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ZhuGe and Xiao Heng had gradually developed a good relationship with each other when he came to examine Gu Suier.


When the news spread, the people outside all heaved a sigh of relief.


The one with the big belly must not get angry…


Princess ZhaoYang turned away, gritted her teeth, and said, “I knew it! I knew it was just a pretense! Why ah Is it because she has a child in her belly Continue pretending then! Who can get hurt merely by falling into the water Didnt Dr.

ZhuGe say that theres nothing wrong with her”


However, after she said this, the Emperor, who was standing beside her with a cold face, slapped her immediately.


This slap caught her off guard.


The oblivious Princess cut a sorry figure as she fell to the ground.


Even after this, she still failed to comprehend the situation.

She looked at her father in shock: “Father…Father Emperor” 


The Emperors complexion ashened as he glared at the Empress.

“Go and apologize to Gu-shi.

You will face the wall and ponder about your own wrongdoings after returning to the Palace.

And, you are not allowed to take even a step outside the JinYue Palace without Zhens permission!”


At this time, Princess ZhaoYang finally reacted.

Her heart was full of sorrow and pain: “Why Father Emperor, she is just a lowly concubine.

Why should I, as a noble Princess, apologize to her” 


The Emperor walked over to Princess Chaoyang with his hands behind his back and bent over slightly, looking down at the daughter who had fallen to the ground.


“ZhaoYang, even if it was a pregnant commoner woman instead of Gu-shi, the pregnant concubine of the third son of the Marquis RuiDings family, you would have also had to apologize.

Zhen has always been indulgent to you brothers and sisters because Zhen did not want to restrain you all with the stringent rules of the Palace, in hopes that when you all grow up, you would not recall only the harsh regulations.

But now it seems that Zhen has made a mistake.”


“You have been spoiled too much.” 


The Emperor stood up straight and without looking any further at Princess ZhaoYang, he commanded: “Pass down my command.


ZhuGe is instructed to stay in Marquis RuiDings Mansion temporarily so that he can take care of the Gu-shi.”


With that said, he glanced at the Empress and left for the Palace.


The Empress expression had already changed as soon as she saw Princess ZhaoYang being slapped.


After the Emperor left, she stood there without moving for quite a while before looking at Princess ZhaoYang with sharp eyes.

“Go and plead for Gu-shis forgiveness.”


Princess ZhaoYang was compelled to enter Gu Suiers room again.

After coming in, she lowered her head, gritted her teeth, and said reluctantly: “Gu-shi, I have come here to apologize to you.

It was my fault.

I should not have pushed you into the lake.”


These words were taught to her by a nanny.

The Empress had warned that if she did not apologize, she shouldnt even think of going back to the Palace today.

Because if she returned like that, her Father Emperor wouldnt spare her.


All the people in the room looked at her without saying a word.


As an honorable Princess, she had actually come to confess to an officials concubine.

In fact, this whole fiasco had made her lose face utterly.

Moreover, with His Majestys big handprint on her cheek and her slightly messy hair, Princess ZhaoYang looked extremely awkward.


The eldest Young Madam pursed her lips, trying hard to resist the corner of her mouth from curling upwards.

She cast a meaningful glance at the second Young Madam covertly.


The second Young Madam also smiled discreetly before putting it away hurriedly.


Princess ZhaoYang was indeed domineering in the past but now, she had fallen into the ditch and overturned the boat.


The Emperor relied rather heavily upon Ah Heng, practically to the point of spoiling him.


There are even rumors circulating in the capital that the Emperor was a cut sleeve1Cut sleeve [斷袖之癖] – I think most of the readers here know what this means but those who dont know, it is an euphemism for homosexuality.

This term originated from the History of Western Han.

The story goes like this: One morning, when Emperor Han Aidi was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, he had to attend a court audience.

Not wishing to awaken his lover Dong Xian, who was sleeping with his head resting on the sleeves of his long robe, Han Aidi used a knife to cut off the lower half of his sleeve..


Princess ZhaoYang couldve bullied anyone else but she had to go and offend Ah Hengs concubine.

Wasnt this the same as inviting trouble for herself


Gu Suier, who was sitting on the bed, was actually alright.

She wasnt hurt nor did she feel any discomfort from head to toe.


She also didnt want the Princess to apologize.


But when the Princess had entered the room to apologize to her, she had no other choice but to look at the Old Madam for help.


The Old Madam hurriedly said, “It is true that there is nothing wrong with Suier.

She just suffered a bit due to the cold water.

Since you have apologized, its all fine now.”


It goes without saying that the Old Madam said this to give Princess ZhaoYang a way out of this embarrassing situation.


If she didnt protest, then this matter would be over.


But who could have imagined that at this moment, Princess ZhaoYang actually refuted her words obstinately, “Father Emperor asked me to apologize so I did it.

Nevertheless, I will still marry Xiao Heng.

When I become his main wife, I am qualified to do whatever I want with his concubine.

You just wait and watch!” 


