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Other people might not have understood, but Gu Suier clearly realized that he was perhaps somewhat excited now.


Zuo XiuYan felt embarrassed by his direct gaze.

She lowered her neck slightly as a tinge of pink spread on her cheeks.


This situation was indeed a bit embarrassing so the eldest Young Madam pursed her lips and spoke up with a smile, “Ah Heng, this is the Zuo familys Young Miss.”


The eldest Young Madam reminded Xiao Heng.


Her words finally made Xiao Heng come back to his senses.

When he looked at Zuo XiuYan again, his expression was relaxed.

He asked in an indifferent tone: “Zuo girl, how was your journey back to the YanJing City”


Zuo XiuYan smiled, her voice soft and delicate: “It was not bad.

Thank you for your concern, third Young Master.”


While she spoke, Xiao Hengs gaze did not move away from her.

Although it was not as blatant as before, it was still the case.


Zuo XiuYan felt increasingly bashful and turned her eyes away slightly.

However, she did not dodge it; she just raised her hand and covered her lips slightly.


When the eldest Young Madam saw this, she reckoned that the objective had almost been accomplished.


But she didnt know whether she should be happy or unhappy.

She turned her eyes to Gu Suier, who was standing at the side with her head lowered.


Sighing, she stopped speaking.


After everyone chatted for a while, the eldest Young Madam suggested watching plum blossoms.

Despite hesitating at first, almost all of them decided to go with the eldest Young Madam to view the red plums.


Coincidentally, the only ones who stayed behind were Xiao Heng and that Zuo girl.


After walking some distance away, Gu Suier turned her head and looked back.

In the pavilion, she saw the figures of two people: an admirable man and a dainty woman, standing there, appearing quite well-matched.


“Oh! Be careful, Suier.

Whats wrong with you” The eldest Young Madam was startled to see Gu Suier almost bumping into the nearby plum tree.


“Im alright… alright…” Gu Suier raised her head and was stunned to see the tree.

She touched her forehead: “I merely didnt notice it before.”


“Are you really alright” Lu QingYi took her by the hand and asked with deep concern.




However, Gu Suier was very clear that her mind had indeed wandered off somewhere.


Fawning on Zuo girl, who was about to marry into the TingZhu Courtyard, felt completely plausible to her.


She thought about it and asked Lu QingYi in a low voice: “If I embroider a pouch for Zuo girl, will she despise it Or will she like it”


Lu QingYis expression turned a little awkward: “I dont know.”


She had a feeling that although this Zuo girl seemed extremely gentle and delicate, she might not necessarily be so.


Gu Suier: “Shes a pretty good person.

Maybe she knew I was hungry, so she intentionally let me eat the pastries some time ago.”


Lu QingYi didnt know what to say in reply.


That Zuo girl must have some ulterior motives for being so kind.


By the time they returned to the Old Madams yard, Ah Chen had already begun crying loudly.

At present, he was flapping his little fists and two plump legs around, venting his temper.


Seeing Gu Suier, the Old Madam instantly let out a sigh of relief: “You are finally here.

My Little Ah Chen ah, has really suffered a lot!”


As she spoke, she quickly handed the baby to her.


After Gu Suier held him, RuYi led her to the inner room to breastfeed Ah Chen.


Ah Chens eyes sparkled when he saw his mother.

And almost like a little wolf cub, he pounced on Gu Suier and grabbed her lapel with both hands, opening his little mouth to eat hungrily.


He ate to his hearts content, looking visibly happy.


Gu Suier also breathed a sigh of relief and stroked Ah Chen affectionately.


While doing so, she suddenly recalled some of Lu QingYis words regarding the Zuo girl and that short sentence: Treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime.


“I just hope that us mother and son are not disliked by her so that we can at least have a place to live.

Or else, Mother can be considered as letting you down.”


She didnt actually care that much about herself.

Here, she lived a better life than she had in the countryside.

She only felt distressed for Ah Chen.


He was such a good child.

But because he came out of her belly, he had to face these precarious days.


Little Ah Chen ate noisily.

After he was full, he pursed his ruddy little mouth and turned over his chubby body with a grunt.

Then, he lay there and raised his big head to look at his mother.


His eyes were so bright that they seemed to be able to speak.


Gu Suier couldnt help laughing all of a sudden, and stroked his hair: “My darling Ah Chen, my little tadpole.”


At this moment, RuYi came in and smiled: “The Old Madam asked you to take Brother Chen out after he has finisher eating.

She wants to let Madam Zuo meet him.”


There were not many children in the family; only a boy from the eldest branch and a girl from the second.

And now that those two were a bit older, they were naturally not as charming as a delicate little infant like Ah Chen.

