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Chapter 1134: Buy It For Me

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Ji Fanchen felt that Sheng Sheng looked at him strangely.

He did not know why she asked if he had a girlfriend.

He could clearly feel that she had no feelings for him, her attitude towards him was like a good friends.

Usually, if a woman liked him and wanted to woo him, her attitude would be very obvious.

As the person involved, it was impossible for him not to know.

Moreover, Sheng Sheng and Third Master Jun had a complicated relationship that he did not know about.

She should be in love with that man.

That afternoon, Ling Sheng only had two scenes.

She had a scene with Luo Xin and a scene with Cheng Ye.

Cheng Ye was playing the role of Su Chengxiu.

He was the evil demon that everyone in the pugilistic world hated.

What other people didnt know was that he had a split personality.

Tang Yi went to look for Su Chengxiu, wanting to see what kind of person her brother missed.

The person she met was not Su Chengxiu, but his other personality, Zhong Qing.

Zhong Qing was different from Su Chengxiu.

Su Chengxiu was a man of his words, vicious in his thoughts and ruthless in his methods.

He was merciless towards his enemies.

Zhong Qing always did the gentlest things but said the most ruthless words.

This scene was the first time Tang Yi and Zhong Qing met.

In the mountains, they met by chance in order to catch a wild chicken.

The two of them felt like old friends at first sight.

The scenes were filmed in the evening, when the sky was already dark.

The ambient effects of the daytime shooting were not optimal for this scene, so they were arranged to film at night.

Beside the fire, a girl in red sat opposite a blue-robed youth.

The fire in the middle was burning fiercely.

The scene of a handsome man and a beautiful woman, under the flickering light of the dancing fire, was mesmerizing.

It was a wild chicken that the two of them had just caught.

After cleaning it up, they roasted it.

There were also sweet potatoes and potatoes in the fire.

They roasted it and ate it together.

“Whats your name” Tang Yi looked at the teenager opposite her and asked him.

“Zhong Qing,” Zhong Qing raised his eyebrows and laughed.

Tang Yi picked out the potatoes and sweet potatoes from the fire and asked him casually, “Is it the Zhong from the word clock”

“No.” Zhong Qing looked at the girl opposite him.

Under the fire, his smile looked sinister and strange.

His thin lips were as red as blood as he continued, “Zhong from the phrase death knell, Qing from the phrase innumerable crimes!”

Tang Yi casually picked up a potato and handed it to him.

She tilted her head and praised with a smile, “Good name!”

Ji Fanchen was watching from the side.

Xiao Yes acting was getting better by the day, and he was improving very quickly.

He could not help but smile and look at him proudly.

But suddenly, when Sheng Sheng handed the potatoes over, Xiao Ye suddenly stopped moving.

He stopped saying his lines as he looked at Sheng Sheng like he was dumbfounded.

Ling Sheng was anxious as well.

Why Had he forgotten his lines He had never forgotten his lines during filming.

Director Ai Sifan was about to stop the scene.

Cheng Ye suddenly rushed over to Ling Sheng and hugged her.

He burst into tears and shouted while choking, “Sister Sheng Sheng, Sister Sheng Sheng!”

Ling Sheng was stunned, not knowing what was happening.

She patted his back and asked, “Xiao Ye, whats wrong”

“Im Xiao Ye! Sister Sheng Sheng, Im Cheng Ye!” Cheng Ye sniffled and cried until he was out of breath.

He picked up a potato and showed it to her, speaking incoherently, “Its potatoes, roasted potatoes! We, the Eight Immortals, each showing their abilities!”

Ling Shengs eyes lit up, and she hugged him excitedly.

Her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

“You recovered your memories”

Cheng Ye sobbed and suddenly nodded.

He looked at Ji Fanchen excitedly and rushed over to hug him.

“Brother Chen, Im Xiao Ye!”

Ji Fanchen frowned.

“I know.”

“Potatoes, do you know Roast potatoes, potato noodles, potato banquet!” Cheng Ye glared at him with the potatoes in his hands.

He pointed at Ling Sheng and himself.