After she said this, everyone was dumbstruck.


Quite a while later, they finally turned to look at Xiao Heng, who was standing at the door, slowly.


Xiao Heng didnt seem to hear Princess ZhaoYangs words at all.

He didnt even look like he was taking her seriously.


He lifted his long legs and walked towards Gu Suiers bed.

He didnt attempt to avoid Princess ZhaoYang, who was on his way, completely treating her as if she was nothing but an ant.


Princess ZhaoYang moved her shoulder aside quickly.


Xiao Heng passed by.


If it werent for her concession, she could have been stepped on by Xiao Heng.


And just as Princess ZhaoYang narrowly evaded from being stepped on, she heard Xiao Hengs cold words: “You want me to marry you in as my main wife Such wishful thinking.

It is impossible for you to step further into the Xiao family.

As for my, Xiao Hengs, wife, concubine or children, whoever dares to harm them even a little bit, I will never let them get away with it.”


Princess ZhaoYang stared blankly as Xiao Heng walked to Gu Suiers side.

He cherished that woman but he threw her away like a worn-out shoe, not even looking back at her once.

At this moment, Princess ZhaoYang was truly heartbroken.

This grief, along with the scorching pain from her cheek, made tears come out of her eyes.


All the people present, including the Old Madam, felt helpless.


They couldnt help but wonder secretly in their hearts.

What kind of an evil dilemma is this One must marry at any circumstance while the other is disinclined to even look at the former.


At this time, the Madam spoke up to smooth things over: “Suier, the princess has already apologized.

Do you think this matter can be settled now”


She directly ignored Princess ZhaoYangs terrible cries and Xiao Hengs infuriated you-must-pay-me-with-your-life tone.


Gu Suier didnt expect the Madam to ask her about this suddenly.

She looked at Princess ZhaoYang who was stillapologizing in front of the bed, then at Xiao Heng who was standing at the door and finally said, “Lets just forget about it.

I also dont want the Princess to apologize to me, I just hope that she stays far away from me.”


She said honestly.


She only hope that she wouldnt see this Princess ZhaoYang in the future.

As for whether she apologizes or not, isnt it all useless after the deeds done


So long as her little tadpole was alright, she didnt care if she apologized or not.


However, in the ears of Princess ZhaoYang and everyone else in the RuiDing Mansion, what she said was: “I dont care if she apologizes or not.

I just hope she quickly moves out from my sight.”


To be frank, a concubine wanted to drive away a Princess… 


It seemed that something was wrong, but it also seemed it should be like this again…


While everyone was quiet, the Empress spoke up: “ZhaoYang, go back to the Palace.”


Princess ZhaoYangs eyes widened.

She didnt expect that a mere concubine would actually disregard her and drive her away.


Initially, she had indeed hoped long ago to be able to return to the Palace.

And now her Mother Empress said the same, she should really be relieved and hurry back to the Palace.


But, wasnt it tantamount to being driven away by a concubine


She was unwilling to do so, really unwilling.


As a result, she stood there obstinately.

She just didnt want to leave now.


Xiao Heng raised his eyes abruptly and swept an indifferent glance over her: “Why is the Princess still here”


That tone made her seem to be extremely unnecessary.

It was as if she is a pile of ** and he hoped to throw her out quickly.


Xiao Xu suddenly said from the side, “…His Majesty said that the Princess was to be confined in the Palace and reflect on her actions.

Without his order, she wasnt allowed to step outside the Palace…”


Princess ZhaoYang looked at Xiao Heng.

Seeing the disdain in his eyes, her heart ached more and more; she felt choked by an overwhelming urge to cry.


She didnt hate Xiao Heng.

Rather, she glared at Gu Suier with her tearful eyes.

As her eyes landed on Gu Suiers stomach, her eyes filled with disgust and hatred.


When the Empress saw it, her face turned solemn.

“Return to the Palace!” Princess ZhaoYangs tears fell again.


Her Father Emperor slapped her, Xiao Heng said that he would never marry her in this life and now, even her Mother Empress rebuked him.


The most embarrassing matter was that a distinguished Princess was driven away by a mere concubine.


When she stepped out of the room, she looked back at Gu Suier again.


This was perhaps the most humiliating and loathsome day for Princess ZhaoYang.


She received the biggest blows in her life.


Gu Suier, who was lying on the bed, perceived the emotions in Princess ZhaoYangs eyes before she finally left.

A sense of vigilance filled her heart immediately.


She… Did she want to hurt her little tadpole again

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1Cut sleeve [斷袖之癖] – I think most of the readers here know what this means but those who dont know, it is an euphemism for homosexuality.

This term originated from the History of Western Han.

The story goes like this: One morning, when Emperor Han Aidi was in bed with his lover Dong Xian, he had to attend a court audience.

Not wishing to awaken his lover Dong Xian, who was sleeping with his head resting on the sleeves of his long robe, Han Aidi used a knife to cut off the lower half of his sleeve.


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