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Translators Note: Sorry for not updating last wednesday… Some things I cant really explain were going on and I was a bit out of state.

Heres your chapter, enjoy~~~

After Gu Suier gave birth to the child, she had to take rest for a few days before she could feel her strength returning gradually.

But, when all was said and done, her body was inherently weak.

So she naturally had to take better care of herself and rest more in the confinement period.


Fortunately, the women of this mansion who gave birth didnt have to suffer like the ones in the countryside.

It was a blessing for the rural women to be able to even have a confinement period.

The fortunate ones could secretly eat brown sugar and white flour noodles.

As for the unfortunate ones… it was hard to say, but there were some who had to go wash their clothes and undergarments by themselves not long after giving birth even in the cold weather of the twelfth lunar month.


In this residence, there was no need to do these things by herself.

Furthermore, the newborn baby had a wet nurse to help take care of him.

Gu Suier just needed to improve her physical condition now.


Nanny An had already carefully prepared a lot of different kinds of food, including the highest quality non-glutinous red rice with sesame seeds and eggs, silver tree-ear fungus and edible birds nest soup, ginseng and deer antler soup, particularly the nourishing daily chicken and crucian carp soup as prescribed by the doctor.


After only two or three days, Gu Suier noticed that her body was no longer as weak as before.


“Not only the Old Madam but that person inside the Imperial Palace also heard the joyous news that our Marquis residence was blessed with a Little Young Master.

He specially bestowed many good things.”


Nanny An was happy as if she had eaten something sweet: “Now that Young Mistress has given birth to a Little Young Master, you can certainly live comfortably!”


Hearing Nanny Ans words, Gu Suier couldnt help but look down at the little tadpole happily.


The little tadpole was born beautiful.

Now that a few days had passed since his birth, his appearance had become even more fair and bright.

The chubby little face had turned extremely charming and the somewhat clammy eyelashes had now become thick and long, attracting everyones attention.


Whenever Gu Suier had nothing to do, she would often ask the wet nurse to carry the little tadpole over and look over him carefully.

But it didnt matter how much she looked at him; she could never get enough of him.


At this moment, the little tadpoles long eyelashes flickered as he unexpectedly opened his eyes.


A pair of big eyes, pure and tender, limpid and clear as black pearls.


Gu Suiers heart melted as she looked at this lovely little thing.


She couldnt help but whisper, “Nanny, hes awake.”


Nanny An rushed over to take a look.

Sure enough, the little one had opened his eyes and was looking around curiously.

She smiled: “Little Young Master is truly different from other babies.

Normally, young children like him would start crying as soon as they wake up but our familys Little Young Master does not.

Taking a look at his little expression, everybody would think that he can understand our words!”


Gu Suier pursed her lips and smiled as she picked up her little tadpole.


His body was soft and tiny; it didnt feel heavy at all.


With such a tiny person in her arms, the feeling of holding a weak and tender child became stronger, involuntarily making her want to give everything just in order to cherish and protect him.


“Young Mistress, put him down.

Ill hold him, Ill hold him!”


Nanny An came over quickly, wanting to hold the little tadpole.


She had two reasons for wanting to do so.

One, she didnt want Gu Suier to overwork her body after giving birth, and the other was indeed because she wished to hold the baby.


Such a good-looking Little Young Master ah! She also wanted to hold him in her arms!


How could Gu Suier be willing to let go of him after he was already in her arms She leaned on the pillow and hugged the little tadpole in her arms tightly.


The little tadpole looked at her with wide eyes.


As soon as the two pairs of eyes met, Gu Suier couldnt wait to lower her head and kiss the little one fiercely.


“Nanny An, I want to try breastfeeding him.” Gu Suier had seen her neighbor, Second Aunt Wang breastfeed her children.

Although she was a little embarrassed, she still wanted to try it.


“Its alright to try this…” In fact, Nanny An was a bit hesitant.