“We, the Eight Immortals!”

Ji Fanchen frowned even more.

What nonsense were you talking about Potato noodles Potato banquet Eight Immortals” Xiao Ye, what are you talking about”

Cheng Yes agitated mood immediately sank.

He sniffled and looked at him aggrievedly.

“You dont know anything.”

Ji Fanchen did not know what he was talking about when he saw him crying and feeling wronged.

He did not recall anything and comforted him.

“Xiao Ye, calm down and talk properly.”

The surrounding crew members were all shocked by Cheng Yes sudden actions.

They did not know what was going on and why he was crying and shouting.

Although Cheng Ye was the youngest in the production team, he had always been very mature.

It was his first time acting like he had suddenly gone crazy.

Ling Sheng ran over and pulled Cheng Ye away, whispering into his ear.

Thereafter, Ji Fanchen saw Xiao Ye look at him sadly, and his heart sank.

Cheng Ye glared at him fiercely.

Fool, he was a big fool, even he himself had remembered everything.

He was so smart, why didnt he remember yet!

Ji Fanchen felt that there was something wrong with the way Sheng Sheng and Xiao Ye were looking at him.

It was as if he was a fool who knew nothing and there was a secret between his friends that he did not know.

Cheng Ye regained his memory and was extremely happy.

After filming that scene, he started to surround Ling Sheng excitedly, following her wherever she went.

The two of them were fine after filming the last scene.

After informing the director, they left together.

Ji Fanchen watched them leave with their arms around each others shoulders and shouted, “Where are you two going”

Ling Sheng and Cheng Shengs gazes were equally disdainful as they said in unison, “Shopping!”

As Ji Fanchen watched the two of them leave, he felt terrible.

This feeling was terrible, what had he done wrong Why were they looking at him like that

Ling Sheng and Cheng Ye were both newbies in the entertainment industry.

They did not have to worry about being secretly photographed or dressed up, so they could go shopping happily.

Ling Sheng bought a long windbreaker of similar design for Ji Fanchen and prepared to compensate him.

She did not ask Cheng Ye to bring it back and was prepared to give it to him personally.

‘When the two of them went out, Ling Sheng really wanted to go to the big pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit.

However, she could sense that someone was following them, and the person following them was very experienced.

She tried several times but failed to catch him.

In her heart, she felt that Luo Xin must have found someone to follow her.

Before she knew what she was up to, she did not dare to buy it.

Ling Sheng bought a lot of things, including towels, cups, toothbrushes, slippers, and pajamas.

The famous brands children apparel shops were mainly promoting amicable family relationships.

The products they sold are all a set for both parents and their children, they were not sold separately.

Ling Sheng was helpless.

She thought that this was discrimination against single-parent families, but she also liked their things.

She could only buy the full set, but the useless man would not use the things she bought anyway.

Jun Shiyan came back very late.

He did not want to admit that he was jealous that the woman had a good relationship with his son.

Looking at them made him feel depressed.

‘When he opened the door, he saw three pairs of neatly arranged slippers.

There were gray, pink and beige slippers.

He could tell at a glance that they belonged to a family of three.

Xu Xi saw him staring at the shoes for amoment and quickly said, “Third Master, Miss Ling bought this.

She said that if you dont want to wear it, she will throw it away.”

Jun Shiyans gaze instantly turned dangerous.

He glanced at him coldly and put on a pair of gray slippers.

The furry material looked like rabbit fur, with two rabbit ears and two big eyes.

He put on the slippers and took two steps before looking down again.

He frowned.


There was also a shopping bag on the sofa, inside was a black shirt.

He could tell at a glance that it was a male outfit.

“Did she buy this for me” Jun Shiyan glanced at the shopping bag, walked over, and took it out.

It was a windbreaker.

Xu Xi was speechless.

Master, this is not for you.

However, when he saw him looking at the windbreaker with interest and was about to put it on, he hurriedly smiled and said, “Yes, Miss Ling bought it for you.”

Miss Ling was the same..

Why didnt she bring the clothes she bought for another man into her room Why did she put them on the sofa in the living room

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