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All eyes fell on Gu Suier.


She quickly stood up from her seat and replied respectfully: “The Princess is present here, so Suier did not dare to interrupt carelessly.

As for Suier, she is from XuShan.

Suier was born in the Gu Family Village at the foot of the mountain1The-Shan (山) in XuShan stands formountain.. I coincidentally met the third Master there.”


When Princess ZhaoYang heard this, she frowned, “You are from XuShan How can you be from XuShan”


Gu Suier didnt understand.

What is wrong with her being from XuShan…


But of course, she did not dare to ask Princess ZhaoYang this question.

She only lowered her head, and said more meekly: “Suier was born at the foot of XuShan and has been living there since she was a child.”


Princess ZhaoYang narrowed her eyes even more, but asked nonchalantly, “Before you came to YanJing City, what work did you do at the foot of XuShan”


Gu Suier replied: “Suier is the daughter of a farmer.

But in order to earn some extra money for her family, Suier helped in cooking and washing the dishes in the back kitchen of an inn in the town.”


Princess ZhaoYangs expression changed.

Her face turned dark, just like the sky on a cloudy day before it rained.


The people around found something wrong with the atmosphere, but they merely assumed that it was because Princess ZhaoYang thought that Gu Suier belonged to a poor family.

Hence, the eldest Young Madam chipped in: “Suier is simple and has a soft temper but she has a pleasant personality.

She is not at all like those girls who come from humble families.”


The second Young Madam also smiled and added, “Thats right, Suier is diligent.

The little shoes and clothes she embroidered for our children before are really beautiful.”


With these two being the initiators, the others also said something in favor of Gu Suier.

Princess ZhaoYangs expression changed a few times, but she could only endure it silently.


The Old Madam also noticed this from the side.

She pulled Princess ZhaoYangs hand over to her and asked with a smile: “Whats the matter, ZhaoYang Have you ever been to the foot of XuShan”


Princess ZhaoYang hurriedly said: “How is it possible What kind of a remote and desolate place is that How could I have ever gone there!”


The Old Madam burst out laughing when she heard her words: “Then why do I remember that the last time ZhiJin went out to pay a visit to a famous master, you followed him”


This ZhiJin was the third prince.


Princess ZhaoYang bit her lip as she pursed her lips, saying softly: “I followed third Imperial Brother, but I didnt go to XuShan ah.

I just went to invite a famous master! I have never heard of that place before ah!”


The Old Madam also stopped talking about it: “Alright, its a remote and desolate place and its not worthy to be remembered by you.

Its better for you to speak with Ah Jin and the others.”


At this time, Xiao Jin also came over: “Yes, ZhaoYang.

Didnt you say you wanted to row a boat in the lake in the back garden before”


The lake in the back garden of Marquis RuiDings Mansion is running water, which flowed in through the moat outside.

It was different from the usual still lake water in other peoples residences.


When Xiao Jin said this, Princess ZhaoYang nodded hurriedly: “Right, Im going to row a boat now!”


Hearing this, the Madam naturally instructed the boatman to follow them, and protect this woman from the golden branch having jade leaves2Golden branch having jade leaves [金枝玉葉] – Refers to the blue-blooded nobility especially the royal members. to the back garden.


Gu Suier initially wanted to take advantage of the situation and stay back with the Old Madam.

She didnt want to go boating at all.

After all, with her current heavy body, she wouldnt be able to get on the boat.


She didnt imagine that at this moment, Princess ZhaoYang would look back and announce: “Since we are all going, I will compete with Ah Jin to see who can row a boat faster.

You guys will be our witnesses.

Oh, Suier, you should come with us too.”


Since she was named, Gu Suier had no choice but to go with them.


Very slowly and carefully, Gu Suier descended the stairs with Nanny Ans support and walked towards the back garden.


When she was about to leave the courtyard, Bao Zhu, the Madams personal maid, rushed over to Gu Suiers side and whispered: “Just a moment ago, Madam instructed me to inform you that the Princess is someone with a high position.

Also, she has an unreasonable personality.

