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In the Star Brilliance clubhouse, a woman wearing Southern border exotic clothes walked to the most luxurious private room on the top floor.

Two rows of attendants in black swallowtail uniforms stood inside.

Everyone stood in a straight line with one hand behind their backs.

They did not even look at the woman who came in.

In the private room, a man in a light blue shirt was playing billiards.

He didnt even look at the door when he heard the commotion.

“I failed.”

After the woman entered, she stood beside him and said the first thing she said after entering.

“The Lu family does have protective jade talismans on them, and they used the best ones.

My Gu insects were blocked.”

Shen Wenyan shot a yellow billiard ball into the hole in the table and stood up unhurriedly.

“Then hes really lucky.

Did the master say how to deal with the Lu family”

The woman said, “Think of a way to break the talisman on Lu Beilin.”

“What about the rest of the Lu family”

“The master has his own plans.

He didnt make it clear.”

Shen Wenyan approached the woman.

He looked refined and refined, and he looked very genial on the surface.

Just by looking at his face and refined bearing, no one would associate him with a chaotic place like Underground City and the bar.

He wrapped his arm around the womans waist.

They leaned so close that they could feel each others breath.

“Baby, if I want to deal with Lu Beilin without anyone knowing, Ill have to rely on you in the future.”

The womans originally cold face turned completely red under his teasing.

She nodded.

“No matter how good an amulet is, it can only withstand one or two disasters.

After its used up, its useless.”

Shen Wenyan laughed out loud and lowered his head to kiss the woman.

The Lu family had also found information about that woman.

She was using a fake name, and the person who brought her into the banquet was also controlled by her by Gu, so the clues were basically cut off.

They did not know who she belonged to at all.

After a deeper investigation, they found that she had only arrived in the city a month ago.

Her identity card showed that she was indeed from the Southern border.

However, she never appeared again after that time at the banquet.

Lu Beilin sneered.

“Since their goal is me, there will always be a chance.”

That woman had hidden very well.

It would take a while to find her.

After the schools internal selection, Lu Beichen was going to Province S to participate in the Mathematics competition.

When she went to send her brother off, Lu Xiaocha finally saw the young man who had been competing with her brother.

Xu Ruian was a rather arrogant and confident person.

His personality was also a little wilder than his brothers.

At this moment, he immediately saw his competitor, Lu Beichen, talking to a girl.

The girls back was facing him, so he walked over.

“Yo, I thought you werent going to this competition.

I originally thought that this Mathematics competition wasnt challenging and boring.

Lu Beichen, dont disappoint me.”

Lu Beichen glanced at him.

“I hope you wont disappoint me either.”

Lu Xiaocha knew who this person was when she heard their conversation.

The star student who was involved with her brother.

She turned to look at that person curiously.

She only took a glance before looking away.

“Brother, Ill go back first.

Good luck.”

Lu Beichen nodded.

He rubbed his sisters head and watched her leave.

Then, he realized that something was wrong.

It seemed… Too quiet

Previously, Xu Ruian always said a long string of harsh words in front of him.

Why was it so quiet now

When he turned around, Lu Beichens handsome face instantly darkened.

Xu Ruian, this brat, was actually staring straight at his sister with such a lewd gaze!

“Cough, cough…”

Lu Beichen coughed twice to remind him.

However, Xu Ruian didnt seem to notice.

He continued to look in the direction Lu Xiaocha had left in and even blushed!

This time, Lu Beichen couldnt take it anymore and kicked him.

Xu Ruian came back to his senses from the kick.

His face turned red when he saw his sworn enemys dark expression.

“That… that person is your sister.”

Lu Beichens face was cold.

He did not even want to talk to him.

However, Xu Ruian shamelessly pestered him.

“Why didnt I know you had such a beautiful sister in the past Hey, Lu Beichen, say something.”

Lu Beichen: “Shut up.

What does my sister have to do with you!”

Xu Ruian scratched his head and chuckled.

“Dont be so cold.

Although were sworn enemies in terms of studies, we can be considered friends in life.

I already treat you as a friend.

So what if I get to know your sister”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

At this moment, he would rather Xu Ruian provoke him than hear this guy talk about his sister.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha, who had parted ways with her brother, was acting bravely.

A few thugs surrounded a young man in the alley to extort money.

Seeing this scene, Lu Xiaocha went forward to help.

When she walked towards them, the thugs obviously didnt think much of it and even said some nonsense when they saw her face.

In the end, the thugs ended up in a very miserable state.

All of them cried and crawled out of the alley in a sorry state.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the young man who was being bullied and paused when her gaze landed on the clothes he was wearing.

There was no other reason, this young mans attire was very similar to the pictures she saw when researching about the Southern border.

It was just that… These few days, they were too fated to fight against the Southern border.

“Thank you.”

The young mans face was a little dirty, but his eyes were exceptionally bright.

There was a snake-shaped earring on his ear.

It looked like a silver accessory, and his clothes were also decorated with silver accessories.

He was fair, tender, and fragile.

It would be strange if he didnt get mugged when she came out dressed like this and met those thugs with ill intentions.

“Hurry up and go back.

In the future, when you come out, change your clothes first.”

The young man was embarrassed.

“I… I only have this set of clothes.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

‘Thats none of my business.

She turned around and left, but she did not want to be blamed by the victim.

The young man followed eagerly.

Lu Xiaocha turned around.

“Why are you following me”

The young man stared at her—the steamed bun in her hand.

He swallowed, and his stomach growled appropriately.

Lu Xiaocha looked at him expressionlessly and quickly devoured the steamed buns.

The young man shut up.

He hugged his stomach and frowned.

“Im… Im sorry.

I havent eaten for two days.”

So pitiful

Lu Xiaocha recalled her days of starvation.

It was indeed uncomfortable.

However… she also felt the pinch of taking out her food.

In the end, she couldnt stand his rumbling stomach and the way he looked at her.

Lu Xiaocha handed him a steamed bun.

She kept comforting herself in her heart.

It was fine, it was fine.

It was no longer the post-apocalyptic world.

She already had a lot of food stored.

She consoled herself for a while before her mood improved.

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