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Chapter 1117: Throw It Away

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Xiaoqi only took a glance before turning back to look out of the window.

His eyes were filled with disappointment and nostalgia.

The sun was out and it was such a good day.

If he didnt need to go to school, Grandpa would bring him out to play.

He really wanted to go to the amusement park with Grandpa to ride in bumper cars.

An Yan sighed and put the food on the table.

He placed the small table in front of him and attempted to feed him a bowl.

“Young Master, dont make things difficult for me.

Eat something!”

Xiaoqi pursed his lips tightly, he did not want to eat.

After eating, it was equivalent to him admitting defeat first.

He was not at fault, it was his fathers.

He did not want to admit defeat!

An Yan sighed with heartache.

What could he do Young Master was angry with the Third Master and wanted to go on a hunger strike, all he could do was persuade him.

“Young Master, after you eat, Ill help you tell Third Master to let you out, okay”

After lying, he started to despise himself.

How could he lie to a child He would not dare to look for the Third Master.

Xiaoqi glanced sideways at him, his stomach growling.

He didnt say anything and continued looking outside.

“Young Master.” An Yan sighed helplessly.

“For my sake, just eat a little.”

His stomach was growling, he must be hungry.

He had been hungry for the whole day yesterday.

He didnt eat anything and didnt even want to drink water.

They didnt know how the Third Master could bear to fight with the Young Master.

“If you dont eat, you wont have any strength.

If you dont have any strength, how can you fight against your father” An Yan was at his wits end.

He was stuck in between them!

If he did not coax Young Master and make him eat, Third Master would definitely be unhappy with him.

He would definitely despise him for being useless.

“Did he say when he would let me out” Xiaoqis voice was hoarse when he spoke.

His red lips were cracked.

An Yan paused for a moment.

He knew that the Young Master had been smart since he was young.

It was impossible for him to lie to him, he would just expose him.

“If you dont eat, you will slim down from hunger.

Your mommy will be heartbroken when she sees that.”

When Xiaoqi heard someone mention his mommy, he pursed his lips.

His nose felt sour and tears welled up in his eyes.

He sniffled and bit his lips, trying his best to stay strong.

Why didnt Mommy come to see him Why didnt she come to find him Did Mommy not love him anymore Did she not miss him anymore

“Is it because Daddy doesnt want Mommy to see me” Xiaoqi felt that Mommy would definitely love him.

It was because Daddy, that big baddie, didnt want Mommy to see him.

An Yan did not dare to say that Miss Ling had come over every day, but she was always rejected by the Third Master.

He heard from Yu Zheng that she had been waiting for the Young Master at the entrance of the kindergarten every day recently.

When Xiaoqi saw his silence, he knew that he had guessed correctly.

His mommy had been here before, but that bad person did not let her in.

As he thought about it, he felt even more sad and wanted to cry.

His eyes turned red.

An Yan looked at the Young Master.

Sigh, its not right for the Third Master to do this.

He could understand his resentment towards Miss Ling.

However, Miss Ling was, after all, Young Masters biological mother.

It was a little unkind of Third Master to prevent the mother from meeting her son.

Ling Sheng did not expect the useless man to be so heartless and ruthless.

She had come to the Gu family residence to look for her son four times, but he had always rejected her.

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It was noon now, she made lunch for her son and brought it over in the lunch box.

The person who opened the door was the Gu familys old butler, Gu Zhong.

Gu Zhong opened the door and looked at the beautiful young lady in front of him.

She was smiling at him with her eyes curved into crescents, making his heart soften.

This young lady was too likable.

He greeted her politely, “Hello, Miss Ling.”

“Butler Gu.” Ling Sheng knew that the butler in front of her was a good person, but because of his masters instructions, he had no choice but to turn her away.

She smiled and asked him, “Is the Third Master back today”

Jun Shiyan was a bastard.

The excuse that he used to keep her out was that he was not at home and outsiders were not allowed to see the Young Master.

Gu Zhong shook his head.

“No, Miss Ling, please go back.

No matter how many times you come, I wouldnt dare to let you in without Third Masters orders.”

Upon hearing this, disappointment flashed across Ling Shengs eyes.

She smiled at him and handed him the lunch box.

“Can I trouble you to bring this in Its for your Young Master.

Dont worry, I made it myself.

Xiaoqi likes it a lot.”

“Let me ask him!” Gu Zhongyi couldnt bear to reject her.

After all, she was the Young Masters biological mother.

He suddenly felt that she was a little pitiful, but he also felt that he shouldnt have sympathized with her.

If she really loved Young Master and cared about him, she shouldnt have abandoned him three years ago and ignored him.

The Third Master was such a cold person.

There was no one in the world that he cared about, but he cared about the Young Master the most.

He always cared about the Young Master more than he cared about himself.

“Thank you, Butler Gu.” Ling Sheng smiled brightly, her voice sweet.

She even prepared an exquisite packaging for him.

“This is a pastry that I personally made for you.

Please dont mind it.”

She asked around and found out that Butler Gu did not have any other hobbies except that he liked to eat Chinese-style pastries.

Coincidentally, she had the recipe for palace pastries.

The pastries that she made were definitely not inferior to those sold in Beijings Cinnamon Restaurant.

Gu Zhong didnt expect her to still be thinking about him.

With just a sniff, he could smell the unique fragrance of the pastries and thanked her with satisfaction.

“Thank you, Miss Ling.”

This lady was really considerate, he did not know why the Third Master disliked her so much.

She was only a lady in her twenties.

How old was she three years ago She was pregnant with Young Master, how much courage did it take for her to give birth to Young Master

Speaking of this matter, it was not entirely her fault.

She should have been panicking and scared back then.

She did not know what to do so she sent the Young Master back to him.

Ling Sheng watched as Butler Gu walked away, but she was still staring into the distance.

The Gu family residences environment was very good, it was surrounded by very tall trees.

Apart from Jun Shiyans three-story European-style villa, the house was covered by trees and was classical in style.

Gu Zhong took the lunch box to the entrance of the villa but was stopped by Xu Xi.

After asking around, he took the lunch box to the courtyard next door.

The interior of the classical-looking building was modern.

In the living room, the man was wearing gold-framed glasses and leaning against the sofa.

On the coffee table opposite him was a computer, and on the computer screen showed his office.

All the executives of the company were there, having a video conference with him.

Xu Xi knocked on the door and walked over quietly.

He looked at the man and whispered, “Third Master, Miss Ling sent this to the Young Master.

Can we bring it over for him to eat”

Jun Shiyan glanced at it coldly.

His narrow and deep gaze became colder..

He opened his thin lips and said, “Throw it away.”

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