Gu Suier had milk the day after she gave birth but Nanny An didnt dare let her feed it.

All the children of this residence were naturally fed by their respective wet nurses.

Even if she was a concubine, there was no reason for her to personally feed her child.


But she still said: “I heard freshly squeezed breast milk is quite nourishing.

You can try to feed him first.

Itd be best if the Little Young Master eats it.”


After getting Nanny Ans approval, Gu Suier held the little tadpole and fed him somewhat clumsily.


Coincidentally, just as she held him closer to her chest, the little tadpole seemed to have smelt the scent.

He opened his tender and pink little mouth like a baby bird on smelling food and started drinking.


As he drank, his little cheeks puffed up, and the little head moved upwards, doing his best to drink as much as he could.


Looking down at the little tadpole in her arms, Gu Suiers chest was filled with sweetness.

Everything that happened in the past- the remarks of the villagers, the harsh abortion soup as well as the excruciating pain from it… had passed.

All the hardships she had encountered these few months were perfectly wiped out at this moment.


Everything was worth it if it meant she would get to hold this little one to her bosom.


While she was feeding the child, the curtain outside the door moved.

Gu Suier thought it was the wet nurse who had come to take out the little tadpole, so she didnt pay attention.


However, the person who came in and walked towards them was Xiao Heng.


Xiao Hengs gaze fell on the little tadpole held in her arms.


The little babys tender mouth was greedily wrapped around the tip of the red peach.


A large portion of the white breast was completely exposed along with a small part of the moist and gorgeous red tip.


Xiao Hengs eyes darkened in an instant.

His body stiffened for a short while before he sat down silently.


“Why are you feeding him yourself”


“The wet nurse is not here.

I happened to have breastmilk, so I decided to feed him.”


“The wet nurse is not here” Xiao Heng raised his eyebrows, clearly somewhat displeased.


Seeing that he actually got angry at the wet nurse, Gu Suier quickly explained: “I asked her to withdraw.

She has been busy for quite a while, so I thought she would be too tired.

Moreover, I happen to have milk and wished to feed the little tadpole.”


Xiao Heng didnt say anything, he just sat there and stared at the little tadpole.


The little guy looked as if he was really doing his best at sucking the milk.

His chubby little hands were clutching onto Gu Suiers lapel rather tightly.

His little head was sticking up because of the force with which he was drinking.

It was if he was afraid that he would not be fed another time after this.


Gu Suier was feeding him just fine but unexpectedly, Xiao Heng showed up.


It didnt matter that he came but he was just staring at her.

Under such a circumstance, it was inevitable that she would feel a little nervous.


When she finally decided to quit feeding him, surprisingly, the little tadpole gripped the lapel of her clothes, as if he was determined not to let go of it.

His insatiable manner seemed to indicate that he wouldnt stop until he was full.


Helpless, Gu Suier could only hold the little one to her bosom and continue to feed.


Xiao Heng frowned: “So small.

Why are you so gluttonous”


As soon as these words came out, the little tadpole in Gu Suiers arms abruptly opened his eyes.

The corner of his eyes raised a little as he looked in Xiao Hengs direction.



Xiao Heng was stunned.


Gu Suier was also a little surprised, but she quickly assumed that it must be a coincidence.

She had heard the older people in their village say that a newborn child doesnt make eye contact with people.

So, she patted the child and coaxed him softly.


After the little tadpole had finished glancing at his father, he proceeded to eat his delicious meal in satisfaction, buried at Gu Suiers chest.

The two chubby little hands gripped Gu Suiers lapel even more tightly.


Taking a look at him, it would seem that he was afraid someone would snatch his food from him.


Gu Suier wanted to laugh but she barely held it back, hugging her little tadpole affectionately.


Xiao Hengs face darkened.

He watched silently for a long time, unable to say a word.


A while later, after the little tadpole had eaten his fill and burped, his little head drooped as he fell asleep in Gu Suiers arms.


