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T/N: Congratulations, @Hopelessly hopeful, your guess was absolutely on point! Little Ah Chen does what babies have entitled themselves to do and manages to make ZXY shed a layer of skin hahaha.

Also, this has forever been the primary reason for my concern when holding a baby xD

Little Ah Chens clear eyes shone with excitement.

He pulled her clothes even more energetically while squealing loudly: “Yi yi ya ya ya ya!”


Caught in a difficult situation, Zuo XiuYan looked extremely pitiful.

She glanced at the Old Madam and the eldest Young Madam with eyes pleading for help.

She had originally assumed that they would come to save her, but from the old to the young, everyone began laughing.


While laughing, the Old Madam looked lovingly at the child in her arms.


From her expression, Zuo XiuYan realized that she didnt mean to reproach the child at all.

On the contrary, she praised him: “Hes only four months old but he has a lot of strength.”


The eldest Young Madam echoed: “Yes, the kicks of his little chubby legs have great strength.”


Zuo XiuYan felt aggrieved and frustrated but she could only suppress her displeasure and force a joyful smile: “Hes really strong ah, I—”


Gritting her teeth, she bit the bullet after a moments hesitation, “I have always liked little children the most.

After meeting our little Ah Chen, I came to adore him from the bottom of my heart.”


Just as she said this, the originally excited little Ah Chen suddenly froze with a thoughtful look on his face.


When the Old Madam noticed this, she immediately understood: “Aiyou, are you going to pee ah”


‘Going to pee! Zuo XiuYan was horrified.

She reflexively wanted to hurl Ah Chen away, but in front of the Old Madam, she didnt dare.

She forcibly stifled the growing anxiety and asked: “Th-then what should I do now”


“Hold him out.”


“Ah” She didnt understand ah, she really didnt understand ah!


Seeing this, the Old Madam had no choice but to rush to take little Ah Chen from her.

However, Zuo XiuYan suddenly felt a warm liquid drip down from near her shoulders.


Her body stiffened as she suddenly realized something.

With that realization, her scalp turned numb and a chill ran down her back, all while her body remained motionless.


The Old Madam also found out about it as she took him over: “I cant believe you really peed, you ignorant little guy!”


The second Young Madam also smiled and said, “This child actually peed on Zuo girl.

Im sorry, Zuo girl.

Come with me and change your clothes, alright”


At this moment, Zuo XiuYan really wanted to cry but she had no tears.


A delicate and pretty girl like her was soaked all over in urine…


But she forcibly endured it and smiled stiffly: “Its alright, its alright.

Hes just a child, it doesnt matter if he pees.”


After going back, Zuo XiuYan rubbed her body fiercely, almost washing off a layer of her skin.

Despite that, she still couldnt feel comfortable.


However, she gritted her teeth and decided that since she had already begun, she must persevere to the end.


As a result, Zuo XiuYan embarked on a path of pretense from then on.

Every time she came to accompany the Old Madam, she would carry little Ah Chen, play with him and sometimes even act to enthusiastically watch over him.

A few days into her act and she was already both mentally and physically exhausted.


Regardless, thinking how she must deceive this little child over to herself, she couldnt allow herself to fail just because of the lack of final effort.

So she could only try her best to resist the disgust and pretend to love him.


After about seven or eight days of doing this, she felt that she could move on to the next step.

So she dragged the unwilling Xiao Jin over to TingZhu Courtyard to take a look at Ah Chen.

This move was somewhat purposeful because she was aiming for a chance encounter with Xiao Heng.


As for the attention Xiao Heng paid to Gu Suier that day, she had thought about it for a long time and finally assumed that there was something odd about it.


Xiao Heng was clearly interested in her when they first met.

But that day, he didnt even look at herself; he must have done it on purpose.


Why did he not look at her Could he be embarrassed Or perhaps, did he want to avoid arousing suspicion until their marriage was finalized


Zuo XiuYan thought about it, feeling that no matter what his intentions were, she had to find a way to approach Xiao Heng.


With this kind of thought in mind, she could somehow endure that hateful little baby.


But Xiao Jin was a little unhappy.

Now that she and Gu Suier had grown more and more estranged, she was even less willing to step into TingZhu Courtyard.

Thereupon, after a few days, Zuo XiuYan was the only one who came to visit TingZhu Courtyard.


Gu Suier was relieved to see Zuo XiuYan coming over so often.


She felt that since Zuo XiuYan was willing to come over, no matter who it was to meet, at least she had the opportunity to get along well with her nicely.


Therefore, every time Zuo XiuYan came, she would try her best to entertain her.

She would also instruct Nanny An to take out the highest quality blood swallows nest sent by the Palace specially for supplementing herself and simmer it slowly so that Zuo XiuYan could have it when she came.


As for the tea, pastries and so on, only the best ones would be used.


And she would accompany her every time.

Even if she needed to do anything important, she would postpone it and accompany Zuo XiuYan wholeheartedly.


After a while of going back and forth, Zuo XiuYan gradually started feeling that it was not too bad to come to TingZhu Courtyard.


It was just that… After tasting the top-notch blood swallows nest, she raised her eyebrows and commented lightly, “This tastes good.”


Gu Suier smiled and responded softly, “This was bestowed by the Palace.

Nanny An didnt want to use too much at once, so she just simmers a cup for me everyday.”


Hearing this, Zuo XiuYan bit her lip lightly, turned her face, and continued eating unhurriedly.