You are pregnant now, so you must be absolutely careful.

Dont get into a rash conflict with her.

Madam also said that the wind in the back garden is strong.

People have been sent to your courtyard to bring a cloak to put on your body so that you dont catch a cold.

She said she would also send the guards standing outside TingZhu Courtyard here just to be safe.”


Gu Suier didnt expect the Madam to take such care of herself.


One must know that this woman didnt like to talk or laugh at ordinary times.

She was extremely serious and always abided by the rules when she did things.

Gu Suier had actually been a little afraid of the Madam all this time.


Now that same person actually made such a thorough arrangement for her.


Gu Suier was touched deeply: “Bao Zhu girl, please convey my gratitude to Madam.

I will be careful.

As for quibbling with Princess ZhaoYang, it is naturally impossible.

She is a Princess, how can I dare to fight with her I will somehow make it through.”


Saying this, she bid farewell to Bao Zhu and followed the others to the back garden.

The wind here in the back garden was stronger than the other courtyards in the residence.

The cool breeze loaded with moisture blew across the lake and swept past the peoples faces, almost freezing them.


Since the lake had running water, the turbulence wasnt something to be overlooked.

So much so that even the waves appeared as the autumn wind blew over the lake.


Xiao Jin and Xiao Xu accompanied Princess ZhaoYang to go over and board a boat.

They were about to set out to the small island in the middle of the lake when several guards and maids surrounded Princess ZhaoYang, for fear that she would encounter some kind of danger.


Princess ZhaoYang was a little dissatisfied: “All of you, retreat.

Why do you have to follow me wherever I go I just sat on a boat, Im not flying away!”


Once the Princess said so, the palace maids and the guards looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do.


Among them, one of the older palace maids seemed to be authorized to speak as she stepped forward and said: “Princess, although this is indeed a lake inside the mansion, the water here is not shallow.

It would be better if at least one of us maids and one of the guards can accompany you.

Otherwise, if there is an accident, we wont be able to explain ourselves to the Nanny.”


The eldest Young Madam also supported her words: “Thats right.

Its better to have a guard protect her.”


Outnumbered, Princess ZhaoYang had to pick two-three guards and that maid to board the boat together with her.

At this moment, she looked back and saw Gu Suier: “Suier, come and join us too.”


Nanny Ans expression changed.

She tugged at the corner of Gu Suiers clothes to indicate her not to accept the Princess proposal.


Gu Suier stepped forward and smiled respectfully as she spoke: “Replying to the Princess, this humble girl has a big belly so, she is very heavy now.

The Princess is delicate; I dare not ride the same boat as the Princess.

If something bad happens, wouldnt it be a burden on the Princess Its better if the Princess goes boating while Suier stays here and learns from her.”


The eldest Young Madam also followed: “Suier would be watching from the lakeside.

Now, please board the boat, Princess.”


Princess ZhaoYang was displeased: “Why did you have to dampen my spirit Forget it, I dont want to play with boats, its not interesting at all! Why dont we just look at the fish in the water Are there any fish here”


When the eldest Young Madam heard this, she quickly replied: “Of course there are fishes.

Furthermore, we also have readily available fishing rods for catching the fishes.”


Although Marquis RuiDing was related to the Imperial family and the current Emperor deeply respected the Old Madam.

the Young Madams and the young ladies of this residence couldnt possibly compare to a Princess.


Therefore, when the Princess came here, they naturally had to restrain themselves, fawn on her, flatter her, and obey her words.


Princess ZhaoYang heard that it was possible to fish and felt intrigued.

She immediately ordered the eldest Young Madam to fetch a fishing rod so that she could fish there.

Although the water waves in the lake flowed rapidly, thereby making it not over ideal for fishing with a hook and bait, it did not hinder their interest.


Gu Suier didnt know how to use this fishing rod.

Is it possible to catch a fish simply by holding a pole and waiting for the fish to get the bait Before, when she caught fish in the mountain or at the creek, she caught them directly from the water with her hands.


