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When this soft and shiny black hair contrasted with her top-notch creamy white skin, the scene appeared even more charming.


And this was exactly what Xiao Heng witnessed as soon as he entered the room.


He halted, his eyes darkening.


“I wrote a letter in reply to my parents letter.” Seeing Xiao Heng come in, Gu Suier put Little Ah Chen on the bed and said with a smile.


“En.” Xiao Heng stood at the door for a moment, waiting for the coolness on him to disperse before walking in.


He sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the little guy from the bed.


Because the room was really warm, the little one was wearing a bright red cotton dudou inside a short-sleeved jacket of the same color and an embroidered, cotton dubikun1Dubikun [犢鼻褌] – According to google, it is a type of ancient short underwear but I couldnt get any comprehensible image of it..


Xiao Heng couldnt help raising the rosy and adorable little child high up in the air as he watched him stare at him with his big shiny eyes.


Little Ah Chen was also very courageous.

He was not at all afraid; instead, his tiny hands and feet fluttered around excitedly.

He babbled along, just like a little bee buzzing in the air.


Gu Suier looked on with a smile but eventually, she couldnt help saying, “Be careful, or else hell pee on you.

I just fed him.”


Although he was wearing a diaper, it had fallen off when the two were playing.


As if he didnt hear it, Xiao Heng proceeded with lifting Little Ah Chen high up in the air.


As he did so, drool dripped down from the childs moist and ruddy, cherry-like little mouth.


Xiao Heng looked at his son with a faint smile in his eyes: “Actually, he looks more like you.”


Everyone said that this child looked totally like him but he felt that Little Ah Chen resembled Gu Suier more.


Unexpectedly, just as he said those words, he felt a moist warmth at his bosom.


He stiffened slightly, immediately realizing what had happened.


Gu Suier hurriedly got up to take the child: “I warned you just now.

Now see, he has peed.”


While talking, she took Little Ah Chen from Xiao Hengs arms.

By that time, the dubikun was already soaking wet.

She had to change his clothes again.


Nanny An and the maids also came over, intending to help Xiao Heng change his clothes.


Xiao Heng didnt need their help.

He took his clothes and went behind the screen.


After changing, he came over to the bed and saw that Little Ah Chens clothes had already been changed into a satin pink, cotton-padded childrens robe embroidered with flowers and plants.


Little Ah Chens skin was tender and snow-white but now, set against this bright pink color, he looked even more exquisite.

The two-month-old babys little feet that had never touched the ground were exposed below the robe; they were chubby and adorable.


Xiao Heng couldnt help holding a small foot in his big palm.


Little Ah Chens tiny feet were not as big as his palms.


He suddenly thought of the little tiger-head shoes that Gu Suier had embroidered before.

Those seemed to be quite compatible with his feet, so he asked, “Why didnt I see him wearing the shoes you embroidered”


Gu Suier tidied up the babys clothes, tied her loosened bun, and instructed Nanny An to set up the meal.

Hearing Xiao Hengs question, she smiled softly and said, “Its nice and warm in the room.

I dont usually put it on him since he doesnt leave the yard.

But I do so when I take him to the Old Madam.”


Xiao Heng nodded.

For the next few minutes, he asked all kinds of questions regarding Little Ah Chens daily life, all of which were answered patiently by Gu Suier.


And while the two of them were chatting, Nanny An had already set up the meal.


During dinner, Xiao Heng asked about the letter from her parents.


When Gu Suier recalled that her parents were coming to YanJing City in spring, her eyes filled with happiness.

She smiled, “My parents and Ah Bao also said that they will come to see me soon.”


Xiao Heng actually knew this for a long time.

So, hearing this, he nodded slightly.


According to the reports of his subordinates, this Ah Baos aptitude was pretty good.


Although Xiao Heng didnt answer much, Gu Suier couldnt stop herself.

She talked about the things mentioned in the letter as well as things about her parents.


“Father and mother said that they have saved a lot of eggs and plan to bring them to me at that time.

However, I dont think they will be able to manage bringing so many eggs with them.”


Hearing this, Xiao Heng was stunned.

A strange emotion flashed in his eyes.

He shot a glance at Gu Suier, only to see her sitting there calmly.

Her white and exquisite skin exuded a different kind of tranquil and delicate charm.

With just one look, one would find her beautiful; the kind of beauty one perceives when a warm spring breeze blows.


“Although there is no shortage of eggs in the house, its your parents kind regards after all.

Its not a bad idea.

