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Chapter 1149: She Has Not Returned

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“No matter what, just listen to Miss Ling.” An Yan didnt know how to explain to him and could only swear an oath.

“I swear with my life that the child in Miss Lings stomach is Third Masters!”

Xu Xi mumbled, “Your life is worthless though.”

‘An Yan was speechless.

“Ask Miss Ling to speak with me.”

“Shes already gone.”

‘An Yan expected better from her.

“Let me tell you, we are in absolute danger now.

You can offend Third Master, but you must not offend Miss Ling.

Otherwise, when the Third Master remembers us, we will not have a good outcome.”

Xu Xi still didnt know what nonsense he was talking about, but they were all brothers.

He had already angered the Third Master because of Miss Ling, so he might as well just go all out.

It didnt matter, he would believe him for now.

“I understand.”

Ling Sheng dragged two huge suitcases without an umbrella.

She squatted under the tree at the entrance to hide from the rain while waiting for Ji Fanchen and the rest to pick her up.

Her phone rang, it was a call from Song Yiyan.

She was used to her sister being heartless who would never call her unless there was something wrong.

“Sheng Sheng, do you have money” Song Yiyan cut straight to the chase.

“How much do you want” Ling Sheng sighed deeply, her guess was right.

She would never call her unless she needed her, so she had thought of her now.

“100,000 yuan,” Song Yiyan said before adding, “You can transfer it to me now.

Dont worry, once I get the money, Ill return it to you immediately.

I will return it to you with interest.”

“Theres no need to be so calculating between us, you can have as much as you want.

Theres no need to talk about interest.” Ling Sheng shrank back from the cold and put the phone by her ear.

“Were sisters.” Song Yiyan smiled.

“Ill return it to you by Sunday at the latest.”

“Why are you in such a hurry to get the money” Ling Sheng asked this because she was afraid that something would happen to her and that there would be trouble.

She had been short of money for a long time.

She lived in a small, remote, and dilapidated house that was rented, but she did not mention money troubles before at all.

“Its nothing serious.

My man was scammed.

Ima little tight on cash and cant raise that much money at short notice.” Song Yiyan didnt want to hide anything from her.

“Where are you now Is it serious Do you need my help” When Ling Sheng heard that something had really happened, she became nervous.

“I told you its fine.

Were at the police station.

That couple is being unreasonable and theyre making a scene.

If we dont give them money, they wont reconcile with us.

They even want to expose me.

Im a public figure after all, Ill ust treat it as using the money to avoid any troubles,” Song Yiyan said


She didnt take it seriously.

“Are you really okay” Ling Sheng asked worriedly when she heard someone shout.

“Tm hanging up.

Hurry up and transfer the money to me.” Song Yiyan then scolded angrily, “That shameless couple will return the money they extorted from me tenfold or even a hundredfold!”

Ling Sheng could hear the smugness and slyness in her words.

Before she could ask what she meant, she had already hung up.

The bedroom on the second floor was very dark.

In front of the windows, the mans tall figure was lonely as he exuded a cold aura that made ones heart palpitate.

‘The mans eyes were faintly flickering with fire as he stared in the direction of the door.

The rain was getting heavier, dripping from the gaps in the trees.

‘The woman under the tree was squatting on the curb of the road.

She was small and lumpy, and must have been cold.

She hugged her legs tightly, looking weak, pitiful and helpless.

His slender fingers slowly caressed the spot on his chest where the heart was.

His fingers tightened bit by bit until his shirt started to deform.

Ling Sheng felt as though someone was looking at her, so she turned her head back in puzzlement.

The house behind her was pitch-black and she could not see anything.

When she looked over abruptly, she found it eerie.

Xu Xi ran out of the courtyard with an umbrella.

After hearing An Yans words, he made a decision not to let Miss Ling have a bad impression of him.

He held the umbrella above her head respectfully and said, “Miss Ling, let me send you there!”

Ling Sheng looked up at him and shook her head with a smile.

“Theres no need.

Hurry up and go back.

Dont let your master see you coming to find me.

Otherwise, youll be scolded again.”

Xu Xi thought that it would be great if he had only been reprimanded.

After what he had done, he would probably be sent to the South Pole by the Third Master.

He didnt care about anything else now, he gave her the umbrella and carried her luggage to his side.

“Miss Ling, I really didnt tell the Third

Master about your pregnancy.

I dont know how he found out.”

Ling Sheng believed him.

“I understand.

I wont blame you.”

Xu Xi scratched his head and looked at her apologetically.

“However, I have to be honest with you about something.

The Third Master thought that the clothes you bought for Ji Fanchen was for him, so he put them on.

You know his temper, so I didnt dare to say anything.

Thats why I bought you the

same clothes overnight.”

After he finished speaking, he felt a huge sense of relief.

Ji Fanchen and Cheng Ye rushed over as soon as they received the call.

The car stopped right beside them.

“Sister Sheng Sheng.” Cheng Ye ran over worriedly to help with the luggage.

He had a lot of questions to ask.

He wanted to know what was wrong with her, what happened, why did she suddenly decide to stop living there and move out so late at night, or if she had a fight with the Third Master.

But when he thought of Brother Chens exhortations when he came, he resisted asking.

Ji Fanchen looked at how thin she was and wondered how long she had been in the rain.

Her hair was drenched.

Feeling sorry for her, he took off his jacket and put it on her.

He looked at Xu Xi and thanked her.

“Thank you, Assistant Xu.

You can go back.

Leave Sheng Sheng to us.”

Xu Xi watched as Ling Sheng was escorted into the car by the two of them.

Thereafter, he watched as the car disappeared before his eyes before sighing deeply.

When he turned around, he saw the tall figure of a man on the second floor.

‘The mans gaze was deep and dangerous, making him shiver in fear.

He could not help but tremble in fear.

On the first day that Ling Sheng left, Xu Xi was still around and had not been chased away.

While he was glad that he had endured another day, he began to worry about when his punishment would come.

This feeling was similar to knowing that there was a sharp blade hanging above your head but not knowing when it would fall.

It was much more torturous than killing you instantly.

The second day after Ling Sheng left, Xu Xi still had not been sent away.

He even started to pray to God for the Third Master to send him away.

He was willing to go to South Africa to mine ores or to the North Pole to fish for prawns and crabs.

At the very least, he wanted his master to give him a quick death!

The living room was quiet and it was late.

Jun Shiyan was originally leaning against the sofa while working, but he had fallen asleep unknowingly with one hand supporting his chin and his elbow on the armrest of the sofa.

Xu Xi took a peek.

After Miss Ling left, this was the first time the Third Master slept.

Seeing that he seemed to be in a deep sleep, he tiptoed to get a blanket and prepared to cover him.

‘When he arrived, the man who was in deep sleep suddenly opened his eyes.

He had yet to fully wake up.

His voice was a little hoarse as he asked, “Xu Xi, what time is it”

Xu Xi lowered his voice.

“Eleven oclock.”

Jun Shiyan frowned and mumbled strangely, “Its already so late.

Why isnt she back yet Why dont you go to the set to see whats going on”

Xu Xi was stunned for a moment.

He looked at the man who looked like he was in a dream and frowned slightly.

His handsome face clearly showed that he was unhappy.

For a moment, he had mixed feelings in his heart, the Third Master must be dreaming!

He knew that the Third Master was referring to Miss Ling.

Ever since Miss Ling moved in, she came back late.

However, the Third Master would work on the sofa in the living room every day and would only return to the study room when she returned.

This was a habit he had developed in less than a week..

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