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Chapter 1034: In Love with Each Other

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“Wheres Sheng Sheng Get her to answer the phone.” Nangong Lengyu was both angry and irritated.

She wished to go over and punish him personally at this moment.

What had happened to waiting till after they got married What had happened to figuring out Xiaoqis issue before getting married Was he turning a deaf ear to their words

Jun Shiyan raised an eyebrow and pointed at his phone to ask the young lady if she would answer.

If she refused, he would think of a way to reject Nangong Lengyu.

Upon seeing the young lady hesitate, he wondered if his mother-in-law would fly over to settle the score with him personally if he said that the young lady was too tired and had yet to wake up.

“Mom.” Ling Sheng leaned over, feeling so tired that she didnt want to move a single finger.

She got the man to put the phone on speaker and lay lazily on his chest, her small hand drawing circles on his chest continuously too.

Jun Shiyans eyes blazed instantly, and his breathing became somewhat rapid.

She had just woken up, yet she was already fanning the flames.

Didnt she know that a man who had just woken up in the morning was least able to withstand being teased

“Have the two of you taken protective measures” Nangong Lengyu was afraid that Huo Ci would cause trouble when he heard this, so she even deliberately went to the washroom and closed the door.

As a mother, she had to ask about her daughters affairs no matter how insignificant they were.

Besides, she was afraid that she didnt know what to do during such an important matter, so she had to remind her.

“Did we” Ling Sheng looked at Jun Shiyan with a clueless gaze.

She didnt know.

She was burning up so much last night that her consciousness was blurred and she didnt know the exact situation.

Jun Shiyan nodded.

How could he not take precautions The young lady was filming a movie and had to take the college entrance examination too.

They werent married yet.

If she really had a child, he would definitely be delighted.

He was just afraid that she would feel burdened.

“Yes.” Upon seeing the mans fiery eyes, Ling Sheng hurriedly switched off the loudspeaker on the phone.

She reached her leg out to kick him before turning around to hide under the blanket and continued talking.

“Let him take precautions in the future.

Taking pills isnt good for your health.” Since it had already happened, what else could Nangong Lengyu do She couldnt possibly fly over and beat them up, right!

Besides, her daughter was already all grown-up.

She wasnt at the age where she had to manage everything.

It was also normal for men and women to be intimate in the throes of passion.

Besides, it had to have been an emergency yesterday, which was why Ah Yan had chosen this method.

She could still trust Ah Yans character.

The two of them loved each other, so it was more than normal for a single spark to ignite their desire.

“Oh!” Ling Sheng hadnt expected her mother not to scold her or lecture her.

Instead, she was telling her about such common sense earnestly.

Her heart warmed, and she was so touched that her feelings bubbled over.

She sighed, “How nice to have a mother.”

“Stop making jokes.

Be careful in the future.

The two of you arent married yet.” Nangong Lengyu was aware.

She knew very well that this kind of thing would happen countless times afterward as long as there was a first time.

It couldnt be controlled at all.

Both of them would want each other very much.

“I understand.” Ling Shengs voice was soft and sweet.

“Mom, Ill probably have nothing to do these two days.

The companys press conference will be held tonight.

Ill go over too, all right”

“Okay,” Nangong Lengyu nodded.

“Hell send you here”

“By myself.” As soon as Ling Sheng moved, she felt like her bones were about to fall apart.

She was sore and in pain.

She kicked the culprit angrily again.

“I dont want him anymore.”

Jun Shiyan suddenly moved closer and looked at the young lady with narrow eyes.

“What did you say Say that again”

Ling Sheng glared at him angrily and kicked him again.

“Mom, Im going on my own.

Hes not going.”

“Im going!” Jun Shiyans voice was very loud, and his eyes were heated.

On account of her being on the phone, he would let her off first.

After the call, see how he would punish this little vixen.

She had pestered him again and again last night, yet she was refusing to own up after sleeping with him.

She even wanted to dump him now! No way!

“Got it.” Upon hearing the duo fool around, Nangong Lengyu added, “Be careful on the road.

Watch out for your safety.”

Ling Sheng had just hung up when the man snatched her phone away.

In the next moment, she was pulled into his embrace.

The man gripped her soft and slender waist, and moved closer to ask, “Are you letting me go or not”

Ling Sheng reached out to punch him with her small fist and harrumphed.

“No! No means no! Jun Shiyan, you beast!”

“Who was the beast last night” Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh.

His pleased laughter spread from his chest, rich and seductive.

He let her do whatever she wanted.

“Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Whats wrong with me complaining first” Ling Sheng was unreasonable and pinned him beneath her body immediately.

“Tell me, didnt you want it”

“I did.” Jun Shiyans eyes grew even more indulgent.

How could he not want to He had already thought about it for countless days and nights.

When he got what he wanted, he felt so blissful that he seemed to be floating in the clouds.

“And you still said that Im a beast!” Ling Sheng let out a snort and pinched his face.

However, her movement was a little wide, and it pulled at her muscles, causing her body some pain.

She couldnt help but gasp

Jun Shiyan looked at the young lady anxiously and threw back the blanket to check her body.

“Does it still hurt”

Ling Sheng was embarrassed.

Her memory of yesterday was blurry, and she only remembered that she had seemed very bold.

After all, this was her first time.

She wrapped the blanket tightly around her, unwilling to let him check.

Her small face was rosy, and she looked even more delicious.

“Let me take a look” Jun Shiyans narrow eyes looked at her seriously.

He had already applied medicine on the young lady when it ended.

However, the skin on her body was too tender, the Chinese medicine was too strong, and they had been too rough.

No matter how careful he was, he would still hurt her inevitably.

Ling Sheng shook her head, unwilling to do so.

She wrapped herself up even tighter.

Jun Shiyan buried his head beside her ear and let out a low laugh from within his chest.

His warm breath tickled her ear.

“Be good.

Tell me, which part of you havent I seen before”

Ling Sheng said, “Youre shameless!”

“Mhm.” Jun Shiyan hummed and dragged out the tail of it charmingly.

After taking a look, his eyes were full of heartache.

“Ill get the medicine.”

Ling Sheng covered the mans eyes indignantly.

“Where are you looking!”

Jun Shiyan hurriedly looked away.

He wouldnt look anymore, all right His young lady was very sultry when she was flirting, but when it came to herself, she was unbelievably shy.

The contrast was so adorable that it made one melt.

Even after watching the man leave, Ling Sheng didnt dare to look at herself.

She hurriedly lifted the blanket and burrowed herself into it, only revealing her two big eyes like an ostrich.

She watched as the man got out of bed and grabbed the medicine.

When he returned, he stood by the bed and lifted the blanket.

She didnt know when the lapels of her pajamas had been pulled apart, revealing her delicate collarbones.

She gritted her teeth angrily.

“Jun Shiyan, you rogue!”

Jun Shiyan frowned strangely.

He saw the young ladys pair of eyes, the last visible part of her, withdraw into the blanket in the end too.

How was he a rogue How did he behave roguishly He was just applying medicine on her..

He looked at the person pretending to be an ostrich.

“Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want me to do it”

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