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Chapter 1087: Biological Mother

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Upon hearing him calling her mommy, Ling Shengs eyes brimmed with tears of excitement as she hugged her son tightly.

“Xiaoqi, do you recognize me”

Xiaoqi was so stifled that he was about to cry.

However, he did not dare to cry in front of everyone as he was afraid that he would be laughed at.

He nodded his little head vigorously and called out in a muffled voice, “Mommy.”

He didnt know why, but the moment he woke up from his sleep, the world changed.

A lot of messy memories appeared in his mind.

There was no mommy, grandpa, grandma, great-grandparents, granduncles, nor brothers.

In his newly added memories, there was only him, his father, his fathers assistants, his bodyguards, Brother Shen, and Aunt Xin Xin.

He did not like having no memories of his mother and grandfather.

He told his father that he had a mother and did not need Auntie Xin Xin to take care of him.

He did not like her.

His mother was called Ling Sheng.

His father said that he was crazy and that he was dreaming, he even called many doctors over to treat him.

The doctor said that he was delusional and gave him a lot of medicine, he even hypnotized him.

Later, Uncle Luo and Aunt Yanyan came to see him and told him to listen to his father and not speak nonsense.

Mommy would come and find him soon.

He hid it from his father and asked Uncle An Yan to bring him to look for his Grandpa and Great-grandmother, but they didnt know him anymore.

He wanted to look for Mommy.

He went to ask Grandpa about his Mommy, but no one knew about Mommy.

They did not know that his Mommy was called Ling Sheng.

He had secretly investigated and found out that his grandma was in America and not in China.

He wanted to look for his grandma and mommy.

But he was too young.

Dad said he was sick and kept sending a lot of bodyguards after him.

Theyd catch him if he ran.

“Xiaoqi.” Ling Sheng could not help but cry.

That was great, her son still remembered her, he had not forgotten her.

“Mommy, dont cry.” When Xiaoqi saw that she was crying, he could not hold it in any longer.

Sparkling tears rolled down his cheeks as he reached out to wipe her tears.

An Yan looked at the two crying people and his gaze was deep.

He quickly walked up and said respectfully, “Young Master, we should go home.”

Xiaoqis small body trembled suddenly, and he hugged Ling Sheng even tighter.

His small voice was unusually hoarse.

“Mommy, can Xiaoqi not go back Xiaoqi wants to be with Mommy.”

An Yan shivered when he heard Xiaoqi called the woman Mommy.

Was he seeing a ghost

A week ago, the young master almost drowned while swimming.

When he woke up, he kept saying that his name was not Jun Yeqi but Ling Xiaoqi.

He said many terrifying and ridiculous things.

For example, her mothers name was Ling Sheng, her grandmother was Nangong Lengyu, her grandfather was Huo Ci, her great-grandfather was Huo Xiao, her great-grandmother was Su Xiyin, and some other small-time celebrities in the entertainment industry were her uncles and aunties.

Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu, one was known as the Movie King in the filming industry, while the other was the internationally renowned Movie Queen who made the Chinese proud.

They were all extraordinary figures, but the two of them did not have any grandchildren.

Also, the small-time celebrities that the young master mentioned did indeed exist.

Cheng Ye, a member of a small ragtag group who could not even be considered as a C-list celebrity, was so obscure that no one knew about him.

He did not have any assignments throughout the year and was wasting away at home.

Ji Fanchen, a C-list actor.

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Shi Lingyu, a B-list actress.

Su Yi, a singer who got involved in scandals, was once popular.

Oh right, the young master also said that she was together with the Lu familys Fifth Master, Lu Yubai.

Wasnt this nonsense!

As for Yu Bei, Jiang Yi, and Chu Zhian, they were basically unknown actors in the entertainment industry.

In order to confirm the young masters words, the Third Master had specially sent people to ask them.

None of them knew the young master.

The Third Master found a famous fengshui master in China and went to consult him about the young master, he said that he had hysteria.

Some children might have some memories of their past lives after they reincarnated.

They would be fine after performing two rituals to make him forget about the past.

However, it didnt help with anything.

The young master made a fuss every day and insisted on going to find his mommy.

He cried, kicked up a fuss, and went on a hunger strike all night.

He insisted on the Third Master bringing him to America to find his grandmother, Nangong Lengyu, and his biological mother.

About four days ago, a beautiful lady who claimed to be a skilled fengshui master brought her little disciple, Si Chengluo, over to take a look at the young master.

After that, the young master became obedient in front of the Third Master and stopped talking nonsense.

However, the day before yesterday, he begged him to bring him to find Huo Ci, Huo Xiao and Su Xiyin and to keep it from the Third Master.

After asking the Third Master for instructions, he brought him to pay a visit in order to make him give up.

The two elders of the Huo family saw them and were very polite to them, especially the old lady of the Huo family.

He could tell that she liked the young master very much.

After bidding farewell, the young master was sad as she didnt know him.

Huo Ci was at the press conference when he called the Movie King Grandpa.

But the Movie King did not get along well with the Third Master so he did not even look at him.

Perhaps the young master had given up and was sad.

He did not say a word on the way home and never spoke again.

Ling Sheng hugged her son and looked at An Yan, she really did not know what to say.

She had said that she was Xiaoqis mother, but their memories had been reset so no one knew.

She only nodded politely at him as a greeting.

“Miss, may I know your surname” An Yan had already guessed it when he saw his young master hugging her without letting go and called her Mommy.

The woman in front of him was definitely a liar.

It was a pity for her to be a liar when she was so pretty and young.

When did the young master come into contact with her and get brainwashed

“Ling Sheng.” Ling Sheng looked at An Yan and said seriously, “Im Xiaoqis biological mother.

I want to see your Third Master now.”

An Yan suddenly had goosebumps all over his body.

It was one thing to guess it, but it was another matter to hear it from her own mouth.

It would be a lie to say that he was not surprised, and his voice cracked.

“Miss, you must be joking!”

The Third Master himself did not know who the young masters biological mother was.

He had extraordinary means, and even after investigating for three whole years, he still could not find out who the woman who had a one night stand with him was!

Now, a beautiful young lady appeared out of nowhere.

She looked to be around 20 years old and looked very young.

Could it be that she was still underage when she was pregnant

The Third Master was such a beast.

When he saw such a young girl, how could he knock her up!

“Uncle An Yan, this is my Mommy.

Im not lying..

My Mommys name is Ling Sheng!” Xiaoqi hooked his arm around Ling Shengs neck and stuck close to her like a koala.

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