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Chapter 1099: My Daughter

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Before Nangong Lengyu could say anything, the van drove away speedily.

It was so fast that it left the taxi far behind.

The taxi driver was nowhere to be seen.

The taxi driver witnessed an incredible scene.

After watching the Movie King left with the Movie Queen, he finally reacted.

What should he do with the luggage

“Huo Ci, what are you doing” Nangong Lengyu glared at him angrily.

In the van, it was inappropriate for her to hit him.

She was filled with anger.

“Stop the van.

Ill talk to you properly.”

The smile on Huo Cis lips was very cold.

He glanced at her from the corner of his eye, as if he had not heard her.

He continued to speed up, so fast that even the streetlights on both sides of the road became blurred.

“Huo Ci, you lunatic!” Nangong Lengyu had never dreamed that the first person she would see in China was not her daughter, but Huo Ci!

“Thats right, Im a lunatic.” Huo Ci laughed mockingly and roared angrily, “Nangong Lengyu, dont you have a heart”

Upon hearing his words, Nangong Lengyu smirked in amusement.

“I should be the one asking you that!”

The past was already in the past.

No matter who was right or wrong, it was meaningless.

She did not care either.

She came back to bring her daughter back, not to get entangled with him in the past.

“Is she my daughter” Huo Ci gritted his teeth as he enunciated each word.

His eyes were bloodshot and filled with madness.

“No,” Nangong Lengyu said firmly.

She sneered with obvious sarcasm.

“Then whose daughter is she”

In the speeding van, the two quarreled with each other, trying to raise their voice louder than the other.

No one was willing to give in and let the other win.

“She came to find me.” Huo Ci saw her cold face, and the expression in his eyes suddenly became distorted.

Suddenly, he laughed in his husky voice.

He enunciated each word clearly.

“Our daughter looks exactly like me.

When I saw her, I knew that she was definitely my daughter.”

“Sheng Sheng went to look for you” When Nangong Lengyu heard this, her emotions fluctuated.

She felt depressed for a moment.

Great! This was really her daughter.

She knew it.

That night, she should have known that her daughter must have found out something.

That was why she searched for Huo Cis information and news!

All of this had happened because she was careless.

If she had noticed her daughters abnormality earlier, she would not have allowed her to fly back to China!

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“Yes.” Huo Ci smiled smugly.

He exerted force on the accelerator pedal and the van sped up again.

He looked at her and asked, “Is she my biological daughter”

Before Nangong Lengyu could reply, she felt her head buzzing because of the vans speed.

She watched as a huge truck drove towards them.

Huo Ci did not expect that a truck would suddenly appear at the turn after the van had just gotten off the expressway.

His expression suddenly turned cold, and his head felt like bursting.

A wave of strange yet familiar memories surged forth.

“Huo Ci!” Nangong Lengyus pupils constricted.

After a panicked roar, the scene of the man lying quietly on the operating table flashed past her..

She felt a splitting headache as she watched the truck approach at high speed, and she pounced on him without thinking.

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