Ill notify the subordinates to be more careful at that time.”


When Gu Suier heard it, she was pleasantly surprised.

She knew that this meant Xiao Heng would specially instruct someone to find a way to bring the eggs safely.


“Thank you, third Master.”


Xiao Heng didnt say anything at first, but then, he raised his head and announced, “I like to eat eggs.”


Gu Suier didnt expect to hear him say that, so she looked up at him in surprise.


His expression was so faint that she couldnt infer anything from his face.


After a moments silence, she pursed her lips and smiled: “Good that my parents will bring a lot.”




After dinner, Xiao Heng played with little Xiao Chen again.


Gu Suier looked at the little baby waving his arms around in excitement.

She felt both an urge to laugh and helplessness: “Third Master, its getting late.

He has to go to bed now.”


Xiao Heng countered: “He is not at all sleepy.”


Gu Suier felt more and more helpless.

Anyhow, she had to explain softly: “He is still young, so he may not know if hes sleepy.

If the adults dont coax him to sleep, hell become noisy when he cant stand the sleepiness anymore.”


When children felt really sleepy, they would cry loudly or start screaming.

At that time, it would take a lot of effort to put them to sleep.


Xiao Heng frowned.


He looked down at this white and tender little baby.

He was particularly frightful whenever he cried; his little mouth would open wide as he let out a world-shaking wail and begin crying, making one feel ill at ease.


His better judgement made him decide not to provoke this little thing.


“Then he should sleep first.” He reluctantly agreed.


“En, Ill put him to sleep first.

Third Master, you should go and rest in the next room.”


Gu Suier picked up her familys little Xiao Chen and prepared to settle down to lull him to sleep.


As for Xiao Heng, she didnt even give him a second glance.


Xiao Heng froze.

He stood by the bed for a short time and had no choice but to turn around and go out.


He clearly remembered that a few months ago, her eyes were all over him.

She couldnt take her eyes away from him for a moment.


It wasnt a long time back but now, his position in her heart was far inferior to little Xiao Chens.


After he walked out of the room, he felt a chill wrapping around his body.


In the past, he was not afraid of the cold.

A dignified man would never be afraid of the cold but now, after coming out of the warm and fragrant room, he unexpectedly felt that this cold air was overwhelmingly dismal and frigid.

It was rather unbearable.


He frowned faintly but still went to the study.

He didnt want to go to bed early in this endless night; he did indeed have some business to deal with.


Unexpectedly, not long after he sat down, he heard a knock on the door.


“Third Master, this slave asked the kitchen to simmer some special ginseng soup for the third master.

Please drink a little at least.”


Originally, Xiao Heng was feeling somewhat miserable and disappointed so he inevitably frowned when he heard the knock: “Who are you”


“Third Master, this slave is Bao Ya.”


Bao Ya


Xiao Heng tried to recall the person.


“This slave was bestowed by His Majesty to serve third Master.”


Standing outside the study, Bao Ya was feeling anxious so she mentioned this at once.


Although that Gu Suier had hogged the third Master all to herself for such a long time, he probably couldnt have simply forgotten who she was, could he


Hearing her mention the Emperors reward, Xiao Heng finally remembered something.

He seemed to have randomly changed that persons name to Bao Ya at that time.


“Come in.” Xiao Heng just flipped through the letter.

He was really a little thirsty.


Bao Ya was overjoyed to hear this.

She quickly pushed the door and entered the study.


As soon as she came in, Xiao Heng smelled a sweet smell.


He didnt like this fragrance, it was too strong.


He suddenly remembered the fragrance on Gu Suiers body.

It was faint and not deliberately smeared but it had a clear and pleasant smell.


Tonight, Bao Ya had deliberately dressed herself up.

She had tied up her hair in a high bun, smeared red rouge on her lips, and had done her face makeup meticulously.

Every corner of her outfit was specially modified so that even in this cold season, her tender and beautiful collarbone was exposed to the eyes.


In fact, this Bao Yas appearance was also of the highest grade.

By mere virtue of the fact that she could be selected to enter the Palace and be granted to Xiao Heng, she was an exceptional beauty.

How could she be compared to the common people who didnt know anything


As long as the other person was not a blockhead, who wouldnt like to embrace the warm and fragrant jade-like beauty intending to serve by his side on such a wintry night


However, Xiao Heng was precisely that blockhead.


He glanced at Bao Ya lightly and nodded, “Put it down.”


His meaning being: Go out after putting down the bowl of ginseng soup.


