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Princess ZhaoYang said the words in a proper and obvious tone as if she was just speaking the inevitable truth. 


According to her, there was already a solution to the problem.

Even if the child in Gu Suiers belly was gone, she would give birth to another child for Xiao Heng.


It was such a simple thing.


All the people of the RuiDing Mansion, from the Madam, the eldest, and the second Young Madam to Xiao Jin and Xiao Xu, all the females of the Marquis residence were shocked by Princess ZhaoYangs shameless words.


If they hadnt heard it clearly, they couldnt have known that she had come up with such a solution!


The Old Madam was also somewhat shocked but after all, she was a veteran of a hundred battles1Veteran of a hundred battles [身經百戰] – It refers to an experienced/seasoned person..

Although the walking stick in her hand was pushed deeper into the floor as she stepped back a little, she still looked calm on the surface.


I hadnt noticed how this child became like this ah.


As an Imperial Princess belonging to the golden branch having jade leaves, becoming a bit arrogant and willful didnt matter.

In fact, she liked it.

She should definitely be pampered.


But this… This is nothing other than being unreasonable and having no sense of honor and shame ah.


An unmarried Princess making a fuss to have a child for a Marquis familys Young Master


The Old Madam shook her head inwardly.

Indeed, a Princess of this generation could not be compared to one in her youth, it seems to be getting worse with each generation ah!


As for the Empress, Princess ZhaoYangs birth mother, she also could not react for a while.

After a while, the expression on her face sank as she criticized her daughter in an imposing voice: “What nonsense! You are our dignified Da Zhaos Princess.

What nonsense are you spouting!”


Nevertheless, Princess ZhaoYang was not at all frightened by the Empress.

Instead, she stamped her feet in objection: “Mother Empress, how can you say that Im spouting nonsense I just like Xiao Heng.

What did I do wrong I want him to be my husband.

You promised me that you would ask Father Emperor to bestow me a marriage but what happened in the end I havent been granted the marriage yet a concubine had passed the threshold and had even gotten pregnant!”


She was so angry that she pointed her finger towards the big belly of the woman lying on the bed, “I dont allow it! I dont allow it under any circumstance! I want to marry Xiao Heng.

The child in the belly of this lowly concubine cant stay! Otherwise, when I marry into this Mansion, the Xiao family must put this vile spawn to death! I absolutely dont allow such a thing to exist in this world!”


Even if Gu Suier knew that Xiao Heng would protect her, even if she just looked at this scene as if she was watching a play, she couldnt help feeling a chill run down her spine.


Princess ZhaoYang deliberately pushed her into the water because she wanted to kill her little tadpole.


Her little tadpole, she wouldnt let anyone harm it.

She must protect her little tadpole.


Anger swelled up in her heart.

She started hating this Princess ZhaoYang bit by bit as she imagined how this spoiled girl actually wanted to harm her little tadpole.


She was horrible.


Only if this person was not a Princess! She was itching to rush forward and choke her to death.


Xiao Heng, who was standing by her side, naturally noticed the changes in Gu Suiers eyes.

Her eyes were extremely clear, reflecting all the changes in her heart.


He raised his hand and rubbed hers lightly before walking out of the room.


After a while, some servants set up a screen in the middle of the room and opened the door.


Xiao Heng walked in with the Emperor.


The Emperor looked at his pampered daughter coldly and uttered a short sentence: “ZhaoYang, kneel.”


Princess ZhaoYang did not yield.

She raised her chin proudly: “Father Emperor, if you want me to kneel, you must provide me a reason.

I, ZhaoYang, can kneel in front of my ancestors, elders, Father Emperor and Mother Empress.

But in this lowly concubines room, to whom does Father Emperor want me to kneel” 


The Emperor didnt say anything.

He merely raised his hand.


The two nannies beside him walked over to Princess ZhaoYang and grabbed her hands.

After that, a court eunuch came and kicked her on the calves.


The terrified Princess was swept the ground as she looked at her Father Emperor in utter disbelief.


She was a distinguished Princess.

How could her Father Emperor treat her like this for a sl*t


The honorable and conceited Princess ZhaoYang was forced to kneel there with aplop.

The sound of her knee touching the ground was particularly loud and clear.


That voice rang in everyones ears and also in everyones hearts.


Who was Princess ZhaoYang She was a person whom everyone in Marquis RuiDings Mansion, except the Old Madam, must revere and pay special attention to.

