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Gu Suier looked over and noticed a middle-aged man of about forty years sitting behind a yellow desk.

Seeing them, he stood up, his posture tall and straight, possessing an innately dignified impression.

He was dressed in yellow robes and was wearing a golden crown on his head.


But at this time, he was smiling.

He stood up and came over to welcome them affectionately.


This person was extremely amiable, to the extent that Gu Suier didnt realize he was the Emperor.

Instead, she felt he had a good-looking face and couldnt help but peek at him a few more times.


It was not until Xiao Heng knelt down with Little Ah Chen in his arms that she realized his identity.

She knelt hastily, greeting the Emperor with Xiao Heng.


Xiao Heng had already taught her what to say and what to do beforehand.

Hence, she did as she was taught, appearing prim and proper.


The Emperor let them stand up and took Little Ah Chen from Xiao Hengs arms before telling them to sit.


Gu Suier didnt know whether she should sit or not, but seeing Xiao Heng taking a seat, she reluctantly sat down too.


When she looked up, she saw the Emperor looking at her familys Little Ah Chen with a smile.

The more he looked at the baby, the more he was unwilling to put him down.

He hugged Little Ah Chen and spoke up, “Indeed! This child is truly good-looking.

He looks just like Ah Heng when he was a child!”


Beside her, Xiao Heng sat without saying a word.

There was no expression on his face.


Too disrespectful.


Gu Suier felt a little uneasy.


However, the Emperor didnt care at all.

He took a few more glances at the little guy.

Coincidentally, Little Ah Chen slowly opened his eyes just at this time.


As a baby who had just had his full moon celebration, his eyesight had developed a lot more and had become more active than before.

He looked at the Emperor quietly as if he was scrutinizing this strange man.

Soon, his little nose wrinkled, and the corners of his delicate pink mouth were drawn back in an action indicating that he was about to cry out.


The Emperor felt distressed.

He hurriedly swung him back and forth in his arms, coaxing in a low voice: “Be good, dont cry! Dont cry, dont cry…”


At that moment, he didnt seem to be an Emperor at all.

Rather, he was like an old man in the countryside trying to coax his grandson.


Seeing this scene, Gu Suier was at a complete loss.

She couldnt help but take a look at the Emperor a few more times.


She did feel that the Emperor looked good, but she couldnt quite remember where she had seen him.


But then again, how was it possible for her to have him before


Right at this time, after consoling Little Ah Chen, the Emperor looked at her with a smile.

Gu Suier hurriedly lowered her head.


The former didnt mind.

He asked kindly: “Why did you seem a little surprised when you saw Zhen for the first time just now”


Gu Suier lowered her head even more and mumbled, “Its nothing.

Merely…merely, when she saw Your Majesty, this commoner woman felt that you seemed somewhat familiar, as if she had seen Your Majesty somewhere.

But this commoner woman is not very knowledgeable, originally just being a rural woman.

How could she have possibly seen Your Majestys countenance These thoughts perplexed this commoner woman.”


Hearing this, the Emperor was stunned.

Regaining his consciousness, he unexpectedly laughed.


Gu Suier lowered her head somewhat sheepishly.


Xiao Heng placed his hand over hers and squeezed it lightly.


Warmth surged in her heart.

Gu Suier knew that Xiao Heng was comforting herself, so she pursed her lips and smiled at him softly.


At this point, the baby held in the Emperors arms had already stopped crying.

Although he still tossed and turned in his arms, he gradually began giggling, revealing his pink and tender gums.

His chubby little hands stretched out stealthily towards the brocade string attached to the Emperors golden crown.


The Emperor, who was smiling dotingly at the little one, suddenly asked Xiao Heng: “Hes had his full moon celebration.

Did you choose a good name for him”


Xiao Heng replied, “Chose one recently.”


Chose one recently…


Gu Suier lowered her head, not daring to say that the name was chosen inside the carriage on their way here.


The Emperor raised his brows.

However, he still asked, “Which one did you choose”


Xiao Heng said: “It was selected from the list that Your Majesty gave me before.

Its a name with the single character– Chen.”


As soon as he heard this, the Emperor looked at the baby boy in his arms, and murmured, “Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen.

Not bad, its pretty good.

Pretty good!”


He uttered the words three times in a row; each time louder and clearer than in the past.

It was obvious that he was in a good mood.


Right then, Little Ah Chens chubby hand firmly grasped the string attached to the golden crown and pulled it with all his strength.


Gu Suier had been paying close attention to her familys Little Ah Chen, so she noticed his actions early on.

However, the childs movements were so fast that she couldnt speak out to prevent his action in time.


She saw his tender and chubby little hands pulling the brocade string and using the strength of his two little fat legs to kick, like a carp taken out of water.