Hence, the Old Madam liked to have Gu Suier bring Ah Chen over every now and then.


Sometimes when guests came, she also liked to hold him in her lap and introduce him to them.


Gu Suier didnt think much.

She directly picked Little Ah Chen and followed RuYi out.


As soon as they entered, the Old Madam hurriedly took the baby in her arms.

Now, he was not crying as before.

Instead, he seemed perfectly contented and opened his mouth to babble.


She couldnt help but lovingly pat his head: “This child, so gluttonous.”


Madam Zuo, who was beside her, saw the child and asked thoughtfully, “This is…”


As soon as she finished speaking, she saw the baby stretch his body incredibly and clench his soft fist.

He babbled, his posture looking as if he was exerting all his strength and was about to punch someone.


Everyone laughed when they saw him act like this.


The Old Madam hugged Ah Chen and smiled and said: “His name is Xiao Chen.

He was born to Suier, Ah Hengs concubine, and is over four months old now.”


Hearing her words, Madam Zuo gazed at him for a long time.

Finally, she said with a smile: “This child looks very good.”


When she said this, it aroused the old ladys interest.


So she went on and on about Little Ah Chen.

How he could identify people from the moment he was born, how he could lift his head during confinement, how he could turn over after he was two months old and how it took less than four months for Little Ah Chen to sit up.


Before the Old Madam brought up the matter of this child, Madam Zuo assumed that she didnt attach much importance to him.

But now, she realized that the old lady was simply trying to test herself.

When she mentioned this child, her words were so full of love that it could hardly be concealed.


Madam Zuos expression turned a bit unnatural.

She quickly tried to recall whether she had disregarded the child before or not, and decided to act pragmatically: “This child is really amazing.” 


Perceiving something, Madam gently pulled the corner of the older womans attire.


Although she felt that her words were inappropriate, the Old Madam was her mother-in-law after all.

Moreover, she was well advanced in age so she couldnt interrupt her directly.


The Old Madam didnt seem to understand anything.


She loved Little Ah Chen dearly.

And just like those old ladies who loved their grandsons, she couldnt wait to inform everyone of her great-grandsonsglorious achievements.


So long as one gave her an opportunity to start talking on the topic, she could go on and on for three days and three nights.


Therefore, Madam Zuos praise encouraged her even more.


“Look, look, hes looking at me as if he knows Im talking about him.

So clever!”


Madam Zuos expression became more and more uncomfortable.

She spoke reluctantly: “Yes, very clever.”


Everyone in the room noticed Madam Zuos unhappiness and felt a little troubled.

Xiao Jin even let out a low cough.


Gu Suier buried her head even lower.

She could sense that something was off but couldnt pinpoint it.


But the Old Madam didnt seem to notice it at all.


She held Little Ah Chen and eagerly ask Madam Zuo to look at Little Ah Chens little chubby hands and feet, and the piece of jade on his neck: “His Majesty liked him very much so he specially rewarded this.”


After she said this, Madam Zuos face turned green…


“His Majesty seems to dote on the Little Young Master…”


“Yes, he loves this child.” The Old Madam chuckled: “Although he is born of a concubine, he is, in the end, Ah Hengs flesh and blood.”


After a moment of silence, Madam Zuo forced out a laugh.

By this time, she had also understood that the Old Madam was deliberately making these remarks, so she hurriedly said: “No matter if he is a concubine-born or a wife-born son, he is Ah Hengs child and should be treasured.

That is for sure, for sure.” 


The Old Madams expression turned into that of appreciation: “Having such an insight, Madam is indeed out of the ordinary.

I used to tell them, that as a girl, one must learn to be tolerant and generous.

You must never learn to be like those petty-minder women from small families!”


Madam Zuos mind was now a mush.

She was embarrassed and uncomfortable, so she could only follow along: “What the Old Madam said is very true!”


Sitting aside, Zuo XiuYans hands hidden under her sleeves trembled.


She could comprehend that in reality, the Old Madam was aiming those words at herself.


This was her first time at Marquis RuiDings mansion.

Originally, she was full of expectations; she never thought that she would be embarrassed like this.


Back in her room at night, Gu Suier coaxed Little Ah Chen to sleep first.

She didnt know what happened to this child today.

He was continuously tossing and turning, sometimes even crying out loudly.


She was at a loss, having no choice but to carry him back and forth in the room.

After a long while of coaxing, the child groaned and finally fell asleep.


Even so, he still mumbled a few times in his sleep, as if he was holding on to someone.


For a long time, Gu Suier stared at Little Ah Chen in a daze.

At last, she got up to rummage through the different kinds of silk threads and brought out the flower patterns that she had accumulated bit by bit, wishing to make a satisfying pouch.


While she was fiddling around, Xiao Heng came back.

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