Now that she couldnt get into the water even if she wanted to.

Princess ZhaoYang still invariably asked her to come and play, so she could only bite the bullet and imitate how everyone sat there fishing.


The eldest Young Madam saw that everyone was interested in fishing, so she turned around to instruct the Nanny behind her to go get some fruits for them.


Who would have that at the exact moment she turned back that she would hear aplop.


She looked back hurriedly and her soul almost flew away by what she saw.


Gu Suier fell into the water!


One must know that the water of this lake flowed in from the moat outside and these past few days, there had been a strong wind causing high waves in the water.

Even the days had begun to feel colder!


She almost collapsed at this moment: “Quick! Go take her out quickly!”


Nanny An also cried out tearfully: “Young Mistress! My Young Mistress is eight months pregnant ah!”




Gu Suier certainly didnt expect that she would be pushed into the water.


She knew that the ground at the shore of the lake was a bit slippery, so she didnt dare to approach the water.

She just sat at barely enough distance to hold the fishing rod properly.


Qing Yue and Nanny An stood beside her, so she wasnt very worried about things going wrong.


But who knew that Princess ZhaoYang would walk towards her at this time, insisting that she would teach her to fish.

After that, she secretly put out her leg and pushed Gu Suier forward.


Being pushed this way, the latter lost control of her body and staggered, stumbling over Princess ZhaoYangs foot and falling into the water with aplop.

All these things happened before Nanny An and Qing Yue could even come out of their stupor.


When she fell, Gu Suier felt someone push her forward from behind.


Falling into the cold water in this autumn season, her feet cramped and began hurting.

Later, she felt herself fall straight down to the bottom of the lake.


The cold water rushed in through her ears and nose, her legs hurt badly, and even breathing became more painful to her.


The undercurrents in the cold lake water were so strong that she felt her body moving forward along with it.


It was too cold to resist.


She sunk into the ice-cold water, and for a moment, even felt that she might be on the verge of death now.


She wanted to struggle, to escape, but she also felt weary.


Everything here was so strange.

She didnt understand this at all.

She could embroider, cook, sweep, and also do farm work well.

Why did she have to come to this place that did not welcome her very much, go fishing, play mahjong, and accompany the terrible but awfully spoiled Princess ZhaoYang


She opened her eyes, feeling helpless, and looked vacantly at the water that surrounded her.

She seemed to have given up all hope.


At this moment, she didnt expect anything anymore; she just wanted to give up.


Maybe when she closed her eyes and went to sleep, she wouldnt have to endure this kind of pain anymore.


But at this moment, the little tadpole suddenly kicked her quite heavily.


Bewildered, she remembered her little tadpole.


Her little tadpole had not yet come to this world.


If she died, wouldnt her little tadpole die with her too


An intense will to ​​survive abruptly flooded her mind.

She didnt want to die; she wanted to live.


And at this moment, she unexpectedly felt the water around her glowing with a delicate golden light.

This light continued flickering softly, warming her body gradually.


She did not feel so cold anymore.


She even felt as if she couldnt breathe again properly.


She looked at everything around her in astonishment.

The warm light that surrounded her expelled her fatigue, relieved the pain from the cramps in her legs.

It made her feel much more comfortable as a whole.


At this moment, two strong hands grabbed her by the arm tightly.


“Young Mistress!” The person yelled, but because they were still under the water, she couldnt hear the person clearly.


The arrival of this person disrupted the surrounding water currents and also let the pale golden light dissipate.


As if returning to reality from a dream, she felt everything return to its original state.


That person embraced her from behind as he pulled her upwards.


Looking up at the person under the water, she actually felt that he was familiar.


No, she knew him.

He was Jiang Zheng.


From the Gu Family Village at the foot of XuShan to this RuiDing Mansion, he had accompanied her all the way.


Her survival instinct made her hold this person even more tightly.


Her little tadpole couldnt die.

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1The-Shan (山) in XuShan stands formountain.2Golden branch having jade leaves [金枝玉葉] – Refers to the blue-blooded nobility especially the royal members.


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