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Just as the little tadpoles earth-shaking cry sounded, Xiao Heng went over.


As soon as Xiao Heng appeared, everyone panicked, trying their utmost to coax this crying Little Young Master.

However, the more anxious they became, the more they were unable to do it.


Xiao Heng looked at the child in Wet Nurse Suns arms and frowned.


The adorable child who fell sound asleep earlier was now crying so hard that his voice had turned hoarse and his little face was all crumpled.


When his gaze swept past the others, they felt a chill run down their back.

Wet Nurse Suns brow was beaded with sweat as she strived to breastfeed the child regardless of Xiao Hengs presence.

Nevertheless, this little one was quite temperamental.

He turned his face away, refusing to eat.

He closed his eyes and continued to wail, kicking and waving his little fat hands around, as if he was cheering for his own deeds.


Xiao Hengs frown deepened.

He took this noisy little guy from Wet Nurse Sun.


Surprisingly, and also weirdly enough, as soon as he took him from her, the little thing stopped crying.

His legs and hands stopped flapping around as he looked at him with wide and clear eyes.


Noticing this, Xiao Heng suddenly felt that the scene was a little amusing.


Although he cried like that just now, there was not even a single drop of tear in his eyes.


His fingers touched the babys skin lightly.


The swollenness of the past had faded a lot in these few days, leaving his face even whiter than snow.

With just a slight brush of his fingers, he felt as if he was touching a tender and soft piece of tofu.


A newborn babys skin was the most delicate and soft in the world.


Pursing his lips, Xiao Heng looked helplessly at the tiny person in his arms.

Then, he raised his eyes and asked the Wet Nurse Sun faintly, “Why is he crying”


Wet Nurse Sun was so anxious that her face turned red: “This slave doesnt know.

Originally, he was sleeping quite well but after he woke up, he started crying.

He couldnt be coaxed no matter how much this slave tried!”


Knowing that Wet Nurse Sun probably had an objection in coming to feed her familys Little Young Master, Nanny An felt discontent bubble up in her heart.

She deliberately said: “We have never coaxed a child, so we really dont know how to do it.

When we see the Little Young Master crying, we can only feel distressed, but we cant do anything.

Wet Nurse Sun is different though.

You were specially prepared to nurse the second Young Madams child.

And since you were so carefully selected, you must be the best at looking after children and coaxing them.

Wet Nurse Sun still needs to clarify this matter, our familys Little Young Master is so well-behaved, why would he cry like this”


After speaking, she sighed: “He was born only a few days ago, how can he cry so pitifully!”


Nanny Ans remarks really pushed Wet Nurse Sun into the flames.


Wet Nurse Sun indeed felt a little reluctant in her heart, but even if she was given ten times her own courage, she didnt dare to slight this residences Young Master ah.

She was so anxious that she wanted to die to prove her sincerity: “Third Master, I conscientiously take care of the Little Young Master.

I definitely wont dare to——”


Unexpectedly, Xiao Heng didnt have the mentality to listen to her words.


He had always been someone with a swift and decisive temperament.

For him, one was one and two was two.

He didnt like twisting and turning his words like women nor did he like seeing the women do it.


Still, he understood what Nanny Ans words implied.


At this time, he interrupted Wet Nurse Sun indifferently: “Since Wet Nurse Sun is incapable of taking proper care of the Little Young Master, you will be sent back to the second branch first.”


The voice was light and clear but in Wet Nurse Suns ears, it sounded like a thunderclap.


She was sent by the second Young Madam to breastfeed the newly born Little Young Master, as a gesture of affection of the second Young Madam.


If she didnt take good care of him, neglected her duties, and is returned by the third branch, the second room naturally could not let her stay.


That is to say, she had no way to retreat.


She was careless before.

At that time, her heart was full of grievance and she didnt think too much about it.


But now, as soon as she was chased away, she was immediately sober.


Her tears fell as she dropped to her knees with a loud thud: “Third Master… Third Master, it is this slave who was wrong.

This slave did not take good care of the Little Young Master.

This slave begs the third Master to give me another chance.

This slave will certainly take good care of the Little Young Master!”


Xiao Heng didnt even spare another glance at her.

He directly turned and walked into the next room with his dear little son in his arms.


In this room, Jing Yue and another nanny helped Gu Suier wipe her body clean.


After Xiao Heng came in, he stood outside the layer of the bed curtain and waited until she was finished freshening up before entering.


After being cleaned with warm water, Gu Suier felt much more relaxed.

Now lying under the embroidered quilt, she couldnt help but smile when she saw Xiao Heng carrying her son inside.


“Why did he cry just now”


“Its nothing.”


From Xiao Hengs point of view, this newborn baby was just throwing a tantrum.


He couldnt help lowering his head one more time and taking a look at the energetic little person in his arms.

At present, the child was looking at him with wide eyes.


How could a tiny baby be so cunning


Once again, Xiao Heng felt it was nothing but a ridiculous thought.

He gently poked the babys cheek with a finger.


It was still as smooth and tender as before.

Even though his fingers didnt exert any force, they seemed to get buried into a pit.

And when the finger was withdrawn, the pit disappeared immediately.


This flesh was really tender.


Gu Suiers eyes widened.


He… How can he do this


It was only after Xiao Heng had poked his cheek twice that he realized something was amiss.


Raising his head, he noticed Gu Suier staring at him with a manner as if she was looking at an evildoer.

She didnt even drink the soup.


He was a little uneasy.


Gu Suier had a good temper.

If it was anything else, she would have surely endured it.


But now, it was about her son ah.


“Third Master, you cant poke his cheek like that.

Your hands are so hard and rough, it will hurt him.

His skin is so tender ah, its not good to do it.


Xiao Heng: “…”


Gu Suier: “You dont have to hold him anymore, just give him to the nanny.”


When the nanny heard her words, she promptly moved forward to take him over.


Xiao Heng swept a glance over the nanny, not moving.


Gu Suier heaved a sigh and said in an extremely tolerant tone, “Then dont poke him again.”


Xiao Heng didnt expect that a day would come when he would be despised by Gu Suier.

After a moment of silence, he finally tried to defend himself: “Its alright, he isnt hurt.”


However, as soon as the words were said, the little guy in his arms suddenly burst into tears.


Xiao Heng didnt know what to say.


The nanny lowered her head, desperately trying to suppress her laughter.


Gu Suier: “Nanny, can you hold the Little Young Master ah”


Not daring to look at Xiao Heng, the nanny could only brace herself and take the child over.


Xiao Heng took a look at Gu Suier and handed his son to the nanny with a dark face.


At this moment, a loud clamor was heard outside the room.

It was the Old Madam who had brought the two Young Madams over to see the child.


As soon as the old lady entered the room, she heard Gu Suiers words about taking over the child and asked with a chuckle: “Whats going on Eh, Ah Heng is also here.

Why is your face so unsightly,”


On the side, the nanny holding the little tadpole didnt dare to utter a word.


Gu Suier had no choice but to say, “Just now, the third Master held the Little Young Master and poked his face with his finger.

So I asked the nanny to hold him after explaining to him a few things.”


When the Old Madam heard this, she shook her head helplessly and spoke to Xiao Heng: “You ah, how old are you You are already twenty years old, not a child any longer.

Why are you so reckless A newborn babys skin and flesh are the most tender.

No matter how careful you are, you are a man after all.

What should we do if you accidentally poke him a little harder and injure him”


As she said that, she took the little one from the nannys arms and looked at him carefully.

Translators Note: Poor Ah Heng.

I feel like his status declined after his son is born! T _ T

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