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Chapter 1091: Unreasonable

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“Miss Ling, please go back.” Xu Xi looked at the woman in front of her and saw that she was very beautiful.

On a closer look, her facial features really resembled the young masters.

Especially her eyes, they were exactly the same as the young masters.

After the young master suddenly recovered from his illness some time ago, he cried every day to find his mother.

Could there really be such a coincidence in this world

Ling Sheng watched as the man went up the stairs, leaving her with a cold and heartless back view.

She cursed softly and glared at Xu Xi.


Immediately after, she turned around and left.

Xu Xi was speechless.

The Third Master had ordered her to leave.

What did it have to do with a servant like him He was just following orders!

But why was she looking at him like she knew him He was pretty sure it was the first time hed ever seen her.

Xu Xi watched as the woman obediently left and led the way for her.

When they arrived at the Gu residences entrance, he saw her angrily clench her fists and turned back to look at him.

Ling Sheng was angry, but she knew that she could not lower herself to the level of a bastard who has lost his memories.

If she did not leave on her own, she would definitely be invited out by his bodyguard.

How embarrassing would that be She sneered, and with some resentment, she said loudly, “Xu Xi, tell your master that he will understand that he is in the wrong one day.”

Xu Xi did not say anything, there was a hint of doubt in his eyes.

What big words.

Even if she was the young masters biological mother, how could she be so sure that the Third Master would like her

The Gu family lived in the capitals city center, which was quiet in the midst of chaos.

The surrounding areas were the residences of the most prestigious families in China.

The biggest flaw of such a place was that it didnt allow any vehicles in.

If someone wanted to call for a taxi, the taxi drivers wouldnt be able to enter.

The management was strict, and without a pass, they wouldnt be allowed to enter.

Ling Sheng was glad that she had gotten her sons VX number and cell phone number.

After walking far away and making sure that Xu Xi could not hear her, she sent her son a message.

She texted, “Son, be good.

Mommy will leave first.”

Her son replied, “Did Daddy chase you away Ill go find him!”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, yes thats right.

That heartless father of yours.

“No, Mommy is going to find your Aunt Yanyan.”

Ling Shengs heart ached.

“Son, dont worry.

Mommy will find a way to see you.

Your dad didnt bully you, right”

Xiaoqi read the message and secretly glanced at the tall man standing beside him from the corner of his eyes.

He instinctively hid his phone.

Jun Shiyan glanced at him expressionlessly and snatched the cell phone away.

Without any discussion, he said, “Its bedtime.

Your cell phone is confiscated.”

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Seeing that his phone was snatched away, Xiaoqi clenched his fists angrily and warned him seriously, “You are not allowed to peek at my phone!”

Jun Shiyan raised his eyebrows slightly and snorted.

“I respect your privacy.”

Xiaoqi bit his lips and watched him leave with his phone, he puffed up his cheeks and wanted to cry.

He had not finished talking to his mommy.

His daddy was a big baddie!

However, his father would not look at his phone.

Even if he wanted to look, there was no password for his phone.

His phone password was Mommys birthday, and only he knew it.

Ling Sheng waited for a long time, but her son did not reply.

She was a little anxious.

“Son, is anything wrong Did he bully you again”

Jun Shiyan looked at the message that popped up and sneered.


“Son, why arent you saying anything Are you asleep”

“Son, Xiaoqi, Ling Xiaoqi, did you see the message Reply to me!”

“Is your phone not by your side Did he snatch it away”

Jun Shiyan watched as the woman sent a message every ten seconds in less than a minute.

It was as if she was trying to take his life.

He frowned slightly, the mockery in his eyes becoming more obvious.

He didnt know what got into him, but when he saw that last message, his slender fingers unlocked the phone.

He browsed through the chat records and frowned even more.

How childish!

Ling Sheng was relieved when she saw the message from her son.

“Then sleep early.

Mommy will go to the kindergarten tomorrow to look for you.”

Jun Shiyan looked at the latest message and pondered for a moment.

He thought about how to answer so that he would not expose himself.

His son had really treated this woman of unknown origin as his biological mother.

Ling Sheng found it strange.

Why did her son talk so little In the beginning, he had sent her voice messages.

But after that, he stopped and started sending text messages instead.

“What do you want to eat Mommy will send it to your kindergarten tomorrow afternoon, okay”

Jun Shiyan suddenly recalled that when she had been chased away, she had argued with him unreasonably, saying that she had no place to stay.

He couldnt help it and replied to her message.

“Okay, where are you staying now”

After saying this, Jun Shiyan regretted it.

What did it have to do with him where she lived

“Ill go look for your Aunt Yanyan and stay with her.”

Jun Shiyans eyes flashed with obvious confusion.

Aunt Yanyan Her friend Judging from the name, she should be a woman.

“Goodnight, hugs and kisses”

Jun Shiyan looked at the message sent by the woman.

There was actually a picture of herself attached to it.

It was a little cute, and he smiled.

“Third Master.” When An Yan knocked on the door, he shivered in shock.

He saw the man sitting in front of the desk with his eyes slightly lowered, smiling at his phone.

Jun Shiyan hurriedly put away his phone and looked up at him.

An Yan walked up and placed a thick stack of documents on the table.

“This is the information about Miss Ling.”

Jun Shiyan nodded.

“Get out!”

An Yan did not understand what the Third Master saw that made him smile so happily.

It was a miracle that he managed to see him smile!

He had already found information on Miss Ling, she was indeed the daughter of Movie Queen Nangong.

Her name was Nangong Sheng, but he was not sure if she was Huo Cis daughter.

He only knew that Huo Ci and Nangong Lengyu had a relationship in the past.

Therefore, if Ling Sheng was Nangong Sheng and the young masters biological mother, the young master was not lying.

Ling Sheng looked at the message sent by her son and smiled like a fool while hugging her phone.

A car honked beside her and a sports car stopped.

Lu Yubai was going out for a gathering, but he did not expect to see a girl walking on the road from afar..

At that moment, reality and memories seemed to overlap.

She looked so much like that person!

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