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However, Gu Suier felt that Xiao Heng was staring at her with an odd look.

She looked down quickly and discovered that the lapel of her upper garment was moist from milk stains.

The tip of the tender and beautiful peach appeared alluring against the creamy white skin; it was as if a rose had blossomed in the snow.


Not to mention Xiao Heng, even Gu Suier felt her heart tremble when she saw it.

She immediately pulled the fabric together and covered herself.


It was warm in the room.

The burner had been ignited a long time ago as it was a bit cold but now, it was so hot that she had begun sweating.

And, as a result, she didnt notice that her clothes were not properly draped.


Xiao Heng noticed her startled and bashful little expression but he didnt say anything, just staring at her fixedly.


After a while, he sat on the edge of the bed and pretended to inadvertently say: “You have just given birth.

So theres no need to insist on taking care of the little tadpole by yourself.

Let the wet nurse do it.”


Gu Suier half-drilled into the brocade quilt and hummed softly.


Tiny beads of sweat appeared on her snow-white forehead, sticking her hair to it as she nodded obediently like a little rabbit.


He lifted his hand and brushed her hair away from her forehead: “The doctor said that although you must not be exposed to cold things during your confinement, you also must not stay in a stuffy atmosphere.

So, pay attention to take a breath of fresh air.”


Gu Suiers chin was buried under the quilt, so when she heard this, she hummed again.


Without having anything else to say, Xiao Heng remained silent, but he didnt leave.

He merely sat there and gazed at her.


Being watched by him, she couldnt fall asleep, so she opened her eyes and looked at him.


The two looked at each other for a long time before Gu Suier suddenly had the urge to laugh.


Although she felt embarrassed to be stared at by him some time ago, she also knew that there was no need to feel so.

It was not like he had not touched her before.


Its just that, after giving birth, there was an extra person, the little tadpole, between them.

After feeding him, it seemed like she had suddenly become shy.


Her smile was shallow, calm and soft, resembling a wild little daisy moving softly in the light breeze.


His usually dark and profound eyes lit up with a bright light.


He was someone who didnt like to talk or smile, and even now, he was still like that.

But, facing the woman who had experienced all kinds of torture to give birth to his own flesh and blood, there was a touch of emotion in his heart.

He wanted to treat her a lot better and make her happy, but because of his personality, he didnt know what he should do.


Her food and clothing were prepared by the residence, the highest quality tonics for her nourishment was also bestowed from the Imperial Palace, even the maids were sent by the other branches of the family so that their yard didnt face any issues.


He was her man but unexpectedly, he could do nothing for her.


Just at this time, the maid came in to deliver the chicken soup for today.


This chicken soup was specially prepared by the residences kitchen for the women in confinement.

The chicken used was from old hens which had been carefully raised for many years.

The dish had been simmered on a slow fire for several hours, giving it a distinctive aroma.

The broth was also rich in taste.


The maid handed the chicken soup to Nanny An, who waited quietly to serve Gu Suier.


Seeing this, Xiao Heng stretched out his hand.


Nanny An stared blankly, not understanding what this person of the honorable Marquis family wanted.


Xiao Hengs hand was still stretched out as before, indicating that he wanted to hold the bowl of food.


Nanny An took a look at Gu Suier and noticed the blush on her face as she smiled softly.

This kind of soft charm was unique to women who were exhausted.


After a short period of surprise, she handed the chicken soup over to Xiao Heng.


Xiao Heng took it and fed Gu Suier a spoonful of the soup at a time.


Gu Suier also opened her mouth and ate obediently.


Nanny An watched from the sidelines.


In fact, as far as the other Young Masters and Young Madams of this residence were concerned, it was obviously not plausible for a man to help a woman drink chicken soup during her confinement period.


Giving birth to a child was a procedure full of bloodshed.

It would be best for men to avoid it, otherwise, there would be a bloodbath.

This was all about precaution ah.


If it was changed to another woman, someone who was more sensible, such as the two Young Madams, the Young Masters would have been made to leave much earlier.


Because they were virtuous and sensible people, they knew what to do and when not to cross the line.


However, Gu Suier was different.

She was foolish ah.