“Aiyo—” It was so sudden that the Emperor couldnt help but let out a low groan.


Eunuch Hu immediately rushed forward in alarm.


However, it was too late.


The bright and dazzling golden crown on the head of the dignified and solemn Emperor in the throne room, the monarch respected by everyone in the world, was actually pulled down by a child who was hardly over a month old.


No one would have ever imagined that a child so small would have such strength and courage.

He was still in his swaddling clothes!

[T/N: Its precisely because he doesnt understand anything that he dares to do so though… (; ̄︶ ̄) ]


Seeing the Emperors sorry state with his golden crown hanging beside his hair, Eunuch Hus face turned pale with fright: “Your Majesty… Your Majesty…”


He jogged over to help take it off.


Nevertheless, the golden crown was bound to the hair and thus, it wasnt so easy to remove.


A short period of utter commotion ensued.


Gu Suier was also terrified.

Her legs weakened as she almost fell to the ground.

But Little Ah Chen was in the Emperors arms.

Seeing his miserable state, she was extremely worried that he would drop her child in a fit of pique.

As a result, she braced herself and paced forward, intending to catch Little Ah Chen.


The imperial guards and the palace maids outside the study also heard the movement inside.

The guards hurried in to check, apparently ready to rescue the people.


The scene was in absolute chaos.


In the midst of all this commotion, the most unperturbed person was probably Xiao Heng.

He sat in his place with his usual indifferent expression, watching the sorry figure of the Emperor and his familys little thing who caused all the trouble, without even moving.


The disheveled Emperor with a misplaced golden crown held Little Ah Chen firmly in one hand, without any intention of letting go.

Then, he raised his eyes and glanced coldly at the guards who had just rushed in: “Get out.”


The guards were a little shocked.

All of them knelt on the ground with audibleplops.


They had only entered the room because they heard a strange sound and a cry of fear.

It was very much in line with the rule of the guards in the Palace.


The men trembled in fear as they withdrew.


After Eunuch Hu had also finally helped remove the emperors gold crown, and combed the Emperors hair into a bun, he stood respectfully by the side, looking at the little child with apprehension.


This baby from Marquis RuiDings family is truly terrible ah… He even dares to pull His Majestys golden crown… This, this, this…


Eunuch Hu did not dare to think further.


At this time, the emperor, without the majestic golden crown on his head, looked like an ordinary middle-aged man whose hair was combed in a bun and wearing a yellow robe.


He raised his dragon eyes and looked at the baby in his arms.


The small child didnt know he had courted a huge disaster.

He was still babbling, his little hands and feet fluttering around as if they were dancing in high spirits. 


Gu Suier who had finally come before the Emperor, opened her arms to catch her baby.


However, a scene, which neither she nor Eunuch Hu expected, unfolded.

Not only did the Emperor not look angry when he faced Little Ah Chen, but he also stared at him with a face full of pleasant surprise: “How come youre so strong at this age”


As he said that, he glanced at Eunuch Hu and proclaimed, “Take a look.

Chener can already pull my golden crown!”


Eunuch Hu: “……”


Gu Suier blinked, not knowing whether she should withdraw her outstretched arm or keep on stretching it out.


The Emperor smiled with satisfaction: “This little child is really extraordinary, ah!”


Eunuch Hus stiff lips twitched as he tried hard to squeeze out a smile: “Yes, yes, indeed extraordinary.

Hes so young but hes really capable…”


But all capability… was used to bully Your Majesty.


Little Ah Chen stretched out his hand again, but this time, his aim seemed to be the Emperors beard.


The Emperor grabbed his little hand.


Holding it, he only felt that the little hand was soft and tender.

He could wrap it around with just one finger of his.


A burst of tenderness and regret surged in his heart; he was so delighted that he simply hated to move his eyes from the child.


“Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen, hahaha, really a good name.

In the future, he will certainly become a man of indomitable spirit!”


Gu Suier was originally full of anxiety, but now seeing the situation, her expression gradually loosened.


She silently backed away and stood aside, waiting.


His Majesty clearly liked Little Ah Chen very much.

He asked her and Xiao Heng many questions such as how well he was eating, if he usually slept well or not, and a good deal of other small details.


In the end, he personally hung a jade pendant around Xiao Chens neck.


“This one is for Ah Chen.”


Gu Suier naturally couldnt do anything but hastily bow her head and thank him for his favor along with Xiao Heng.


The Emperor instructed Eunuch Hu to lead Gu Suier out.

He bestowed a lot of toys for the child and even rewarded Gu Suier with various precious head ornaments and nutritious items.


Departing the study, Gu Suier waited in the palaces side hall outside but Xiao Heng stayed behind to speak with the Emperor.


Since Nanny An and GuiZhi hadnt come in, Gu Suier was holding Little Ah Chen herself.

