereby providing her with the courage to stare back at him.


No matter how far this man was from her, no matter how honorable he was and how humble she was, now they had the little tadpole.

It was the one who linked them together.


Now, they were living in the same room, sleeping on the same bed, lying under the same canopy, and staring at each other openly.


This intimacy was something that only she shared with him.


“Did you not like the poem I wrote” Xiao Heng asked suddenly.


Unlike the dull tone of the past, his voice sounded low and ambiguous now.

She almost felt that she had heard this gentle and lingering voice in her dream.


Gu Suier lay there quietly, her expression peaceful and patient.


She looked at the man, pursed her lips and smiled, “I like it.”


She liked everything about him.


Besides, it was such a good poem.


“Then why didnt you use it” He could be very stubborn sometimes.

Staring at the delicate and fascinating woman beside him, he asked again.


“I…” Gu Suier lowered her eyes and bit her lip.

She didnt know how to express her thoughts.


She could guess that he seemed to think that she should use it, but she didnt think so.


“You think it was not good.” Xiao Heng said suddenly.


“No!” This misunderstanding seemed to be getting serious, making Gu Suier feel flustered as soon as she heard it.

She shook her head and waved her hand to clarify: “I think third Masters poem was really good, better than any poem I have ever read.

It was so good that I wish I could read and learn it every day.”


However, these explanations did not seem to have any effect on Xiao Heng.


He pursed his lips slightly.

His expression was still as cold and his bearing was still as indifferent as before.


He looked at her without saying a word.


Gu Suier suddenly felt like her heart had been whipped.

It hurt.


She stared at his profoundly dark eyes, feeling that at this moment, his black eyes were exceptionally odd, not the same as usual.


Those once-cold eyes seemed to be filled with a lot of peculiar emotions.

She couldnt surmise the truth from it, but after she witnessed it, her chest ached.


This ache, Gu Suier had felt for the first time in the past fifteen years of her life when a poor familys dog looked at the other peoples dogs eating delicious food.

It was a mixture of pity, regret, and helplessness.


For a long time, she stared at him blankly.

A lot of thoughts rushed into her mind, even making her want to cry in the end.


It turned out that he could make her cry with just one look.


She opened her mouth, trying to praise him, to make him happy, to give him everything she could give, and to show him her sincerity.


However, before she could open her mouth, Xiao Heng suddenly raised his head and touched the corner of her eye with his fingers.


His cold fingertips were slightly moist.


Gu Suier felt the dampness and realized that she had already started crying.


“I-I…” She mumbled, trying to explain herself at any cost.

But she was at a loss.


She didnt know why she was crying.


Xiao Heng also didnt seem to want her to explain.


He leaned forward slightly and bowed his head.


His thin lips gently fell on the corners of her eyes.


The overflowing stream of tears was swiftly sucked into his mouth.


Her wet eyelashes trembled and closed themselves quickly.


The moist and warmth wiggling inside from the corner of her eyes made hitched her breath.

All her other sensations seemed to be gone as her attention focused on the tip of his tongue against her skin.


From the corner of her eyes, the feel of his lips and tongue went directly to the depth of her heart.


At this moment, his lips slipped up from the corner of her eyes to her eyelashes.


His hot breath was on her forehead as his warm lips slid on her eyes.

She couldnt bear it anymore and subconsciously uttered a soft sound.


She heard her own voice.

It was light, soft and long.

It felt like the voice of a sad woman crying or the mutterings of drunk.


She closed her eyes blankly.

She never knew that she could make such a noise.


When she heard it, her palms and her toes went numb.

She couldnt wait to turn into a puddle of water and flow down the bed from under him.


At this moment, the mans strength suddenly increased.

He puffed out a loud breath, clasped the back of her head with his powerful hand and dived down at her lips like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey.


Gu Suier let out a whimper that was swallowed by a mans mouth as he held her in place, preventing her from tossing and hurting herself in the process.


Her eyes grew wide in bewilderment as she looked at him blankly but ignorantly.


She felt that she wanted much than this.

She longed for more than this but she was nowhere to express this.


At this moment, the man suddenly let go of her.

He sat up, panting loudly.


His cold face was filled with pain as little beads of sweat appeared on his white forehead.


“From now on, dont put me in the same group as the other people.”


He suddenly ordered.


The tone made his words impossible to disobey.


She said that she didnt want to use someone elses poems.


But he was notsomeone else.

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