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Chapter 1108: Watching Others Make a Fool of Themselves

Su Xiyin took a closer look, but she still could not see clearly.

In the living room, the daughters-in-law of the various branches had rushed over to join the fun when they heard that Huo Ci was bringing his girlfriend back.

They said that they wanted to see their future sister-in-law, so they came down and gathered together.

Xiao Huis voice was neither loud nor soft, just enough for Su Xiyin to hear.

She said eccentrically, “This woman with a child is not suitable.

Doesnt that mean Sixth Brother is a father now Third sister-in-law, Fifth sister-in-law, dont you think so”

“That will depend on the Sixth Brother.

If the Sixth Brother likes to be someones step-father, what can we say as sisters-in-law” Cao Yunxian was treating this whole situation as a joke.

Sixth Brother had been single for so many years, yet he suddenly found a girlfriend with a burden.

They did not know what he was thinking.

“Sixth Brother is the apple of our fathers eye, so of course we have to find a suitable match for him.” Ye Ru looked outside with disdain.

Didnt the Old Master look down on their family backgrounds and statuses He looked down on their family backgrounds because they couldnt compare to the Huo Family.

She wanted to see what kind of partner the Sixth Brother had found.

Jiang Meiyun had just come down from upstairs with her husband, Huo Ting.

She didnt know what had happened, but when she saw everyone gathered in the living room, she went up to them.

“Is the Sixth Brother back”

This was the second time that Sixth Brother had brought his girlfriend to meet his parents.

Not to mention during the first time, it didnt work out, causing him to turn against the family and he hated them for half his life.

This time, they did not know what kind of person their girlfriend was.

They had not even heard any news about her.

They must have been protected by the Sixth Brother.

Huo Ting watched as she rushed over excitedly.

He frowned and looked at her with disdain, look at these old ladies, they were more enthusiastic than anyone when it came to gossip.

“Big Brother, come and sit here,” Huo Ji called.

The women gossiped, but the men didnt have this intention.

They just wanted to see what kind of woman the Sixth Brother had brought to the Huo Family.

Huo Ting said, “Sixth Brother brought his wife over”

“Shes here.

I heard that woman has a child with her.” Fourth Brother lowered his voice and said with a smile, “What do you think Sixth Brother is thinking He even found someone with a child.”

“Whats wrong with a woman having a child” Huo Ting glared at him and told him to speak more carefully.

He asked again, “Which familys daughter is she from”

Huo Pei looked at him with disdain.

“Which familys daughter is she from Look at how many women our dad has found for him.

He doesnt like rich daughters.

Shes probably just an actress from the entertainment industry.”

Huo Ting didnt say anything.

He didnt hear any news that the Sixth Brother was in a relationship.

Why did he suddenly bring his girlfriend back Was the child brought over by the woman Or was it the Sixth Brothers child

The entire Huo family was gossiping, and all the wives of the other branches were waiting to see Huo Ci make a fool of himself.

They wanted to see which familys daughter could satisfy their Old Master.

Su Xiyin looked over, wondering why her son did not drive the car over directly.

Every time he went home, he would want to drive the car straight to his room.

This time, he came down and walked over.

He didnt know what was wrong with him.

Did he want to bring his girlfriend to get to know the Huo Family sooner

Xiaoqi was both happy and nervous while on the way.

Great-grandpa and great-grandma didnt know him anymore.

How was he going to introduce himself to them later

Nangong Lengyu was a little nervous.

It was not her first time meeting his parents, but she was even more nervous than when she first met them.

She turned to the man beside her and asked, “Do you think auntie and uncle will be frightened when they see me”

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Huo Ci raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“They wont be scared by you, they will be scared of me instead.”

His parents did not know anything and would definitely be shocked to see them suddenly be together.

“I told you there was no need to be in such a hurry.

We can wait for a couple more days and send a message to auntie and uncle first.” Nangong Lengyu felt that it was too urgent.

She suddenly came to visit and did not give the two elders any time to prepare.

It was unreasonable.

“Isnt it because the rascal wants to see his great-grandfather and great-grandmother” Huo Ci had a happy smile on his face as he looked at her sideways.

“What are you worried about My parents will be so happy to see you! Youre the best candidate for their daughter-in-law.”

Nangong Lengyu pinched him.

What nonsense.

She had not thought of how to explain to uncle and auntie that they were together again.

On the other hand, Huo Ci was not worried at all.

He said confidently, “This isnt the first time youve been here.

Whatever Dad and Mom ask later, just leave it to me.”

“What are you doing”

Huo Ci sized her up from head to toe with an ambiguous gaze.

He stared into her eyes with an extremely possessive and passionate gaze.

“What do you think”

Nangong Lengyu kicked his leg angrily.

He was a pervert!

He told her yesterday that he had been abstinent for more than 20 years, but she did not believe him at first.

How could a playboy like him do that

However, after last night, she started to believe it.

Huo Xiao saw her coming over and glanced at his wife.

“Yiner, lets go back and wait.

Theres no reason for elders to welcome their juniors, if not they will think that we care about them!”

Su Xiyins eyes widened as she tugged at Huo Xiao, her voice clearly breaking.

“Hubby, quickly take a look.

Is that… Yuer”

Huo Xiao frowned and did not react for a moment.

He only asked, “Which Yuer”

“Which Yuer How many Yuer are there” Su Xiyin was anxious and glared at him.

“Yuer from the Nangong family.”

When Huo Xiao heard this, he panicked.

When he looked over, he was also shocked.

For a moment, he didnt know what to feel.

He looked at his wife and was a little excited.

“Its Yuer.

Its really Yuer!”

When did the two of them get together again When did that bastard go looking for her again Did he finally get enlightened Did he know that he was going to get her back

Xiao Hui and the rest saw the old couple at the door saying that they were coming but they were still not here yet.

They stood at the door and looked at them.

They were so excited that tears welled up in the old mans eyes.

“Lets go and take a look,” Ye Ru said to the others and walked over first.

Jiang Meiyuns eyes were very sharp.

When she looked over, she was so shocked that she could not control herself.

She pulled Xiao Hui beside her and her voice changed.

“That… that woman, is she Nangong”

Before Xiao Hui could see clearly, she subconsciously asked, “Which Nangong”

Jiang Meiyun said, “Which Nangong Nangong Lengyu, Sixth Brothers first girlfriend!”

The group of women who were waiting to see a joke froze on the spot when they heard this name.

They were extremely fascinated..

The eldest daughter of the Nangong family, Nangong Lengyu!

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