Eunuch Hu was tasked with watching over her; a palace maid and a nanny were also arranged to serve by her side.


“Madam, if you need anything, please tell me without any hesitation.” Eunuch Hu treated Gu Suier in a polite and deferential manner; he even called herMadam instead ofYoung Mistress.


“Thank you, Chief Eunuch Hu.” Gu Suier didnt realize the issue of how Eunuch Hu addressed her.

She held Little Ah Chen in her arms, watching him babble while thinking of taking him back early so that she could breastfeed him.


Inside the Palace, she constantly felt a bit uneasy.


Eunuch Hu carried forth a bowl: “Madam, this is fresh milk, you can try it first.

Meanwhile, how about I hold the Little Young Master for you”


Gu Suier couldnt find it in herself to hand over the child, so she smiled and said: “Chief Eunuch Hu does not need to, Ill just hold him myself.”


Just as she was talking, she saw a person walk in from outside the palace hall.

When he raised his head, Gu Suier was stunned.

That person was none other than the third Prince.


The very person who created an uproar by insisting that her little tadpole was his son.


The third Prince was also dumbfounded to see Gu Suier.


It turned out that the day he made a scene and consequently Gu Suier went into labor, he had caused some other trouble.

After he was recalled to the Palace by the Emperors Imperial decree, he was given a bitter lesson.


What else could he do He could only suffer unwillingly and restrain himself.

But after all, he had doubts in his heart.

It was clearly this woman that night.

Shouldnt the child also belong to him How could Xiao Heng be willing to acknowledge this second-hand good1T/N: The author actually used茬 which refers to the land on which a round of crop has already been grown and taken.

So, Im assuming hes referring to Suier as a “second-hand good”.


He had all kinds of doubts in his heart but he dare not speak up.

He could only secretly send someone to investigate this matter.


Today, he specially came to the Imperial study with the intention of discussing his Mother Empress birthday celebration with his Father Emperor and by coincidence, met Gu Suier.


Gu Suier, whose confinement period had just ended, did not wear any make-up.

Her bare face was like a snow-white piece of jade while her thin lips were delicate and beautiful.

Her long, inky black hair was lightly combed into a bun and only a jasper hairpin was inserted diagonally in it.

She looked as pure as the time when he had seen her next to the red wall of the old inn.

But at present, a womans languid charm was also vaguely added about her.


He froze in his steps.

After staring blankly at her for a while, he lowered his head and looked at the child in Gu Suiers arms.


That boy… his brows and eyes were indeed a little similar to his childhood appearance.


This baby closely resembled the portrait of him in his infancy.


Gu Suier was caught off guard.

Seeing him looking at her like this, she suddenly felt nervous.


She didnt want to cause trouble nor did she want to offend this person or anyone else.

Above all, she didnt want Xiao Heng to misunderstand herself!


This was the inner courtyard of the Palace, not her home or TingZhu Courtyard.

Here, everything was beyond her control.


She looked on helplessly as the third Prince walked towards her, clutching her little tadpole tightly, and turned to Eunuch Hu for help.


“Chief Eunuch Hu, I… I suddenly feel a little cold here, I want to go back inside…”


She wanted to find Xiao Heng.

She wanted to go right back to the room where the Emperor was!


Only Xiao Heng could protect her.


“This…” Naturally, Eunuch Hu knew that His Majesty was discussing confidential matters with Commander Xiao and he could not bother them at will.

So, he replied awkwardly: “Madam, please wait a while.

This slave will go in and report to His Majesty.”


But of course, this was a perfunctory answer.

He did not dare to intrude when the Emperor was talking to Commander Xiao.


And by the time when Eunuch Hu said this, the third prince had already walked up to Gu Suier and looked at the child in her arms.


“Hes born quite remarkable.”


Indeed a child with remarkable looks.

He was handsome, with a pair of quick-witted limpid eyes that looked as if he could understand exactly what was happening around him.


He already had three children of his own— two sons and one daughter, but they were not as good-looking as this guy.


This child did not look like a child who had just turned a month old.


However, when he got closer, Gu Suier only felt that the god of plague had approached her.

A chill ran down her back as her hair almost stood up on its ends.


She didnt– didnt want this person to come closer or talk to her.


But the three Prince stared at her without any intention of retreating.


What should she do now


Should she start running


At this time, as if perceiving his mothers wild heartbeats, the little tadpole suddenly let out a high-pitched, impassioned cry.




The newborns loud and penetrating cries startled everyone.

It also reached the ears of Xiao Heng and the Emperor who were discussing official matters.

T/N: Little Ah Chen to the rescue! xD

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1T/N: The author actually used茬 which refers to the land on which a round of crop has already been grown and taken.

So, Im assuming hes referring to Suier as a “second-hand good”.


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