She definitely didnt know or even didnt think about it, so when the third Young Master wished to feed her, she obediently acknowledged it.


Nanny An looked at the two of them with a complicated gaze.

Finally, she withdrew and shut the door behind her.


She thought to herself, one was cold and the other was silly.

Together, werent they a couple made just for each other




After Nanny An walked out of the room, she took the opportunity to go over and check how the dinner preparation was going on in the kitchen.

At present, the Young Mistress was in her confinement period so all her food must be specially prepared.

Her every meal must be simmered till it was well-cooked and soft so that it could be digested easily without causing any problems.


However, she didnt imagine that as soon as she walked into the kitchen, she would hear a few maids hiding there and chattering.


“I used to work so hard at the Old Madams yard but I was forcefully transferred here! If I have to really serve the third Master, it would be fine but we are instructed to serve this Little Young Master!”


Working at the Old Madams side, or even showing her face in front of the Madam meant she could be regarded as someone who was a bit important.

But unexpectedly, they were sent over and suddenly became the maids of the third branchs concubine-born son, who was the youngest of his generation.

Thus, they, the maids who served him, would be the least respected.


“Even if we say we are wronged, we have to admit that since we are just maids, we have to do the same work regardless of wherever we are sent.

I think Wet Nurse Sun is the one who truly feels the most wronged.

She came here to breastfeed the wife-born son of the second branch but now, she actually has to tend to a concubine-born bastard!”


“She ah, she should go and complain!”


Hearing their words, a fire started burning in Nanny Ans heart.

At this point, she wished nothing more than going over and ripping the two peoples mouths with bamboo sticks.


Did they not have eyes Did they not understand how much their familys third Master doted on their Young Mistress Couldnt they see how the Old Madam treated the Little Young Master as a precious darling Did they just know how to pay attention to thewife-born andconcubine-born


Bah, today my Little Young Master is indeed a concubine-born child but no one can say whether her status would be raised from concubine to wife tomorrow! Ill see how you all dare to talk about this then!


Nanny An squinted her eyes, planning to rush over and teach these two girls chattering nonsense a good lesson.


But who knew, at this moment, another maid said: “You guys ah, you are too short-sighted.

You only know how to discern the wife-born and concubine-born, but you cant tell which one is better or which one is worse!”


The voice was clear and light, but it was quite pleasant to hear.


Nanny An leaned over to look and saw the one who said this.

It was a girl named GuiZhi, who looked really ordinary.

She couldnt remember when the latter was transferred here or the reason why she said this.


When the others heard it, someone amongst them spoke up, “Do you know which one is better and which one is worse”


GuiZhi smiled as she said, “There are four Young Masters in this residence.

Do you know which one will have the most promising future”


The other maids stared at her blankly, they didnt know this!


GuiZhi raised her eyebrows and said lightly, “Of course, its our third Young Master.”


The others asked in unison, “Why”


GuiZhi: “Because His Majesty favors our third young master the most.

Moreover, he is already the leader of the LongQi Guards.”


The maids looked at each other in fear, so thats how it is ah…


GuiZhi added: “You only know how to distinguish them as wife-born and the concubine-born but you dont even know which one His Majesty or the Old Madam favors the most!”


This time, everyone was a little stunned.

They all looked at GuiZhi in admiration, rushing to ask for advice one after another.


GuiZhi began to analyze it for everyone: “Actually, there is no shortage of maids here in the third branch, but the Old Madam transferred us here.

Do you know why It is because she wants everyone to know how much she values ​​the third branch.

Since the Little Young Master lacks a wet nurse, it wouldnt be that hard to find another person.

Do you know why the second Young Madam sent the wet nurse she found to feed the Little Young Master It is because she wants to curry favor with the third Young Master.”


“Even if you dont want to consider this, take a look at the things His Majesty bestowed.

Although His Majesty also bestowed things when the eldest and the second Young Madam gave birth to their son and daughter respectively, the things that were rewarded were a lot different.”


When the maids thought of it, they realized it too.

His Majesty bestowed many interesting things this time.

Among them, he specially rewarded a pure gold auspicious ruyi lock to the Little Young Master.

I heard that it is a precious thing, not to be compared to others.


