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However, it was a little too much for this guy to continue following her after eating two big steamed buns.

“What do you want”

The young man shrank his neck.

He was clearly so big, but he looked pitifully at Lu Xiaocha like a bullied dog.

He squeaked, “No… Nowhere to go.”

Lu Xiaocha: “… Youre from the Southern border”

She had been a little sensitive to the people there recently.

Hearing the familiar name, the young mans eyes lit up and he quickly nodded.

“Yes, yes.

How did you know”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Oh, its nothing.

My third brother was almost harmed by the Southern borders Gu insects.”

The originally happy young mans expression froze.

He carefully looked at her and quickly proved his innocence.

“Our… our Southern border is also divided into two races, the dark Gu clan, and the white Gu clan.

I belong to the white Gu clan.

Our people raise Gu insects mainly to survive better in the Southern border.

There are too many poisonous insects, snakes, and ants there, and they are prone to illnesses.

The Gu insects invented by our ancestors were originally used to treat illnesses and detoxify poisons.

The two great Gu clan of the Southern border were only one clan in the past, but there was a disagreement between the two brothers of our ancestors.

The younger brother liked to use humans to raise Gu, and he was dissatisfied that the older brother could inherit the position of the tribe leader.

His actions were too violent and went against the will of our ancestors.

In the end, there was a huge conflict in our tribe.

The elder brother won and chased the younger brother and his supporters out of the tribe.

From then on, the Southern border was divided into two clans.

Our white Gu clan had never harmed anyone.

Moreover… some poisoned ordinary mountain people would look for us to treat illnesses and save lives.

As for the dark Gu clan…”

Before Lu Xiaocha could ask, he revealed everything about his family.

Speaking of the dark Gu clan, there was obvious disgust and resistance in the boys eyes.

“They often capture people to raise Gu insects, and they like to use the Gu they raise on humans.

Others dont know the difference between the two clans in the Southern border, causing our reputation to be ruined!”

Unknowingly, Lu Xiaocha had reached her doorstep as she listened to him talk about the history of the Southern border Gu clans.

Lu Xiaocha, who had reacted, was speechless.

At this moment, Lu Beilin happened to come back from outside.

When he saw his sister bringing an unfamiliar boy, his peach-blossom eyes narrowed dangerously.

When Lu Beilin smiled, he was gentle and affectionate, exuding charm everywhere.

However, if he did not smile or even get angry, it would seem very dangerous.

The motorcycle stopped in front of them.

Lu Beilin lowered the car window and looked at the two of them with a smile.


However, the young mans beast-like intuition sensed danger!

“Xiaocha, is this your friend”

Lu Xiaocha was a little surprised to see her third brother.

Why was he back

“No, I picked him up.”

Her luck was not very good.

She had picked up someone who liked to eat!

The young man, Li An, glanced at Lu Beilin cautiously.

Then, he suddenly paused.

Then, he moved closer to Lu Beilin and sniffed him.

Lu Beilin pushed the head that was suddenly in front of him away with a dark face.

“What are you doing”

Li An scratched his head and smiled in embarrassment.

“I… Im sorry, I smell the sleeping Gu on you.”

Lu Beilin looked at the young man in front of him and smiled playfully.

“A Gu raiser”

Li An stammered under his gaze.

“Yes… yes, but Im from the white Gu clan.

Ive never harmed anyone.”

Lu Beilin raised his chin.

“Get in the car first.”

Lu Xiaocha went straight up.

Li An looked at the luxury car in front of him and was a little restrained and curious.

After getting into the car, his eyes lit up.

‘This was the big luxury car in the city that Ayer had mentioned! There was also a big house!

Just like that, Li An was brought back to the Lu family.

He looked at the Lu familys house with his mouth agape.

It was obvious that he had not seen something like this before.

Lu Beilin smiled and knocked on the young mans head.

“Lets go.”

Realizing that he was staring at the house in a daze, Li Ans face turned red and he hurriedly followed.

“Tell me, what is the sleeping Gu”

Lu Xiaocha was also curious.

Li An sat up straight.

“The sleeping Gu is originally used to treat insomnia and make people who are very agitated and in pain after being poisoned fall into a coma.

Moreover, it has a numbing effect.

When our white Gu clan uses this method to treat poison and wounds, the patient will not feel too much pain.

But this thing becomes harmful in the hands of the dark Gu clan.

They use the sleeping Gu to capture people and harm people.

Those who are infected with sleeping Gu will often feel sleepy and want to sleep at first, but once they fall asleep, if they do not remove the Gu, they will fall into a comatose state.

It is similar to what you described as a vegetative state.”

Lu Beilin propped up his chin and pondered.

“So he just wants me to stay asleep”

After thinking for two seconds, he turned his attention elsewhere.

“What about you Is this your first time out What are you here for”

Li An said, “The Black Gu Saintess stole our white Gu clans unhatched Holy Gu.

I followed her all the way to this city and couldnt find her.

Im here to bring the Holy Gu back.”

Lu Beilin clicked his tongue.

“Your white Gu clan is so useless How can it be stolen”

Li An blushed and mumbled, “The dark Gu clan is too cunning!”

“See if its her.”

Lu Beilin handed over a photo.

It was the photo of the Southern border woman.

With just one glance, Li An nodded excitedly.

“Its her, its her.

She was the one who planted your Gu, right Then youre quite lucky not to fall for it.

Where is she now”

Lu Beilin didnt answer his question.

Instead, he asked, “Who is stronger between you and her”

Li An puffed out his chest proudly.

“I am the little clan leader of the white Gu clan, I am very powerful.

Their dark Gu clan is good at casting Gu, but we are also the nemesis of the dark Gu clan, we are good at curing Gu.”

Lu Beilins eyes flashed.

“Do you have a job now”

Li Ans shoulders drooped.

“No, the city doesnt recruit underage people.”

He was still a few months away from turning 18.

Two days ago, he ran out of food and went to look for a job, but no one hired him.

“Then come and work by my side first, I will give you a monthly salary of ten thousand, that dark Gu clans target is me, it will be beneficial for you to capture them.”

Li Ans eyes lit up.

“Ten… Ten thousand!!!”

Oh my god, what a huge sum of money!

Happiness came too suddenly.

The most promising clansmen in their clan only earned 5,000 yuan a month!

At this moment, Li An was smiling foolishly.


A sweet fragrance came.

Li An turned around and looked at the apple Lu Xiaocha was eating with a burning gaze.

Then, he swallowed hard.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

‘Are you here to snatch food from me

Lu Beilin chuckled, took out an apple, and threw it to him.


Come to work tomorrow.

Ill arrange a place for you to stay.”

Li An asked carefully, “Then… Boss, can you give me some money first I dont have money to eat.”

Lu Beilin said, “Food and accommodation are provided.”

At that moment, Li An almost knelt down and called him daddy!

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