Bao Ya was taken aback, but of course, she would not give up this opportunity.


This was the only chance she had managed to secure without Jin Fus knowledge or Nanny Ans attention.


Tonight, she was going to climb into the third Masters bed.


As long as she became the third Masters person, no matter how his identity changed in the future, she would definitely be his concubine.


“Third Master, this slave can help you grind the ink.” She happened to see the pen, ink, paper, and inkstone on the table and immediately came up with an idea.

A charming smile bloomed on her face: “Bao Ya has read some books.

At least, she can write a few poems.

She had also assisted her father to grind ink when she was at home.”


“I see.” Xiao Heng didnt care, he needed someone to grind ink for him.


Understanding that she could stay, Bao Yas heartbeat sped up; she was secretly delighted.

While grinding the ink, she looked at Xiao Heng expectantly.


However, Xiao Hengs entire focus was locked on the file in his hand.

He didnt pay any attention to her.


Unwilling to give up, Bao Ya inched towards Xiao Heng slowly.


By the time she was almost done grinding, her body was very close to Xiao Hengs.


Finding an opening, she let out a low cry and pretended to slip, “Aiyo…”


While exclaiming, she fell towards Xiao Heng.


She had calculated pretty accurately.

If everything went as she imagined, she would fall right into Xiao Hengs arms.

Then, her soft body would lean against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his strong waist.


She didnt believe that a young and vigorous young man would be control himself in that situation especially since Gu Suier wasnt able to serve him right after giving birth.


Her plan was flawless so she didnt care how hard she tripped; she was ready to stretch out her hand and grab him.


As long as she could grab on to Xiao Heng and hug him firmly, half of her work was done.





Bao Ya cut a sorry figure as she tumbled down to the icy-cold ground.


She raised her face blankly, only to see third Master Xiao frowning and looking up and down at her.

From his gaze, she felt as if she was a prisoner awaiting trial.


“Third Master…” Her tears almost spilled.


When she fell just now, her waist knocked against the chair.

As a result, her whole body was aching badly.


She clearly gauged the position and fell at the right place.

Who would have imagined that the other person would evade!


She endured the pain, and furtively tugged at the lapel of her dress, exposing half of her soft chest.

Doing so, she covered her face and wept softly: “Third Master, this slaves body is in pain…”


Saying that, her hand gently brushed her chest: “It hurts, it hurts here…”


Xiao Heng raised his eyebrows indifferently, looking at her for a while.

From that delicate and charming face to the turbulent waves below, he looked at everything very carefully.


Under his gaze, Bao Ya was both terrified and excited.


He– was he interested in her Did he want her to serve him


Finally, Xiao Heng opened his mouth.


Bao Yas heart leaped in excitement.


“Hu Tie, take her and interrogate carefully.”




Bao Ya was dumbfounded, thinking she had misheard him.


At this time, a silent and sturdy man entered the room and stepped forward.

He grabbed Bao Ya directly and turned to go out.


Bao Ya was terrified.

She shrieked, “Third Master, this slave came here to serve you! His Majesty commanded this slave to serve the third Master!”


However, Xiao Heng clearly didnt believe her.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and signaled Hu Tie.


The latter followed his order and lifted Bao Ya as if she were a little chick, and went out.


This mans dark and cold face devoid of human emotions made Bao Ya shudder from fright.

His tall and sturdy body was like an iron tower.

She could barely utter a sentence as she hurled her feet around: “Third Master… third Master, I dont… I dont want to leave… I want to stay here with you…”


Hu Tie looked at the woman in his arms in displeasure.

In such cold weather, her chest was half-exposed, her hair was loose and disheveled, and above all, she was crying endlessly.

Really unpresentable.

He impatiently picked up a piece of dry cloth and plugged the womans mouth neatly.


“Wuwuwuwuwu…” So stinky ah! What was this Let go of her! Let go of her! What was this thing blocking her mouth!


She, Bao Ya, was bestowed by His Majesty.

Bestowed by His Majesty!


Unfortunately, she had no chance to speak.


Feeling annoyed, Xiao Heng watched Hu Tie leave.

But recalled the recent situation in YanJing City.


His fourth uncle was about to arrive in the capital.

In the seemingly serene YanJing City, everyone had, in fact, their own agendas.


This woman needs to be properly interrogated for her dubious conduct.

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1Dubikun [犢鼻褌] – According to google, it is a type of ancient short underwear but I couldnt get any comprehensible image of it.


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