“So… being sent over to serve the third branch means we have a better future than serving the old lady”


GuiZhi said lightly, “What do you think”


Nanny An watched the group of maids chatter on from the sidelines.

After hearing GuiZhis words, this group of maids suddenly became energetic.

They used to be lazy, but now, they suddenly started doing their tasks diligently.


She thought to herself, this GuiZhi should be promoted soon.

She was an intelligent person, it would be better if she stayed by the Young Mistress side.


She left without speaking, intending to go to Wet Nurse Suns room secretly and see for herself how the latter took care of the Little Young Master.


Upon reaching, Nanny An caught Wet Nurse Suns anxiety.


“Nanny An, you came just at the right time.

I dont know whats wrong but as soon as the Young Master woke up, he started crying.

No matter how much I tried feeding him, he didnt eat.”


Nanny An had just heard the private conversation between the maids a few moments ago, so she felt discontented while facing Wet Nurse Sun now.

Assuming that she must have implied something in her words that made those maids infer all kinds of things, she deliberately said: “Dont be fooled by the fact that the Little Young Master is an infant.

In fact, he is a smart child.

Why would he suddenly cry like this”


As soon as these words were spoken, Wet Nurse Sun and the maids beside her were all a little scared.


“How will I know I just took him from the Young Mistress and coaxed him to sleep.

He was sleeping soundly but he unexpectedly woke up and started crying.”


Wet Nurse Sun was a little dissatisfied before, but now, she was really trying to coax the child.


She felt helpless.

The Little Young Master, who was very obedient, was now crying at the top of his voice.


No one would have ever imagined that such a small person could cry so loudly.


Everyone was nervous as they waited while Wet Nurse Sun began to sweat profusely.

Nanny An felt so distressed that she wished she could grab him from her arms and coax him.


In the next room, Xiao Heng and Gu Suier, this two people, one of whom one was cold and the other was silly, were no longer lying or sitting in their original positions.


Xiao Heng reached into the quilt, gently wiping the snow white liquid and stroking the moist red little cherry.


Even with his eyes closed, he could feel the white liquid spilling over his moist fingertips.


Gu Suier lay there motionless, biting her lip and trying her utmost to hold back while staring at Xiao Heng with wide eyes.


In her moist eyes, there was apprehension, expectation, and of course, timidity.


Xiao Hengs face reddened slightly.

He lowered his eyes but did not retract his hand.


“I only touched it.” He said hoarsely.


“En…” Her voice rose and fell because of his movements; it was exquisite and never-ending.


When Xiao Heng recalled the scene of her feeding the baby just now, he felt something wash off his heart but he couldnt figure out what it was.


“You want to feed him”


“Yes.” The flushed woman squinted her eyes as she opened her ruddy mouth slightly: “Hes our child ah…”


From Gu Suiers plain and simple rural way of thinking, it was natural that she would feed her own child.


Xiao Hengs perpetually profound and calm eyes were unexpectedly a bit perplexed for a moment.

He stared at the woman on the bed in a daze.


In fact, what she said was right.

He also felt that she was right.


The most intimate relationship in the world was the one that parents and their children shared.

Nothing could surpass it.

And they were the father and mother of the little tadpole.


Xiao Hengs steady fingers trembled as he gently slid it over her cheek.

The confusion in his eyes slowly turned into warmth.


“En, hes our child.”


When their child was born, there was a red light in the labor room.


He and the Old Madam decided to bury this matter and keep their mouths shut.

This matter could never be mentioned again.


In fact, Xiao Heng was not an ambitious person, so he didnt think about it that much.


But now he realized more than ever that as a father, if his arms were not strong enough, he would have no way to protect his own child.


“You dont need to think about anything, just take good care of yourself.” His fingers stopped just beside her lips as the always cold voice oozed tenderness: “As for breastfeeding… You can feed him whenever you are not tired…”


Just as he spoke, he heard the loud cry of the baby in the next room.

His voice had already turned hoarse but he continued, as if he was about to poke a hole through the roof with his wails.


Gu Suier was alarmed: “The little tadpole is crying!”


Xiao Heng raised his hand and hurriedly held her down: “Dont move, Ill go and take a look.”

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