She shared the same blood as the Imperial family which belonged to the golden branch having jade leaves and was the proud daughter of heaven.


As a result, this pride of heaven was currently kneeling before Gu Suiers bed.


Princess ZhaoYangs eyes widened as she looked ahead in humiliation.

Nevertheless, she refused to comply: “Why! Why should I kneel to this lowly concubine!” 


The Emperors face turned solemn as he listened to his daughters voice filled with unwillingness from behind the screen.

He admonished sternly: “Kneel and reflect on your actions.

Think why you were wrong and go ask for Gu-shi‘s forgiveness.”


Princess ZhaoYang: “Bah! For what reason Just because I pushed her I didnt harm her at all.

Isnt she fine now All of you said that this would hurt her but nothing went wrong with her.

Even her belly is fine.

Perhaps, she will give birth to Xiao Hengs child tomorrow.

Why should I apologize if nothing happened!”


All the people stood there in silence as they heard Princess ZhaoYangs words.


These words seem to make sense on the surface but they were incredibly outrageous.


No one knew what to say for a while.

Moreover, it was not their turn to say anything at this point.

Everyone stood there silently, turning themselves into the feather duster next to the flower vase and not daring to make the slightest movement.


Gu Suier, like everyone else, also listened blankly.


Before this, she thought that this Princess was too evil as she always wanted to harm her little tadpole.

But now, she realized that she was simply the worst person she had ever encountered in her life.


This person was so terrible that she didnt think she did something wrong after trying to kill her child.


Maybe she was still thinking that whatever she did was a fair and honorable thing to do.


At this moment, she really wanted to pounce on her and hit this Princess ZhaoYang, who had set her heart on harming her little tadpole.


But she didnt dare.


Her discomfort and hatred intertwined and her eyes burned with rage.

Suddenly, the little tadpole in her belly moved, and using all its strength, it kicked her hard with its two fleshy legs.


“Ah——” She couldnt help but cover her belly as she whimpered in a low voice.


She had never felt the little tadpole kick her with such strength.


When the people beside her suddenly heard her cry, they were alarmed.

The Old Madam was the first one to regain consciousness: “Suier, whats wrong Whats wrong with you Were you frightened”


The Madam, who was always relatively calm, couldnt come out of her daze now.

Instead, it was the two Young Madams who rushed over to Gu Suier, one from the left and the other from the right.


“Suier, what happened”


“Could it be that the root cause of the issue from falling into the water was not properly cured”


The Madam finally thought of something and shouted to the people outside: “Nanny, call the doctor quickly.

Let him come over and take a look.

There cannot be anything wrong.

I can see the child in Gu-shi‘s belly moving fiercely!”


At this time, the Empress was also a bit nervous.

She shed off her unperturbed and imposing aura and looked over hurriedly.

She saw Gu Suier covering her belly with tears in her eyes, looking extremely pitiful.


Even as someone who had given birth, the Empress couldnt help but be stunned.


There seemed to be something rolling and kicking under the round belly; there were continuous large rises and falls as if it were the turbulent waves in the sea.


After Gu Suiers initial surprise, she discovered that it was just that, nothing more.


She wasnt hurt anywhere.

It was just that the little tadpoles sudden movements startled her a bit.

After she reacted, she was fine.


However, the people around clearly didnt think so.

They looked at her with pity and nervousness as if she had encountered a big mishap.


The Old Madam sobbed with her arms wrapped around her: “Poor child, there is Ah Hengs flesh and blood in your belly ah! If something happened to you, what would Ah Heng have done!”


Gu Suier blinked.

She wanted to say that she was fine but at this time, the eldest Young Madam rushed over: “The doctor is here.

Old Madam, dont cry.

Let the doctor take a look.” 


At this time, Dr.

ZhuGe finally arrived.

He, an honorable highly-skilled expert in gynecology, was just grabbed and pulled over.


All the people in the room retreated.

Without any further delay, Dr.

ZhuGe felt Gu Suiers pulse and announced that there was nothing serious.

It was just that the little fetus in her belly was too lively.


“But she has to be extremely careful.

After all, the Young Mistress had just fallen into the water.

She must stay happy and must not get angry.

Otherwise, it will definitely be harmful for the fetus.”

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1Veteran of a hundred battles [身經百戰] – It refers to an experienced/seasoned person.


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