At this time, the wet nurse with a plump, white face looking like a steamed bun also arrived.


As it turned out, after Gu Suier gave birth, TingZhu Courtyard needed a lot more helping hands than before.

Even though they were prepared in advance, the number of people was still not enough, so the others also sent some people.

This wet nurses surname was Sun.

She was originally meant to be the wet nurse of the second Young Madams child.

When Gu Suier gave birth, the nanny originally prepared for Gu Suier met with an accident.

When the second Young Madam came to know this, she sent the person to Gu Suier.


This Wet Nurse Sun was somewhat dissatisfied.

She had begun thinking that she would breastfeed the Marquis residences wife-born Little Young Master of the second branch.

She didnt think she would be sent to breastfeed a concubine-born child.


Although the wife-born and concubine-born children were all the Young Masters of the Marquis Mansion, they were not the same after all.

One must know that in this residence, if the wet nurse did a good job, after the Young Master grows up and becomes a respected person, she would also be someone with weight beside him in the future.

Even her own children would be able to follow her and bask in the light.


There was a big difference in the status of the wife-born and the concubine-born children.


Therefore, she was reluctant.


When she heard that the Young Master was taken to Gu Suiers room, she happily took a nap in the side room and came over after waking up.

However, she never thought that she would see Xiao Heng there.


She didnt dare to make a sound, just standing behind him and waiting respectfully.


Finally, when Gu Suier put the little tadpole to sleep, she came up and said, “Young Mistress, give the Little Young Master.

Ill carry him to his bed.”


Gu Suier was actually a little reluctant.


How could she be willing to let go of the plump and tender little thing in her arms


But taking a look at Xiao Hengs dark face, she could only resign herself to part with the one she treasured.


Nevertheless, as soon as Wet Nurse Sun took him over from Gu Suier, the sleeping little tadpole opened his limpid eyes abruptly and looked at everything ignorantly.


The expression in those innocent little eyes was pure confusion.


Gu Suier couldnt bear to hand him over.


Seeing this, Wet Nurse Sun hurriedly approached to take him over.


She was afraid that the third Young Master would blame her.


But who knew, at this exact moment, the little tadpole let out a dramatic cry.


The voice was much louder and clearer than the one produced by children of his age.


This time, Gu Suier was terrified.


Her precious treasure, her little tadpole, had never cried like this before.

A newborn child was ignorant, obedient, and honest as long as he could eat his fill.

How could he ever know how to cry endlessly and attract the attention and pity of the elders


“This… whats wrong” She held the little one in her arms and looked over his whole body carefully but she didnt discover anything wrong.

So, she could only coax him in a soft voice.


The sound of the cry was too resonating.

No matter how calm and collected Xiao Heng was, this was his own son, his only son in the end.

He also stood up hurriedly and reached out to help Gu Suier pat and coax the child.


Nanny An and Wet Nurse Sun were even more terrified.

They stood in the back cautiously, wishing they could go over and coax the child themselves.


After what felt like half a day, the little tadpole finally stopped crying.

He leaned on Gu Suiers chest and fell asleep.


Gu Suier then reluctantly handed the little tadpole over to Wet Nurse Sun and cautioned her repeatedly.


After Wet Nurse Sun finally went out, the room also returned to its previous tranquil state.


Gu Suier sat back down again.


After so much movement, she was indeed a little tired.

It seemed that even if she wanted to hug the tadpole, she should not do it for the next two days.

It was necessary to nourish her body well, otherwise it would become an old, incompletely cured ailment later on.


Just as she was thinking about it, she felt a pair of burning eyes staring at her.


When she looked down, she suddenly discovered that since she finished feeding the little tadpole and handed him over to the wet nurse, the lapel of her clothes was not properly closed.


Under the layer of the thin lapel made of light muslin fabric, a large part of the creamy white breasts were exposed.

Furthermore, its faintly discernible and towering moist red tip was as tender and beautiful as a rose blooming after rain.

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