Just before coming over to the RuiDings residence, she had also wanted to drink this birds nest soup.

But her mother directly said that edible birds nest was too expensive and with the current situation at home, it was not a good idea to spend so much money on that.


Gu Suier was merely a concubine but she was the eldest young lady of the AnGuo ducal family.

Moreover, she would also become the madam and consort of a prince in the future.


Her lips curled in an inconspicuous sneer as she pretended not to care while having the soup.


In fact, it tasted a little fishy and looked not at all good.

But she only felt that it was the most delicious.


The best things were always the ones that people could not get.


While eating, she raised her head and looked at the yard.

Seeing only green bamboo inside and outside the wall, she couldnt help frowning: “This green bamboo certainly makes the yard look elegant, but it also gives it a somewhat dismal feeling.

If you can plant a few tree peony and Chinese peony plants, it will look better.

Itll be best if you plant some of the different kinds of famous flowers, so the fragrance of the flowers will linger all year round.”


Gu Suier didnt know what to say for a while.


It was not up to her to decide what to plant in this yard.

Those bamboo were planted even before she came here.

She had never thought about planting anything else in this yard.


So she could only answer vaguely: “This needs to be discussed with the third Young Master.”


Just as she was speaking, the little maid called Jing Yue came from the outside: “The third master has returned.

Hu Tie came over to report just now that he is tethering the horse and will enter soon.”


Hearing this, Gu Suier rushed to welcome him.

Overjoyed, Zuo XiuYan also followed her out immediately.


After going out, they saw Hu Tie moving a box into the yard.

When he noticed Gu Suier, he hurriedly gave a deferential bow, “Hu Tie greets the Young Mistress.”


Only after he had finished greeting Gu Suier did he see Zuo XiuYan standing beside her.

He bowed slightly: “Zuo girl.”


When Zuo XiuYan saw this subordinate greeting Gu Suier so respectfully and being so perfunctory with herself, she was a bit displeased.

She would definitely teach them a lesson after she becomes the mistress of this TingZhu Courtyard; after all, she couldnt possibly let the subordinates be ignorant of the rules.


“Bodyguard Hu, whats in this box Why do you have to move it yourself” Gu Suier asked with a gentle smile.


She knew that Hu Tie and Jiang Zheng were close friends.

Both of them were Xiao Hengs subordinates.

They were loyal, devoted and grew up together.


She had a lot of respect for the two of them- but of course, she hadnt seen Jiang Zheng these days.


Hu Tie smiled: “Reporting to the Young Mistress, the contents of this box were specially obtained by third Master and sent to the residence.

I was afraid that the servants would accidentally break them so Im moving it myself.”


At this time, Bao Ya came out of her room and walked along the path toward them.

When she came close enough, she greeted Gu Suier and Zuo XiuYan.


She wasnt wearing any makeup and was dressed in plain clothes.

Although she did m not as gorgeous as before, she looked delicate and pretty.


Since that time when she was regarded as a spy, she seemed to have undergone a big change.

Now, she scrupulously abided by her duties and never acted outside her bounds.


Bao Ya lowered her head slightly: “Young Mistress, this slave came here for a reason.

The window screen on the east side of this slaves room was broken, so I wanted to replace it with a new one.”


Gu Suier heard her words and replied hastily: “In that case, ask Nanny An to report it to the Madam and have all the window screens replaced.

Be careful, or else, youll catch a cold.”


Having thanked Gu Suier, Bao Ya was about to leave but before that, she turned her head slightly and peeked at Hu Tie.


Hu Tie happened to be looking at her so as soon as their eyes met, Hu Ties face turned crimson.

He quickly shifted his eyes.


Zuo XiuYan, who had unexpectedly witnessed this scene, instantly understood.

She was brought up in the northern part of LiaoNing, which had a much more open-minded atmosphere than YanJing City.

Therefore, she understood the matters between men and women very well.


The corners of her lips hooked up in a slight smile as the thought that this Marquis residence had dirty things going on everywhere suddenly appeared in her mind.

The concubine of the dignified Young Master was actually having an affair with the guard.

She heard that Xiao Jin had also fooled around with a guard from this yard before.

What a mess!


But at this moment, footsteps sounded outside.

And just as she raised her head, she saw a jade-like man dressed a pure white robe, stepping on the bamboo leaves scattered all over the ground to walk towards her.


She stared blankly, even a little bewildered by the scene in front of her eyes.


Such a man was rarely seen.

How fortunate would one be to have him as a husband!


After his arrival, Xiao Heng only threw a passing glance at Zuo XiuYan.


Then, he walked towards Gu Suier.


“Did you see whats inside the box” There was a hint of warmth in his clear and cold voice.


“Did not.

Bodyguard Hu only said that you had it sent over.

He had not told me what it was so I didnt dare to open it.

I was thinking of waiting till you come back.”


“Hu Tie, open it.”


Getting the command, Hu Tie promptly opened the box.


Zuo XiuYan, who had come back to her senses, also looked over in confusion.


As soon as the box was opened, a bright yellow soft silk cloth came into sight, and placed on it were actually large, round pearls.


The milky white pearls were all elegant and polished, exuding a lustrous glow.


Zuo XiuYan suddenly inhaled sharply.


In her life, she had only seen small pearls of this kind.

But those were not as many as these.


This turned out to be a box filled with large pearls ah!

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