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Chapter 1089: Abandon Xiaoqi

When Xiaoqi found out that Ling Sheng could go home with him, he finally stopped crying but continued sobbing as he looked at her and smiled.

Ling Sheng and Xiaoqi sat at the back together with Luo Xin.

Xiaoqi, who was sitting in the middle, saw her and said in a hoarse voice, “Aunt Xin, could you please sit in front”

He didnt want to sit with her.

Ling Sheng gently squeezed her sons hand.

How could he be so rude However, she was very satisfied with how well he rebutted her.

She smiled at Luo Xin.

“Im sorry, Miss Luo.

Xiaoqi is young and insensible.

Dont take it to heart.”

“Its alright.” Luo Xin felt frustrated again, but she still put on a gentle smile and reached out to touch Xiaoqis head.

However, he avoided her and she asked him, “Is Ah Qi angry because Auntie Xin didnt visit you the past two days”

This little brat ostracized and didnt like her, he even made it so obvious.

This biological mother who came out of nowhere said that she was sorry, but she doesnt look apologetic at all.

In order to show that he did not like her firm attitude, Xiaoqi climbed onto Ling Sheng when he saw her get in the car.

He squeezed towards the door and sat on Ling Shengs left side.

Luo Xins face stiffened again, but she still put on a smile and tried to save face for herself.

She sighed and said, “This child is just angry at me.”

Xiaoqi snorted.

He did not even know who she was and why he was angry with her, he was not that petty.

He just did not like her.

He knew that she was good to him because she wanted to marry his father and be his stepmother.

He had a mommy.

He did not want others to be his stepmother!

Ling Sheng looked at her and chuckled awkwardly, but her heart was bursting with joy.

Did she want to snatch her man and her son No way!

Jun Shiyan was great.

He actually found a stepmother for his son while she was away.

She wanted to teach this heartless bastard a lesson!

In the car, Xiaoqi had been whispering to Ling Sheng, telling her that Song Yiyan and Si Chengluo had gone to look for him.

“Mommy, Auntie Yanyan told me that you would be back soon.

I wanted them to stay and accompany me, but Daddy refused.”

Ling Sheng finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Her heart ached as she caressed her sons head, this incident had been hard on him.

At such a young age, he had to bear with all these strange things that he should not need to.

Thankfully, Song Yiyan and Si Chengluo had gone to look for her son.

Otherwise, the little guy would have suffered a lot!

Hearing what her son said, Song Yiyan must have regained her memory.

Si Chengluo didnt lose his memory because of her departure either.

They might be together now.

What about Ji Xing Where was he

Luo Xin pricked up her ears to listen to their conversation, but she didnt hear it clearly before she heard Auntie Yanyan being mentioned.

She subconsciously asked, “Are you talking about Song Yiyan”

This little brat had always kept to himself while Song Yiyan had a timid personality.

When did they got to know each other She should have known!

“Yes, do you know where she is” Ling Sheng smiled.

“Our family are long-time friends with the Song family.

Logically speaking, I should call her Sister!”

In her previous life, little Bunny and Luo Xin were very close friends.

From her tone, it seemed like they were very close.

“Im sorry, Ive never heard Yanyan mention Miss Ling before.

Its not convenient for me to reveal her whereabouts.” Luo Xin did not expect her to know Song Yiyan.

From her dressing and aura, she knew that she was from a prestigious family.

However, she knew all the daughters of the wealthy families in the capital but did not know who she was.

Xiaoqi said softly, “Mommy, I have Uncles number.”

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Ling Sheng looked at the little smart-ass and nodded with a smile before looking at Luo Xin.

“Miss Luo is right.

I was rude.”

When they were halfway there, Ling Sheng asked An Yan to stop the car in front of a pharmacy and bought some lozenges for her son.

Through the rear-view mirror, An Yan saw the mother and son pair feeding each other candy in the backseat.

His gaze couldnt help but soften, and his suspicions dissipated.

That lady and the young master looked like a pair of real mother and son, the young master looked genuinely happy and excited.

However, the young master had been in the Gu family since he was young and he had slight autism so he did not like to interact with strangers.

He was well taken care of by the Third Master.

The outside world knew that the Third Master had a son, but no one had ever seen the young master.

Xiaoqi finally saw his mommy.

He laid in her embrace and rested his head on her legs.

He rubbed against her body and was extremely sticky towards her.

He would call out to her every once in a while but he did not dare to blink, for fear that if he blinked, she would disappear.

“Mommy wont leave.” Ling Sheng felt her heart ache.

Her son had been afraid and traumatized after the separation, afraid that she would disappear.

“Mommy.” Xiaoqi hooked his arms around her neck and rubbed against her.

His voice was muffled.

“Youre not allowed to abandon Xiaoqi anymore.”

“Mommy didnt.” Ling Sheng patted the little guys furry head gently.

“Didnt Mommy come to find you”

If she knew that this was the case, she would definitely fly to China as soon as she woke up and look for her son.

It would be better than leaving him alone.

“Mommy, when are we going to find Grandpa, Great-grandpa and Great-grandma” Xiaoqi sniffled as his eyes turned red.

His grandfather, great-grandfather, and great-grandmother no longer knew him so he was very sad.

He wanted to go back to the past and did not want to live the life he had now.

Luo Xin was also confused as she listened to the mother and son talk.

What Grandpa Great-Grandpa Great-Grandma This little brat had been sick and autistic since he was young and had never left Jun Shiyans side.

Who exactly was this woman Had this little brat been possessed by a ghost all of a sudden Not only had he recovered from his illness, but he was also calling a strange womanmom.

It sounded quite intimate.

When they reached home, Xiaoqi excitedly pulled Ling Sheng out of the car and held her hand tightly as he led the way.

The Gu family residence was still the same.

The house that Jun Shiyan lived in was exactly the same as before.

He had said that she personally designed this house and made him build it.

No matter which space they were in, their house would look the same.

When they reached the living room, Jun Shiyan was already waiting for them.

Luo Xin wanted to follow them in but was stopped by Xu Xi who was guarding the door.

He smiled politely and said, “Miss Luo, please stop.

Third Master wants to have a private chat with that lady.”

“Im going to accompany Ah Qi.” Luo Xins expression was gentle and kind, but her heart was already twisted with anger and jealousy..

Why was the crazy woman who claimed to be Ah Qis mother allowed in but she wasnt

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