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Chapter 1217 Making Her Feel Inferior

Very quickly, the car window was rolled down and the man stuck his head out, revealing a smiling and stunning face.

His long and narrow eyes were sparkling and carried a breathtaking charm.

Su Yis eyes lit up and surprise flashed across her face.

A warm smile appeared on her face as she walked towards the man and greeted him politely, “Teacher Lu.”

Lu Yubai looked at the girl.

She was wearing a floral dress today, and her long hair was tied up with a headband, making her look lazy and pretty.

When she looked at him, her almond-shaped eyes were pure and bright, making his mood improve.

He smiled at her.

“What a coincidence.”

“What a coincidence indeed.

Teacher Lu, what brings you here” Every time Su Yi saw the man, her heart would beat faster.

Teacher Lu was the man who stood at the top of the fashion industry.

In the past, she had never thought that she would know him, but 10 days ago, she had met him during an eSports event.

After that, they would often bump into each other.

However, she knew that it was a coincidence.

What kind of girl had Mr.

Lu not seen before Why would he take a fancy to someone like her

The man in front of her was so perfect and outstanding that she felt inferior.

She didnt even have the courage to like him, she just wanted to look at him from afar.

How could someone like her, with such a status, be worthy of him Even if she secretly liked him, she felt that she was immoral.

How could she think of him

“Yes, Im here to visit.” Lu Yubai smiled and looked at her before asking, “Im here to look for Ling Sheng.

Are you here for work or to shoot advertisement posters”

“Im here to participate in the show,Imaginary Love.” Su Yi did not expect him to know Ling Sheng.

“Ling Sheng is also this shows female guest.”

Ling Sheng was a very familiar name.

She had never heard of her before she participated in the show, but her heart warmed when she heard the name.

She did not know what was going on either, perhaps past and present lives existed in this world.

Just like the man in front of her, she fell in love with him at first glance.

She knew that in her life, she might never fall in love with anyone else other than the man in front of her.

However, she was not worthy of him.

“What a coincidence.

The car behind is yours, right I think its still being repaired.” Lu Yubai had already gotten out of the car.

He naturally took the backpack on her back and threw it into the car.

“Ill bring you there.”

Su Yi did not even have a chance to reject him before the man threw her bag into the car.

Her heart was pounding.

She was glad of the crisp, noisy birds chirping in the early morning of the mountains, concealing her thunderous heartbeat.

The cameraman and her two assistants couldnt help but widen their eyes in shock when they saw the man and greeted him respectfully.

Its Teacher Lu!

Teacher Lu said that he was here to visit Ling Sheng, so he knew her identity.

She was indeed extraordinary!

Lu Yubai had already opened the car door and waved at her.

Thereafter, he took a step back and made a gentlemanly gesture.

“Miss Su, please.”

Even though Su Yi wanted to reject him, she couldnt bear to.

She also did not want the man to see her strange behavior as she tried her best to suppress the joy and nervousness that was surging out.

In fact, she was a little flustered.

When she got into the car, she tripped and subconsciously held onto the car door as her head bumped against it.

She subconsciously closed her eyes, but her head bumped into the mans broad palm.

She could even feel the cool temperature of his palm.

The mans large hand gently patted the top of her head, causing her heart to beat wildly once again.

Her face quickly turned red as she tried her best to remain normal.

“Thank you, Teacher Lu.”

“Be careful.” Lu Yubai looked at the girls flustered and cute appearance with a doting look in his eyes.

He was afraid that if he did anything intimate again, she would faint from nervousness.

Su Yi heard the mans sexy voice.

It was gentle and mellow, like a vintage wine, she was intoxicated.

She thought that if she was lucky enough to be the other half of Teacher Lu, she would definitely be the happiest person in the world.

Lu Yubai said a few words to the others and got into the car.

He saw the girl beside him putting on her seatbelt.

However, after trying it a few times, he didnt know if she was too nervous, but she didnt manage to put it on.

When he leaned over, the girls eyes widened in shock, making him have the urge to tease her.

Su Yis body was on the verge of collapsing.

When the mans slender hand reached for the seatbelt, he accidentally brushed past her fingers.

Her heart felt numb and an electric feeling spread throughout her body.

“Teacher Lu, I…”

“Of course, this kind of thing should be done by a man.” Lu Yubai took it for granted.

He kept his hands away from her like a gentleman and was respectful and polite.

He smiled warmly.

“Sit tight.”

Su Yis gaze wavered and she did not dare to look at the man, afraid that she would sink into it and never come out again.

In fact, she had long fallen for him.

His talent, his gentleness, his humor, his respect for women, all of it had captivated her.

Outside the car, the cameramen and assistants could not see what was going on inside either.

They looked at each other.

Good gracious, impressive!

When they heard that Su Yi was the person who had been called over, they were puzzled.

Clearly, the person the big shot liked was Ling Sheng.

Why did he specify Su Yi to come over and save the situation He even lamented that it must be that the big shot was doing whatever he wanted and wanted two girls to himself.

From the looks of it, that was not the case.

They were wrong.

From Teacher Lus actions, he liked Su Yi!

Even if the person whom Teacher Lu took a fancy to was liked by a big shot, he couldnt snatch her away just like that.

After all, both of them were considered big shots!

It was better not to think about it and not guess what the big boss was thinking.

They were just small fries so it was better not to speculate.

They did not want to die without knowing how and end up like Yi Ning.

Lu Yubai drove and asked Su Yi, “What song do you want to listen to”

Su Yi tried to act normal and said, “Anything.”

Lu Yubai acknowledged and started to play the music.

His eyes were filled with warmth as he looked at the girl sitting beside him, who was as straight as a primary school student in class.

He sighed in his heart.

Right now, she was like a little turtle, hiding her entire body in her shell as if she was afraid of being discovered by him.

However, from time to time, she would poke her little head out to sneak a peek at him.

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